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  1. Guided quantum compression for high dimensional data classification 

    Belis, Vasilis; Odagiu, Patrick; Grossi, Michele; et al. (2024)
    Quantum machine learning provides a fundamentally different approach to analyzing data. However, many interesting datasets are too complex for currently available quantum computers. Present quantum machine learning applications usually diminish this complexity by reducing the dimensionality of the data, e.g. via auto-encoders, before passing it through the quantum models. Here, we design a classical-quantum paradigm that unifies the ...
    Journal Article
  2. Sustained innate interferon is an essential inducer of tertiary lymphoid structures 

    Calvanese, Anna Laura; Cecconi, Virginia; Staheli, Severin; et al. (2024)
    European Journal of Immunology
    Tertiary lymphoid structures (TLS) resemble follicles of secondary lymphoid organs and develop in nonlymphoid tissues during inflammation and cancer. Which cell types and signals drive the development of TLS is largely unknown. To investigate early events of TLS development in the lungs, we repeatedly instilled p(I:C) plus ovalbumin (Ova) intranasally. This induced TLS ranging from lymphocytic aggregates to organized and functional ...
    Journal Article
  3. Cobalt-nickel-copper arsenides, sulfarsenides and sulfides of Bou Azzer (Anti-Atlas - Morocco): Lithological and structural controls 

    Jabbour, Marieme; Elouad, Zoubair; Ez-Zghoudy, Mohamed; et al. (2023)
    The Bou Azzer-El Graara inlier is famous by its Co-Ni deposit associated to a Neoproterozoic ophiolitic complex. This paper aims to present results from three sectors, the Bou-Froukh, the Aghbar, and the Ait Ahmane deposits. Geological investigations (Leblanc, 1975; Saquaque, 1989) and recent radiometric data (Admou 2013) allow recognizing three major formations in the Bou Azzer Inlier: The Bou Azzer group; the Tiddiline Fm., and the ...
    Conference Paper
  4. A combinatorial higher-rank hyperbolicity condition 

    Jorgensen, Martina; Lang, Urs (2024)
    Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici
    We investigate a coarse version of a 2(n + 1)-point inequality characterizing metric spaces of combinatorial dimension at most n due to Dress. This condition, experimentally called (n, 8)-hyperbolicity, reduces to Gromov's quadruple definition of 8-hyperbolicity in case n = 1 . The l 1-product of n 8-hyperbolic spaces is (n, 8)-hyperbolic. Every (n, 8)-hyperbolic metric space, without any further assumptions, possesses a slim (n + 1)-simplex ...
    Journal Article
  5. The glass transition temperature of anhydrous amorphous calcium carbonate 

    Bissbort, Thilo; Hess, Kai-Uwe; Wilding, Martin; et al. (2024)
    The American Mineralogist
    Amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) is the least stable polymorph of calcium carbonates. It has been identified to play an important role in nature (e.g., biomineralization and speleothem formation), where it acts as a precursor for the transformation to more stable polymorphs such as calcite. Furthermore, the use of ACC in technical applications requires a robust understanding of the material's properties. We present the first study that ...
    Journal Article

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