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  1. A method for determining a score 

    Fellnhofer, Katharina (2022)
  2. Method and device for assessing corrosion phenomena 

    Bircher, Lukas; Pfändler, Patrick; Angst, Ueli (2022)
  3. Noise suppression techniques in high precision long-term frequency/timing measurements 

    Wang, Hua; Hajimiri, Seyed Ali; Kousai, Shouhei (2013)
    A frequency/timing measurement apparatus includes a reference source having a reference source output terminal. At least one target source has a target source output terminal. The at least one target source is communicatively coupled to the reference source. A frequency timing measurement block has a first input terminal electrically coupled to the reference source output terminal. A second input terminal is electrically coupled to the ...
  4. Effective-inductance-change based magnetic particle sensing 

    Wang, Hua; Hajimiri, Seyed Ali; Chen, Yan (2015)
    The invention relates to an integrated measurement system to detect a quantity of magnetic particles in a sample. The measurement system includes a substrate. An electromagnetic (EM) structure disposed on the surface of the substrate is configured to receive a sample including the magnetic particles in proximity thereof. The integrated measurement system also includes an electrical current generator disposed on the surface of the substrate ...
  5. Posture detector calibration and use 

    Wang, Hua; Hatlestad, John (2013)
    Calibrating a posture detector for a patient's body involves measuring outputs of one or more sensors disposed in relation to the patient's body while the patient assumes a plurality of positions. A transfer matrix is formed having coefficients corresponding to the measured outputs. The transfer matrix defines a relationship between a coordinate system of the one or more sensors and a coordinate system of the patient's body. The body ...
  6. Cell-based sensing systems and methods 

    Mahdavi, Alborz; Wang, Hua; Tirrell, David A.; et al. (2012)
    The present disclosure describes cell-based sensors. Cell-based sensors can comprise cells coupled with a sensor for sensing change of configuration and/or movement of the cells. Such changes of configuration and/or movement of the cells can be sensed through changes to one or more parameters such as electrical, mechanical and/or optical parameters. By way of example, the sensors can be magnetic based sensors or electrochemical sensors.
  7. High-efficiency all-digital transmitter 

    Wang, Hua; Matsuura, Toru; de Mercey, Gregoire Le Grand; et al. (2013)
    A low cost high-efficiency all-digital transmitter using all-digital power amplifiers (“DPA”) and various mapping techniques to generate an output signal, which substantially reproduces a baseband signal at a carrier frequency. A baseband signal generator generates a baseband signal which is quantized by a signal processor using a quantization map. A DPA control mapper outputs control signals to phase selectors using the quantized signal ...
  8. Methods and apparatus for reducing high-frequency events in polar domain signals 

    Wang, Hua; Liang, Paul Cheng-Po (2012)
    Methods and apparatus for reducing high-frequency events in polar domain signals. An exemplary method includes first generating an unmodified rectangular-coordinate signal having in-phase (I) and quadrature phase (Q) components that are modulated according to a predetermined modulation scheme. Next a first sample of the unmodified rectangular-coordinate signal is modified based on how close the first sample is to the origin in the complex ...
  9. Fully integrated temperature regulator for biochemical applications 

    Wang, Hua; Hajimiri, Seyed Ali (2012)
    The invention is an integrated temperature regulator that can be fabricated using conventional semiconductor processing technology. The integrated temperature regulator can include a reaction chamber, for example fabricated from PDMS, in which chemical or biochemical reactions of interest can be carried out. The temperature regular can also be used to regulate the temperature of some circuits, e.g. an effective-inductance-change based ...
  10. Electronic self-healing methods for radio-frequency receivers 

    Bohn, Florian; Hajimiri, Seyed Ali; Wang, Hua; et al. (2012)
    Systems and methods for providing self-healing integrated circuits. The method is characterized in that the behavior of a circuit or a device in response to an input signal is observed. One or more operational parameters or characteristics of the circuit or the device are derived. A corrective action to bring the operational parameters or characteristics of the circuit or device within a desired range is deduced, if needed. The corrective ...
  11. Methods and apparatus for reducing average-to-minimum power ratio in communications signals 

