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Data management plans for the SNSF

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Research data management and related topics: know-how for your research project

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Recently Added 

  1. Acute exercise-induced glycocalyx shedding does not differ between exercise modalities, but is associated with total antioxidative capacity 

    Kröpfl, Julia M.A.; Beltrami, Fernando G.; Rehm, Markus; et al. (2021)
    Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
    Journal Article
  2. Accounting for Geographic Basis Risk in Heat Index Insurance: How Spatial Interpolation Can Reduce the Cost of Risk 

    Leppert, Daniel; Dalhaus, Tobias; Lagerkvist, Carl-Johan (2021)
    Weather, Climate, and Society
    Journal Article
  3. Permit Markets, Carbon Prices and the Creation of Innovation Clusters 

    Gersbach, Hans; Riekhof, Marie-Catherine (2021)
    Resource and Energy Economics
    Journal Article
  4. Roofs Over the Action: Theatre Construction in France from 1780 to 1862 

    Chalvatzi, Aikaterina M. (2020)
    In France, construction of theatres rapidly evolved in the 18th and early 19th century in response to the growing demand for safe and convenient performance halls. Paris in particular, became a significant centre for theatrical activity during the 18th century. Theatres became a field of experimentation with innovative roof designs and construction methods, in order to respond to the growing spans and loads of the roofs as well as the ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Exposure to corruption and political participation: Evidence from Italian municipalities 

    Giommoni, Tommaso (2021)
    European Journal of Political Economy
    Journal Article

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