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  1. Morphogenesis and proportionate growth: A finite element investigation of surface growth with coupled diffusion 

    von Streng V.; Abi-Akl R.; Giovanardi B.; et al. (2021)
    Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids
    © 2020 Modeling the spontaneous evolution of morphology in natural systems and its preservation by proportionate growth remains a major scientific challenge. Yet, it is conceivable that if the basic mechanisms of growth and the coupled kinetic laws that orchestrate their function are accounted for, a minimal theoretical model may exhibit similar growth behaviors. The ubiquity of surface growth, a mechanism by which material is added or ...
    Journal Article
  2. Simultaneous feedback control for joint field and motion correction in brain MRI 

    Vionnet, Laetitia; Aranovitch, Alexander; Duerst, Yolanda; et al. (2021)
    T2*-weighted gradient-echo sequences count among the most widely used techniques in neuroimaging and offer rich magnitude and phase contrast. The susceptibility effects underlying this contrast scale with B0, making T2*-weighted imaging particularly interesting at high field. High field also benefits baseline sensitivity and thus facilitates high-resolution studies. However, enhanced susceptibility effects and high target resolution come ...
    Journal Article
  3. Eccedt of bank roughness on step-pool systems in steep channels 

    Maager, Fiona; Hohermuth, Benjamin; Weitbrecht, Volker; et al. (2020)
    Conference Paper
  4. Schwebstoffmonitoring in Echtzeit 

    Felix, David; Adgottspon, A.; Albayrak, I.; et al. (2020)
    Journal Article
  5. On velocity estimations in highly aerated flows with dual-tip phase-detection probes - closure 

    Kramer, Matthias; Hohermuth, Benjamin; Valero, Daniel; et al. (2021)
    International Journal of Multiphase Flow
    Dual-tip phase-detection intrusive probes are the most widely used experimental technique for measuring interfacial velocities in highly aerated flows. Recently, we have introduced an adaptive window cross-correlation (AWCC) technique, which allows for the estimation of pseudo-instantaneous velocities and associated velocity statistics. Several potential limitations of this technique were suggested by Chanson (2020). In a direct response, ...
    Journal Article

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