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Reminder: Persistent identifiers in research

Event to mark ten years of ETH Zurich’s DOI Desk on Friday, 13 September 2019. There are still places available: the registration runs until 31 August! Read more

Research Collection: Statistics June 2019

The publication with the highest altmetric score is again one of Prof. Tom Crowther. Climate change remains a hot topic in this summer. Read more

Persistent Identifiers in Research

To commemorate its tenth birthday, ETH Zurich’s DOI Desk invites you to attend a one-day event on the topic of “Persistent Identifiers in Research”. Persistent identifiers (PID) play an instrumental role in guaranteeing the traceability of digital objects from academia and research on the internet. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Dynamic assessment of construction materials in urban building stocks – A critical review 

    Göswein, Verena; Silvestre, José D.; Habert, Guillaume; et al. (2019)
    Environmental Science & Technology
    Journal Article
  2. Morocco's Female Islamic State Migrants: A Neglected Aspect of the Foreign Fighter Problem 

    Watanabe, Lisa (2019)
    Socio-Economic Development and Violent Extremism in Morocco: Morocco's Regional Policy, Migration and (De-)Radicalization Radicalization – Perspectives from the Region and Europe
    This article contends that Moroccan women were heavily represented amongst female migrants to the Islamic State. Despite this, the drivers of female migration to the Islamic State as well the specific challenges related to their return remain understudied, with research tending to focus on male Moroccan foreign fighters. In response, the text’s author argues that more gender-conscious research is needed to enhance the understanding of ...
  3. Brief Announcement: Efficient Clustering in Unstructured Radio Networks 

    Kuhn, Fabian; Moscibroda, Thomas; Wattenhofer, Roger (2004)
    Proceedings of the twenty-third annual ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing, PODC '04
    Other Conference Item
  4. Efficiency of Wireless Networks: Approximation Algorithms for the Physical Interference Model 

    Goussevskaia, Olga; Pignolet, Yvonne Anne; Wattenhofer, Roger (2009)
    Foundations and Trends® in Networking
  5. FARSITE: Federated, Available, and Reliable Storage for an Incompletely Trusted Environment 

    Adya, Atul; Bolosky, William J.; Castro, Miguel; et al. (2002)
    Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Operating SystemsDesign and Implementation, OSDI '02
    Conference Paper

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