Recent Submissions 

  1. Kilometer-scale Atmospheric Simulation of Clouds over the Tropical Atlantic 

    Heim, Christoph; Leutwyler, David; Schär, Christoph (2022)
    Atmospheric simulation using the limited-area model COSMO at kilometer-scale resolution (3.3 km horizontal grid spacing and 60 vertical levels). The simulation is initialized on August 01, 2006 and run during 4.5 years. The animation shows the period of 2006. The model is initialized and laterally driven by ERA5 reanalysis data. Shallow and deep convection is represented explicitly on the model grid (i.e., no convection parameterizations ...
  2. Nanotomography volume featuring micrometer-sized domains in a dental composite 

    Humbel, Mattia (2022)
    The video shows a subvolume of a computed tomography dataset acquired using the full-field transmission x-ray microscope at beamline Anatomix, synchrotron SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France. It features micrometer-sized spherical domains inside a dental composite. The data was collected with a photon energy of 10 keV and a pixel size of 17.4 nm.
  3. Supplementary movies to doctoral thesis by R. Fischer 

    Fischer, Robert (2022)
    This collection contains movies of time series depictions of figures within the thesis. The tar-file has a separate subfolder for each relevant chapter. The filenames begin with the corresponding figure name, for example 'ch05/figure_5_2_supplementary_movie_1a.mkv' for the movie corresponding to figure 5.2 in chapter 5.
  4. Transitional Space. Six Japanese Houses Traversed 

    Uzor, Myriam; Overath, Luisa; Vollmer, Matthias; et al. (2021)
  5. Data-Enabled Predictive Control for Quadcopters – Video 

    Elokda, Ezzat; Coulson, Jeremy; Beuchat, Paul N.; et al. (2021)
  6. Flow animation of Great Aletsch Glacier generated by autofocusing temporally multilooked SAR time series 

    Leinss, Silvan (2021)
    The animation of the flow of Great Aletsch Glacier is based on 2-m resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images acquired by the satellite TanDEM-X. For reduction of radar specke and for determination of the flow velocity a method for "glacier velocity determination by autofocusing temporally multilooked SAR time series" was applied. The method is published in the IEEE proceedings of the IGARSS Conference 2021.
  7. Supplementary video for "H-infinity Network Optimization for Edge Consensus" 

    Farhat, Omar; Jaoude, Dany Abou; Hudoba de Badyn, Mathias (2021)
  8. Ground-penetrating radar imaging reveals glacier’s drainage network in 3D - Video Supplement 

    Church, Gregory James (2021)
    During a 2020 field campaign on Rhonegletscher, we acquired a 3D ground-penetrating radar (GPR) dataset over the Rhonegletscher's drainage network. The presented videos show the GPR data cube with vertical slices (inline and crossline) and horizontal slices (depth slices).
  9. Dynamical effects of Atlantic islands 

    Gao, Qinggang (2021)
  10. Halfway Demolition 

    De Vylder, Jan; Vinck, Inge; Taillieu, Jo (2018)
    An old pyschiatric clinic in Melle, Belgium. Already there since the turn of the twentieth century. Back then, an unique place, ahead of its time. (...) Its excistence, however, had already suffered a first demolition. Yet, by considering this as a chance rather than a loss, an opening came into view. (...) And yet, the building stood there. The building existed. Except from that the building might turn the usual ideas around - might ...
  11. Double Bind 

    Jasper, Adam (2019)
    A journey is a confrontation of expectation with reality. How will the place we visit compare to the images we have formed in our head? Few islands are as evocative as Bali, the famous island in the Indonesian archipelago that was often described as the last paradise. Double Bind documents a trip to Bali as well as the possibility and impossibility of finding an approach to the complex reality of a place. The film was inspired by the ...
  12. Sustainability Issues in Global Supply Chains: Forest Conservation 

    Garrett, Rachael; Voudrisli, Marina; Deplazes, Janic (2020)
    The seventh and last video of our "ISTP4Public" series sheds light on sustainability issues in forest-focused supply chain policies. Prof. Rachael Garrett from the Department of Environmental Systems Science discusses the global developments that provoked her scientific interest in this topic, and she talks about supply chain policies' effectiveness. She also highlights the need for local governments' involvement and the key role of ...

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