Recent Submissions 

  1. What are sustainability indicators for? 

    Garrett, Rachael; Latawiec, Agnieszka E. (2015)
    Sustainability Indicators in Practice
  2. China ist nicht ganz anders 

    Holenstein, Elmar (2009)
  3. Philosophie-Atlas 

    Holenstein, Elmar (2004)
  4. Efficiency of Wireless Networks: Approximation Algorithms for the Physical Interference Model 

    Goussevskaia, Olga; Pignolet, Yvonne Anne; Wattenhofer, Roger (2009)
    Foundations and Trends® in Networking
  5. Swiss AM Guide 2019 

    AM Network; Meboldt, Mirko; Omidvarkarjan, Daniel (2019)
    The AM-Guide shows the state-of-the-art of additive manufacturing in series production.
  6. Analysis and Synthesis of Single-Input Single-Output Control Systems 

    Guzzella, Lino (2019)
    This text supports a first course on feedback control systems in an engineering undergraduate program. Ist primary objectives are to introduce the main ideas and to show the basic approaches for the design of simple yet practically relevant control systems. Readers planning to work through this text should have a clear understanding of elementary complex analysis, of matrix algebra and of calculus, including ordinary differential ...
  7. How Globalisation and Mediatisation Challenge Democracy 

    Rosteck, Yvonne (2019)
  8. Widerständigkeiten des Alltags: Beiträge zu einer empirischen Kulturanalyse. 

    Hamm, Marion; Holfelder, Ute; Ritter, Christian; et al. (2019)
  9. Environment and Pollution in Colonial India 

    Wilhelm, Janine (2018)
  10. Evolution, race and public spheres in India 

    Savary, Luzia (2019)
  11. Social Freezing – Kinderwunsch auf Eis 

    Fässler, Sarah; Aebi-Müller, Regina; Müller, Franziska; et al. (2019)
  12. Der Durchschnitt als Norm 

    Meier, Michael; Franz, Christoph (2018)
  13. From AI to Robotics: Mobile, Social, and Sentient Robots 

    Bhaumik, Arkapravo (1970)
    From AI to Robotics: Mobile, Social, and Sentient Robots
  14. New Ways and Needs for Exploiting Nuclear Energy 

    Sornette, Didier; Kröger, Wolfgang; Wheatley, Spencer (2018)
  15. Arno Brandlhuber 

    Brandao Costa, Amélia (2018)
  16. Grundriss Atlas Wohnungsbau 

    Heckmann, Oliver; Schneider, Friederike; Zapel, Eric (2017)
    Grundriss Atlas Wohnungsbau
  17. Das akustische Argument 

    von Fischer, Sabine (2019)
    Die Umwelt in ihren physikalischen und sensorischen Dimensionen ist ein virulentes Thema unserer Zeit. Dieses Buch erzählt, wie Geräusche, Klänge und Töne die Entwicklungen der Architektur des 20. Jahrhunderts massgeblich beeinflussten. Detailliert recherchierte Fallstudien – vom Völkerbundpalast (1927) bis zum schallisolierten House of the Future von Alison und Peter Smithson (1957) – verdeutlichen, wie das wachsende bauphysikalische und ...
  18. Learning architecture I 

    Molteni, Enrico (2018)
  19. Islamism and Intelligence in South Asia 

    Mahadevan, Prem (2018)
    State sponsorship of terrorism is a complex and important topic in today's international affairs – and especially pertinent in the regional politics of the Middle East and South Asia, where Pakistan has long been a flashpoint of Islamist politics and terrorism. In Islamism and Intelligence in South Asia, Prem Mahadevan demonstrates how over several decades, radical Islamists, sometimes with the tacit support of parts of the military ...

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