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New SNSF Open Access Website

The Swiss National Science Foundation has launched a website with comprehensive information on its Open Access strategy. Read more

New open access initiative of European research funders

A new initiative by eleven national research funding institutions, the European Commission and the European Research Council aims to achieve 100 percent open access by 2020. Read more

New Research Collection feature: Report a duplicate

When you have noticed a duplicate item in the Research Collection, you can now report it even more easily: Simply open the menu item “Suggest edit / report duplicate” behind the blue pencil icon on the publications’ landing page, mark the item as duplicate by activating the according checkbox and submit the form. The Research Collection team will merge the duplicates within the next two working days.

Recently Added 

  1. A value chain approach to optimizing early warning systems 

    Scolobig, A; Golding, B.; Ebert, B.; et al. (2018)
    Global Risk Assessment Report
    Journal Article
  2. Effects of impact based warnings and behavioural recommendations for extreme weather events 

    Weyrich, Philippe; Scolobig, Anna; Bresch, David N.; et al. (2018)
    Weather, Climate and Society
    Journal Article

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