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  1. First detection of VHE gamma-ray emission from TXS 1515-273, study of its X-ray variability and spectral energy distribution 

    Acciari, V. A.; Ansoldi, S.; Antonelli, L. A.; et al. (2021)
    We report here on the first multiwavelength (MWL) campaign on the blazar TXS 1515-273, undertaken in 2019 and extending from radio to very-high-energy gamma-rays (VFW). Up until now, this blazar had not been the subject of any detailed MWL observations. It has a rather hard photon index at GeV energies and was considered a candidate extreme high-synchrotron-peaked source. MAGIC observations resulted in the first-time detection of the ...
    Journal Article
  2. An unshakable carbon budget for the Himalaya 

    Maerki, Lena; Lupker, Maarten; France-Lanord, Christian; et al. (2021)
    Nature Geoscience
    The erosion and weathering of mountain ranges exert a key control on the long-term (10(5)-10(6) yr) cycling of carbon between Earth's surface and crust. The net carbon budget of a mountain range reflects the co-existence of multiple carbon sources and sinks, with corresponding fluxes remaining difficult to quantify. Uncertain responses of these carbon fluxes due to the stochastic nature of erosional processes further complicate the ...
    Journal Article
  3. CoMoDA: Continuous Monocular Depth Adaptation Using Past Experiences 

    Kuznietsov, Yevhen; Proesmans, Marc; Van Gool, Luc (2021)
    While ground truth depth data remains hard to obtain, self-supervised monocular depth estimation methods enjoy growing attention. Much research in this area aims at improving loss functions or network architectures. Most works, however, do not leverage self-supervision to its full potential. They stick to the standard closed world train-test pipeline, assuming the network parameters to be fixed after the training is finished. Such an ...
    Conference Paper
  4. A Compartmentalized Neuronal Cell-Culture Platform Compatible With Cryo-Fixation by High-Pressure Freezing for Ultrastructural Imaging 

    Hung Tri Tran; Lucas, Miriam S.; Ishikawa, Takashi; et al. (2021)
    The human brain contains a wide array of billions of neurons and interconnections, which are often simplified for analysis in vitro using compartmentalized microfluidic devices for neuronal cell culturing, to better understand neuronal development and disease. However, such devices are traditionally incompatible for high-pressure freezing and high-resolution nanoscale imaging and analysis of their sub-cellular processes by methods including ...
    Journal Article
  5. Measurement of Raman Optical Activity with High-Frequency Polarization Modulation 

    Lightner, Carin R.; Gisler, Daniel; Meyer, Stefan A.; et al. (2021)
    Many chiroptical spectroscopic techniques have been developed to detect chirality in molecular species and probe its role in biological processes. Raman optical activity (ROA) should be one of the most powerful methods, as ROA yields vibrational and chirality information simultaneously and can measure analytes in aqueous and biologically relevant solvents. However, despite its promise, the use of ROA has been limited, largely due to ...
    Journal Article

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