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Recently Added 

  1. Bomb radiocarbon dating reveals 40-year lifespan of Shovelnose Sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus)-Implications for stock assessments of long-lived, primitive fishes 

    Hupfeld, Ryan N.; Lackmann, Alec R.; Andrews, Allen H.; et al. (2023)
    Stock assessments for Shovelnose Sturgeon have largely been limited to age and growth analyses using pectoral fin rays despite potential underestimation of age and lack of age validation. Fisheries stock assessments rely on accurate estimates of vital rates for effective fisheries management, within which fish age and lifespan are of primary importance. Age was estimated using pectoral fin rays and otolith sections, and bomb radiocarbon ...
    Journal Article
  2. Outlier detection based on extreme value theory and applications 

    Bhattacharya, Shrijita; Kamper, Francois; Beirlant, Jan (2023)
    Scandinavian Journal of Statistics
    Whether an extreme observation is an outlier or not depends strongly on the corresponding tail behavior of the underlying distribution. We develop an automatic, data-driven method rooted in the mathematical theory of extremes to identify observations that deviate from the intermediate and central characteristics. The proposed algorithm is an extension of a method previously proposed in the literature for the specific case of heavy tailed ...
    Journal Article
  3. Ion expansion dynamics of laser induced multi-elemental plasmas 

    Yao, Xiang; Schneider, Christof W.; Bulgakova, Nadezhda M.; et al. (2023)
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
    Ablation of multi-elemental materials by nanosecond lasers is often used to deposit oxide thin films. Understanding the ablation plume dynamics is of utmost importance to gain a detailed insight into thin film growth of materials with a complex composition. In this study, the plume expansion dynamics of several compound materials (AuCu, La0.33Ca0.67MnO3, and LiMn2O4) were characterized by measuring the angular-dependent kinetic energy ...
    Journal Article
  4. An automated optimization pipeline for clinical-grade computer-assisted planning of high tibial osteotomies under consideration of weight-bearing 

    Roth, Tabitha; Sigrist, Bastian; Wieczorek, Matthias; et al. (2023)
    3D preoperative planning for high tibial osteotomies (HTO) has increasingly replaced 2D planning but is complex, time-consuming and therefore expensive. Several interdependent clinical objectives and constraints have to be considered, which often requires multiple rounds of revisions between surgeons and biomedical engineers. We therefore developed an automated preoperative planning pipeline, which takes imaging data as an input to generate ...
    Journal Article
  5. Why Membranes Matter: Ion Exchange Membranes in Holistic Process Optimization of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction 

    Hesselmann, Matthias; Minten, Hannah; Geissler, Tristan; et al. (2023)
    Reducing carbon dioxide to value-added chemicals by electrolysis is a promising strategy to substitute fossil-based processes. Research on CO2 electrolysis has vastly progressed, focusing on catalysis and electrode design, leaving an essential question on the central part of the electrolyzer: Which type of ion exchange membrane is best suited for CO2 electrolysis from an economic perspective? To address this question, holistic process ...
    Journal Article

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