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Recently Added 

  1. Generation of circularly polarized extreme-ultraviolet harmonics from solids 

    Luu, Tran Trung; Woerner, Hans Jakob (2021)
    Circularly polarized sources of radiation play a vital role in photoelectron circular dichroism and magnetic circular dichroism experiments. While circularly polarized radiation can be routinely generated in the visible domain of the electromagnetic spectrum due to the availability of laser sources and optics in this range, generation of circularly polarized radiation in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) domain is challenging and, using ...
    Journal Article
  2. Coupled dynamics and evolution of primordial and recycled heterogeneity in Earth's lower mantle 

    Guelcher, Anna Johanna Pia; Ballmer, Maxim Dionys; Tackley, Paul James (2021)
    Solid Earth
    The nature of compositional heterogeneity in Earth's lower mantle remains a long-standing puzzle that can inform about the long-term thermochemical evolution and dynamics of our planet. Here, we use global-scale 2D models of thermochemical mantle convection to investigate the coupled evolution and mixing of (intrinsically dense) recycled and (intrinsically strong) primordial heterogeneity in the mantle. We explore the effects of ancient ...
    Journal Article
  3. Single-Cell Analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry to Quantify Algal Cell Interaction with Nanoparticles by Their Elemental Fingerprint 

    Hendriks, Lyndsey; Skjolding, Lars Michael (2020)
    Single-cell analysis has recently become a growing research field, and has found many applications in a variety of disciplines such as biochemistry, toxicology, metallomics, and even medical diagnosis and pharmaceutics for drug and cancer research. Although several analytical methods exist for the analysis of individual cells and their cellular content, this article focuses on highlighting the latest applications and trends in which ...
    Journal Article
  4. Revealing asymmetrical dust distribution in the inner regions of HD 141569 

    Singh, G.; Bhowmik, T.; Boccaletti, A.; et al. (2021)
    Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Context. The combination of high-contrast imaging with spectroscopy and polarimetry offers a pathway to studying the grain distribution and properties of debris disks in exquisite detail. Here, we focus on the case of a gas-rich debris disk around HD 141569A, which features a multiple-ring morphology first identified with SPHERE in the near-infrared.
    Journal Article
  5. 3D magnetically controlled spatiotemporal probing and actuation of collagen networks from a single cell perspective 

    Asgeirsson, Daphne O.; Christiansen, Michael G.; Valentin, Thomas; et al. (2021)
    Lab on a Chip
    Cells continuously sense and react to mechanical cues from their surrounding matrix, which consists of a fibrous network of biopolymers that influences their fate and behavior. Several powerful methods employing magnetic control have been developed to assess the micromechanical properties within extracellular matrix (ECM) models hosting cells. However, many of these are limited to in-plane sensing and actuation, which does not allow the ...
    Journal Article

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