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Recently Added 

  1. Swiss Federal Supreme Court Dataset (SCD) 

    Geering, Florian; Merane, Jakob (2023)
    The Swiss Federal Supreme Court Dataset (SCD) provides a record of all 115,152 cases decided by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court between 2007 and March 2023. The SCD includes 31 variables that document basic case information, the court composition, the area of law, information about the appealed judgment, the parties, the case outcome, and about citations and publication status. The dataset can be used as data infrastructure for both ...
  2. Unravelling the corrosion processes at steel/bentonite interfaces in in situ tests 

    Wersin, Paul; Hadi, Jebril; Kiczka, Mirjam; et al. (2023)
    Materials and Corrosion
    Microscopic and spectroscopic analyses were conducted on steel/bentonite interface samples removed from four in situ experiments that were carried out in three underground research laboratories at different temperatures and under different hydraulic and geochemical conditions. The results provide valuable information about the corrosion processes occurring in high-level radioactive waste repositories. Systematic patterns can be deduced ...
    Journal Article
  3. The Open Digital Twin Platform (ODTP) 

    Grübel, Jascha; Vivar Rios, Carlos; Zuo, Chenyu; et al. (2023)
    We use a five-component Digital Twin model for the Open Digital Twin Platform (ODTP) to capture quantities of interest from reality and represent higher order processes such as mobility in Switzerland. Digital Twins are represented in ODTP with Traces. A Trace describes how data moves through a digital twin from the data source to the last service providing output for users. Traces allow for the reproduction of a digital twin. ODTP relies ...
    Conference Poster
  4. Replications in agricultural economics 

    Finger, Robert; Grebitus, Carola; Henningsen, Arne (2023)
    Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
    Replicability is a cornerstone of all scientific disciplines. While agricultural economists often provide recommendations to stakeholders that inform, among others policymaking, we currently lack replication papers published in leading agricultural economics journals. This increases the risk that published results are not replicable, which potentially can lead to inefficient resource allocation. In this article, we provide a framework for ...
    Journal Article
  5. Macroinvertebrate diversity and rarity in non-glacial Alpine streams (vol 81, 42, 2019) 

    Alther, R.; Thompson, C.; Lods-Crozet, B.; et al. (2023)
    Aquatic Sciences
    Other Journal Item

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