    Liang, Paul Cheng-Po; Wang, Hua; Mori, Kenichi (2013)
    A baseband circuit for a communications transmitter includes a baseband modulator, a pulse-shaping filter, and an AMPR reduction circuit. The baseband modulator is configured to generate a sequence of symbols formatted in accordance with a non-constant envelope modulation scheme. The pulse-shaping filter is configured to band-limit the sequence of samples to provide a sequence of samples. The AMPR reduction circuit is configured to analyze ...
  12. Method and apparatus for performing modulation of a radio frequency signal 

    Wang, Hua; Liang, Paul Cheng Po (2014)
    A method and apparatus for performing modulation of a radio frequency, RF, signal within a digital-to-RF converter. The method includes determining a desired digital control word switching frequency value based at least partly on at least one parameter corresponding to a bandwidth of the RF signal to be modulated and at least one from a group including: at least one parameter corresponding to an RF channel frequency of the RF signal to ...
  13. Electromagnetic molecular sensors and methods of using same 

    Hajimiri, Seyed Ali; Wang, Hua (2015)
    Devices having an electromagnetic detector for the detection of analytes are disclosed. The devices include an electromagnetic detector, including effective inductance-change magnetic detectors, and a binding moiety. The device can include an electromagnetic material that can be detected by the detector. The device is configured such that binding of an analyte to the binding moiety changes the relationship between the electromagnetic ...
  14. Method and apparatus for providing high efficiency cartesian modulation 

    Liang, Paul Cheng-Po; Takinami, Koji; Wang, Hua; et al. (2012)
    The disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for providing efficient signal transmission. Conventional linear amplifiers are most efficient when operated in compressed mode. In the compressed mode, the digital power amplifier switches between the on and off modes. A digital power amplifier operates in compressed mode only if the incoming signal is an on-off constant envelop signal. In one embodiment, the disclosure provides a method ...
  15. Frequency-shift CMOS magnetic biosensor array with single bead sensitivity and no external magnet 

    Wang, Hua; Hajimiri, Seyed Ali (2013)
    According to one aspect, an integrated magnetic particle measurement device for detecting a presence or absence of magnetic particles in a sample volume includes at least one sensor cell having a differential sensor pair. An active sensor oscillator frequency is responsive to one or more magnetic particles situated within a sample volume. The sensor cell is configured to be operative in the absence of an externally applied magnetic field. ...
  16. Broadband phase synthesis network with self-healing capability 

    Wang, Hua; Hajimiri, Seyed Ali (2013)
    A phase synthesis network having self healing capability. The phase synthesis network includes two phase rotators that receive I and Q input LO signals, that receive a digital control signal, and that can adjust a phase and a gain in response to the digital control signal. An output of each of the phase rotators provides a respective output signal to a switch. The switch provides a selected one of the respective output signals for mixing ...
  17. RF transmitter architecture, integrated circuit device, wireless communication unit and method therefor 

    Peng, Chun-Hsien; Liu, Julia; Lu, Chao; et al. (2015)
    A kind of radiofrequency launcher framework comprises at least one digital signal processing module.Described digital signal processing module can be set to operate at least first mode.Wherein, at least one digital signal processing module described is for receiving a digital input signals, based on the digital input signals received described at least partly, multiple DPA controlling value is selected from one group of digital power ...
  18. RF transmitter, integrated circuit device, wireless communication unit and method therefor 

    Lu, Chao; Wang, Hua; Liang, Paul Cheng Po; et al. (2017)
    A radio frequency (RF) transmitter includes a power amplifier comprising a plurality of power amplifier cells. At least one digital signal processing module of the RF transmitter is operably coupled to the power amplifier and comprises at least one digital pre-distortion component arranged to apply at least one digital pre-distortion codeword to the plurality of power amplifier cells, wherein the at least one digital pre-distortion codeword ...
  19. Ultrasensitive detection platform for sensing magnetic and/or electrical energy change 

    Wang, Hua; Hajimiri, Seyed Ali (2014)
    A scalable and ultrasensitive frequency-shift magnetic array scheme. The theoretical limit of the sensor noise floor is shown to be dominated by the phase noise of the sensing oscillators. To increase the sensitivity, a noise suppression technique, Correlated Double Counting (CDC), is described with no power overhead. As an implementation example, a 64-cell sensor array is designed in a standard 65 nm CMOS process. The CDC scheme achieves ...
  20. Composition for Laser Tissue Soldering 

    Cipolato, Oscar; Herrmann, Inge (2022)

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