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  1. A virtual platform to evaluate policy scenarios targeting environmental impacts from household consumption 

    Frömelt, Andreas; Heeren, Niko; Buffat, René; et al. (2017)
    Household demand for products and services triggers a multitude of economic activities along the supply chain of each product and service, involving the use of resources and the release of emissions. Assessing environmental footprints of households is thus an important basis to identify environmental strategies. This study aimed to develop a comprehensive regionalized bottom-up model for Switzerland which is able to assess the environmental ...
    Conference Poster
  2. Exploiting household consumption data: environmental impacts of archetypical behaviors 

    Frömelt, Andreas; Dürrenmatt, David J.; Hellweg, Stefanie (2018)
    As major drivers of the economy, the environmental importance associated with households is unquestioned. Especially from a consumption-based accounting perspective, household consumption can be regarded as ultimately responsible for all resources consumption and emission releases that occur over the whole life cycle of products and services. However, given that purchase decisions are highly behavior-driven, devising effective and targeted ...
    Conference Poster
  3. Carbon footprint hotspots in a Swiss municipality 

    Frömelt, Andreas; Mauchle, Manuela; Steubing, Bernhard; et al. (2015)
    Zernez, a municipality with 1003 inhabitants in the Swiss Alps, has recently initiated a collaboration with ETH Zurich to identify ways to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The present study aimed thus at determining the current carbon footprint of Zernez so as to identify the most relevant sectors and reduction potentials regarding GHG emissions. For this purpose, material and energy flows were assessed. The main data source was ...
    Conference Poster
  4. Quantifying the energy demand of households on a regional level: model application and evaluation, and case study 

    Frömelt, Andreas; Saner, Dominik; Hellweg, Stefanie (2014)
    Energy is a key factor for economic and societal development. However, the dependence of today’s energy systems on fossil or on other non-renewable energy sources causes a range of adverse environmental impacts. The built environment with its associated heating and cooling loads, as well as the mobility sector are major energy consumers. Therefore, assessing and understanding environmental footprints of housing and mobility is essential ...
    Conference Poster
  5. Assessing the environmental impacts from housing and land-based mobility demand of households on a regional level 

    Frömelt, Andreas; Hellweg, Stefanie (2015)
    Mobility and housing are key consumption areas from an environmental perspective. Assessing environmental footprints of housing behavior and mobility patterns of households is thus an important first step to identify strategies for a sustainable development of urban settlements and for the abatement of adverse environmental impacts. In this study, a model for the life cycle assessment of housing and mobility of individual households was ...
    Conference Poster
  6. Nutrition combined environmental assessment of global diets 

    Abhishek, Abhishek; Mathys, Alexander (2018)
    Conference Poster
  7. Review and evaluation of design approaches for glued-in rods in east and west Europe 

    Stepinac, Mislav; Bidakov, Andrii; Jockwer, Robert; et al. (2018)
    Conference Poster
  8. Deformation-based seismic design and verification of earth- and retaining structures in Switzerland 

    Duvernay, Blaise; Alvarez, Manuel; Fischer, Heike; et al. (2018)
    Conference Poster
  9. On the Capacity of Thermal Covert Channels in Multicores 

    Miedl, Philipp; Bartolini, Davide B.; Thiele, Lothar (2016)
    Conference Poster
  10. Design and Practical Application of Post-Tensioned Timber Frames with Hardwood 

    Ogrizovic, Jelena; Wanninger, Flavio; Frangi, Andrea (2018)
    Conference Poster
  11. Resource-Rich Examinations in Higher Education 

    Halbherr, Tobias (2018)
    Conference Poster
  12. What is the actual spatial distribution of craniospinal compliance? 

    Schmid Daners, Marianne; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan (2018)
    Conference Poster
  13. Prototype development for mobile and automated auditory sleep stimulation 

    Ferster, Maria L.; Lustenberger, Caroline; Karlen, Walter (2018)
    Conference Poster
  14. Prototype development for mobile and automated auditory sleep stimulation 

    Lustenberger, Caroline; Ferster, Maria Laura; Karlen, Walter (2018)
    Poster presentation on 18 March 2018
    Conference Poster
  15. Pilot assessments of mobile and automated sleep recording and auditory slow-wave stimulation for in-home studies 

    Lustenberger, Caroline; Ferster, Maria Laura; Büchi, Renato; et al. (2018)
    Conference Poster
  16. Reconstruction of the 550 x106 m3 Molveno rock avalanche 

    von Wartburg, Jonas; Ivy-Ochs, Susan; Leith, Kerry J.; et al. (2018)
    Geophysical Research Abstracts
    Conference Poster
  17. Development of an online database and empirical hazard mapping tool for rock avalanche runout estimation 

    McDougall, Scott; Jalil, Nafis; Aaron, Jordan; et al. (2017)
    Conference Poster
  18. PF Experiment Progressive Evolution of Structurally Controlled Overbreaks 

    Ziegler, Martin; Loew, Simon; Saraiva, Ernando (2018)
    Conference Poster

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