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Recently Added 

  1. Redo chemistry of Cyano-Substituted Buta-1,3-diene Amidinium Zwitterions, Studied by EPR/UV-Vis Spectroelectrochemistry 

    Zalibera, Michal; Gawel, Przemylaw; Gescheidt, Georg; et al. (2018)
    Proceedings of the XXXVIII. International Conference on Modern Electrochemical Methods
    Conference Paper
  2. A numerical process study on the rapid transport of stratospheric air down to the surface over western North America and the Tibetan Plateau 

    Škerlak, Bojan; Pfahl, Stephan; Sprenger, Michael; et al. (2019)
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
    Upper-level fronts are often associated with the rapid transport of stratospheric air along tilted isentropes to the middle or lower troposphere, where this air leads to significantly enhanced ozone concentrations. These plumes of originally stratospheric air can only occasionally be observed at the surface because (i) stable boundary layers prevent an efficient vertical transport down to the surface, and (ii) even if boundary layer ...
    Journal Article
  3. Large-scale multi-agent mobility simulations on a GPU: towards high performance and scalability 

    Saprykin, Aleksandr; Chokani, Ndaona; Abhari, Reza S. (2019)
    Procedia Computer Science
    This paper describes the ongoing development of GEMSim, a GPU-based mobility simulator that is systematically designed for generic large-scale networks and population samples. In order to fully exploit the benefits of the massively parallel architecture of GPU hardware, in GEMSim, the structure of the overall simulation loop, the organisation of memory transactions on GPU, data structures on both GPU and host, and the learning process are ...
    Conference Paper
  4. Hybrid and multi-scale modelling of the energy demand of the building stock of the United States 

    Fonseca, Jimeno A.; Nevat, Ido; Peters, Gareth W. (2019)
    Working Paper

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