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Recently Added 

  1. Technology, Innovation and Healthcare 

    Richards, Bernadette J.; Taylor, Mark; Sage Jacobson, Susannah (2022)
    This timely book emphasizes the importance of regulation in enabling and channelling innovation at a time when technology is increasingly embedded in healthcare. It considers the adequacy of current regulatory approaches, identifying apparent gaps, risks and liabilities, and discusses how these might be collectively addressed. The authors present possible solutions that balance the protection and promotion of public trust in healthcare ...
  2. Tamarin: Verification of Large-Scale, Real-World, Cryptographic Protocols 

    Basin, David; Cremers, Cas; Dreier, Jannik; et al. (2022)
    IEEE Security & Privacy
    Journal Article
  3. The Dynamics of Occupational Career Trajectories 

    Medici, Guri (2022)
    Contemporary careers are characterized by manifold socio-economic and technological transformations, that will transform work design across virtually all occupations. Considering such rapid developments, individuals have to adapt to ever changing work environments within their occupations, or, alternatively, pursue different career paths and exit their occupations. Yet, occupations are fundamental reference points that guide individual ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. Cassava-maize intercropping systems in southern Nigeria: Radiation use efficiency, soil moisture dynamics, and yields of component crops 

    Nwokoro, Charles Chigemezu; Kreye, Christine; Necpalova, Magdalena; et al. (2022)
    Field Crops Research
    Efficient utilization of incident solar radiation and rainwater conservation in rain-fed smallholder cropping systems require the development and adoption of cropping systems with high resource use efficiency. Due to the popularity of cassava-maize intercropping and the food security and economic importance of both crops in Nigeria, we investigated options to improve interception of photosynthetically active radiation (IPAR), radiation ...
    Journal Article
  5. Cooperation, Collaboration, Collectivity: Shared Authorships and pluralized Works from an interdisciplinary Perspective 

    Barner, Ines; Schürmann, Anja; Yacavone, Kathrin (2022)
    Journal of Literary Theory
    Journal Article

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