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  1. Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (ISHS 2024) 

    Boes, Robert; Albayrak, Ismail; Felder, Stefan; et al. (2024)
    The Proceedings of the 10th IAHR International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (ISHS 2024), held at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, from June 17 to 19, 2024, followed by the 9th International Junior Researcher and Engineer Workshop (9th IJREWHS) on Hydraulic Structures on June 20, contain technical papers on diverse and novel aspects of hydraulic structures. The symposium continues the traditional series organized by the Committee on Hydraulic ...
    Conference Proceedings
  2. International Zurich Seminar on Information and Communication (IZS 2024) 

    Lapidoth, Amos; Moser, Stefan M. (2024)
    Conference Proceedings
  3. 20th Symposium on Modeling and Experimental Validation of Electrochemical Energy Technologies. ModVal 2024 

    Boillat, Pierre; Büchi, Felix N.; El Kazzi, Mario; et al. (2024)
    Conference Proceedings
  4. Robotics Research 

    Pradalier, Cédric; Siegwart, Roland; Hirzinger, Gerhard (2011)
    Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics
    This volume presents a collection of papers presented at the 14th International Symposium of Robotic Research (ISRR). ISRR is the biennial meeting of the International Foundation of Robotic Research (IFRR) and its 14th edition took place in Lucerne, Switzerland, from August 31st to September 3rd, 2009. As for the previous symposia, ISRR 2009 followed up on the successful concept of a mixture of invited contributions and open submissions. ...
    Conference Proceedings
  5. Ingenieurvermessung 23 

    Wieser, Andreas (2023)
    Conference Proceedings
  6. Proceedings of the BabyLM Challenge at the 27th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning 

    Warstadt, Alex; Mueller, Aaron; Choshen, Leshem; et al. (2023)
    Conference Proceedings
  7. International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials ICSCRM 2022 

    Marek, Juraj; Pobegen, Gregor; Grossner, Ulrike (2023)
    The International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM) is the most important technical conference series on silicon carbide (SiC) and related materials. Started in Washington, D.C. in 1987, the conference series developed into a bi-annual global forum on SiC from its crystal growth to the reliability in application. After five conferences in the U.S., ICSCRM has been held every two years, alternating between USA, ...
    Conference Proceedings
  8. Industrializing Additive Manufacturing 

    Klahn, Christoph; Meboldt, Mirko; Ferchow, Julian (2023)
    Springer Tracts in Additive Manufacturing
    Conference Proceedings
  9. Role of Dams and Reservoirs in a Successful Energy Transition 

    Boes, Robert; Droz, Patrice; Leroy, Raphaël (2023)
    Conference Proceedings
  10. Tacit Knowledge in Architecture - Conference Proceedings 2023 

    Avermaete, Tom (2023)
    After three intensive years of research and exchanges, the TACK project reached its last big milestone: the TACK Conference (19th and 21st June 2023) welcomed 150 people at ETH Zürich to discuss tacit knowledge in architecture and its various forms. In three paper sessions and three object sessions the characters, roles and modes of architectural tacit knowledge were explored. Highlights were the two keynote lectures by Elke Krasny and ...
    Conference Proceedings
  11. PASC '23: Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference 

    Huebl, Axel; Silvano, Cristina; Robinson, Timothy W. (2023)
    The PASC Conference series is an international platform for the exchange of competence in scientific computing and computational science, with a strong focus on methods, tools, algorithms, application challenges, and novel techniques and usage of high-performance computing.
    Conference Proceedings
  12. Medical Imaging 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography 

    Boehm, Christian; Bottenus, Nick (2023)
    Proceedings of SPIE
    Conference Proceedings
  13. Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning 

    Konukoglu, Ender; Menze, Bjoern; Venkataraman, Archana; et al. (2022)
    Proceedings of Machine Learning Research
    Conference Proceedings
  14. Listening In: Conversations on Architectures, Cities and Landscapes, 1700-1900 - Programme and Abstracts 

    Hultzsch, Anne; de Jong, Sigrid; Perez-Martinez, Sol; et al. (2023)
    Who do we listen to when we write histories of architectures, cities, and landscapes? How many women authors can we find among our sources? How many of them are cited by those whose research we read? We argue that women and other marginalised groups have always been part of conversations on architectures, cities, and landscapes - but we have not had the space to listen to them. This conference is an invitation to reconstruct such ...
    Conference Proceedings
  15. RailBelgrade 2023: Book of Abstracts 

    Goverde, Rob; Corman, Francesco; Belošević, Ivan; et al. (2023)
    Conference Proceedings
  16. Expanding Underground - Knowledge and Passion to Make a Positive Impact on the World 

    Anagnostou, Georgios; Benardos, Andreas; Marinos, Vassilis P. (2023)
    Conference Proceedings
  17. International Symposium on Technikpsychologie (TecPsy) 2023 

    Gerber, Nina; Zimmermann, Verena (2023)
    Conference Proceedings
  18. Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Research in Computational Linguistic Typology and Multilingual NLP 

    Vylomova, Ekaterina; Ponti, Edoardo; Cotterell, Ryan (2022)
    Conference Proceedings
  19. Urbane Transformationen. Öffentliche Räume 

    Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW; INUAS München, Zürich, Wien (2022)
    Book of Abstracts
    Conference Proceedings
  20. 21st CIRP Conference on Electro Physical and Chemical Machining, ISEM XXI 

    Wegener, Konrad; Fabbro, Stefan; Borges, Paulo Matheus (2022)
    Procedia CIRP
    Conference Proceedings

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