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Recently Added 

  1. Die Revolution der neuen Einfachheit 

    Adam, Hubertus (2022)
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Journal Article
  2. Does Algorithmic Trading Attenuate Asset Price Bubbles? An Experiment 

    Altmann, Stefan; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko (2022)
    We experimentally examine the impact of algorithmic trading strategies on asset price mispricing and the relative payoff of human vis-a-vis algorithmic traders. We imple- ment a 2x2 treatment design varying the algorithmic strategies into a market-making (liquidity-making) and a sniper (liquidity-taking) algorithm, and the algorithm’s speed into an instantaneous and a 5-second speed-bump algorithm. Our benchmark treat- ment is the ...
    Other Conference Item
  3. Facts and Figures - and Forms! 

    Gigon, Annette (2022)
    INTEGRATE Architecture under the influene of climate change
    Book Chapter
  4. Dynamic super-resolution in particle tracking problems 

    Liu, Ping; Ammari, Habib (2023)
    Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis
    Journal Article
  5. Plant Protein Amyloid Fibrils for Multifunctional Sustainable Materials 

    Li, Ting; Zhou, Jiangtao; Peydayesh, Mohammad; et al. (2023)
    Artificial functional materials based on amyloid fibrils are proven to be a promising strategy toward functional materials. However, scaling-up applications present sustainability concerns, as animal proteins are the main sources for fabricating amyloid fibrils. Plant-protein-based amyloid fibrils, a more sustainable alternative to animal proteins, are attracting increasing interests as building blocks in functional materials. Herein, 11 ...
    Journal Article

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