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  1. Linien aus Ostasien: Japanische und chinesische Kunst auf Papier – eine Einführung 

    Thomsen, Hans B.; Martimyanova, Alina; Pollack, Susanne Kristina; et al. (2022)
    Edited Volume
  2. The Oxford Handbook of Supply Chain Management 

    Choi, Thomas Y.; Li, Julie Juan; Rogers, Dale S.; et al. (2021)
    Supply chain management contends with structures and processes for delivering goods and services to customers. It addresses the core functions of connected businesses to meet downstream demand. This innovative volume provides an authoritative and timely guide to the overarching issues that are ubiquitous throughout the supply chain. In particular, it addresses emerging issues that are applicable across supply chains—such as data science, ...
    Edited Volume
  3. Strategic Trends 2022 

    Carlson, Brian G.; Kunertova, Dominika; Lieberherr, Boas; et al. (2022)
    Strategic Trends
    Strategic Trends 2021 offers a concise analysis of major developments in world affairs, with a primary focus on international security. In the first chapter, Brian G. Carlson analyzes China-Russia relations and the impact on Asian security. In the second chapter Dominika Kunertova explains how hypersonic technology has become a political tool in great-power competition among the United States, China, and Russia. In the third chapter, ...
    Edited Volume
  4. Handeln und Technik – mit und ohne Heidegger 

    Hubig, Christoph; Luckner, Andreas; Mazouz, Nadia (2007)
    Kultur und Technik
    Edited Volume
  5. Nachhaltigkeit und globaler Wandel 

    Gottschalk-Mazouz, Niels; Mazouz, Nadia (2003)
    Edited Volume
  6. RF and mm-Wave Power Generation in Silicon 

    Wang, Hua; Sengupta, Kaushik (2016)
    RF and mm-Wave Power Generation in Silicon
    Edited Volume

    Bathla, Nitin; Duyne Barenstein, Jennifer (2022)
    ETH MAS Housing
    In his seminal book Arrival City, Doug Saunders (2010) paints a picture of arrival to the city as an once in lifetime linear endeavour that migrants from countryside undertake. Contrary to this, the experience of cities in the global south, especially those in Asia and Africa, has been starkly different. The cities here experience a phenomenon known as circular migration, meaning that migrants arriving from the countryside often return ...
    Edited Volume
  8. Zur Geschichte des digitalen Zeitalters 

    Wichum, Ricky; Zetti, Daniela (2022)
    Geschichte des digitalen Zeitalters
    In der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts bearbeiteten westliche Gesellschaften Digitales in vielfältigen Gestaltungsräumen und verlagerten das digitale Zeitalter immer wieder in neue Zukünfte. Der Sammelband verfolgt technik-, sozial- und kulturhistorische Fragestellungen zur Transformation des Digitalen. Die Beiträge analysieren die mannigfaltigen Anpassungs- und Synchronisierungsprozesse zwischen digitalen Medienumbrüchen und ...
    Edited Volume
  9. Die Legenden der Juden 

    Ginzberg, Louis (2022)
    Edited Volume
  10. Ins Licht gezeichnet 

    Hesse, Jochen; Beyer, Jonas; Pollack, Susanne Kristina; et al. (2022)
    Edited Volume
  11. Future Cities Laboratory: Indicia 03 

    Cairns, Stephen; Tunas, Devisari (2022)
    Edited Volume
  12. Robotic Landscapes—Designing the Unfinished 

    Bernhard, Mathias; Cupkova, Dana; Fahmi, Fujan; et al. (2021)
    Robotic earthmoving equipment is dramatically changing the way landscapes can be formed and maintained. Landscapes evolve through constantly changing conditions, and a dynamic response to natural environments can never be considered final. Autonomous systems can enable this adaptive and continuous transformation of terrain instead of simply creating predefined and static earthworks. Robotic Landscapes—Designing the Unfinished opens up ...
    Edited Volume
  13. Artificial Intelligence in Brain and Mental Health 

    Jotterand, Fabrice; Ienca, Marcello (2021)
    Advances in Neuroethics
    This volume provides an interdisciplinary collection of essays from leaders in various fields addressing the current and future challenges arising from the implementation of AI in brain and mental health. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform health care and improve biomedical research. While the potential of AI in brain and mental health is tremendous, its ethical, regulatory and social impacts have not been assessed ...
    Edited Volume
  14. Person und Wissen 

    Gubler, Kaspar; Hesse, Christian; Schwinges, Rainer C. (2022)
    Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG) - Forschungen
    Edited Volume
  15. Repair Work Ethnographies 

    Strebel, Ignaz; Bovet, Alain; Sormani, Philippe (2019)
    Provides a unique collection of ethnographies offering empirical insight into the locally unfolding work of repair, in and across multiple situations of technology use and material practice Addresses repair work as a multifaceted phenomenon unfolding sequentially before, during and after failure, wear, deterioration, weakening etc. for a qualified and diversified readership in anthropology, sociology, and STS scholarship ...
    Edited Volume
  16. Cyber Security Politics 

    Dunn Cavelty, Myriam; Wenger, Andreas; Baezner, Marie; et al. (2022)
    CSS Studies in Security and International Relations
    This edited volume by CSS' Myriam Dunn Cavelty and CSS director Andreas Wenger, examines new and challenging political aspects of cyber security and presents it as an issue defined by socio-technological uncertainty and political fragmentation. The first part looks at the current use of cyber space in conflictual settings, while the second focuses on political responses by state and non-state actors in an environment defined by uncertainties. ...
    Edited Volume
  17. Artificial Intelligence for Human Computer Interaction: A Modern Approach 

    Li, Yang; Hilliges, Otmar (2021)
    Human-Computer Interaction Series
    This edited book explores the many interesting questions that lie at the intersection between AI and HCI. It covers a comprehensive set of perspectives, methods and projects that present the challenges and opportunities that modern AI methods bring to HCI researchers and practitioners. The chapters take a clear departure from traditional HCI methods and leverage data-driven and deep learning methods to tackle HCI problems that were ...
    Edited Volume
  18. Alcohol in the Maghreb and the Middle East since the Nineteenth Century 

    Biçer-Deveci, Elife; Bourmaud, Philippe (2021)
    St Antony's Series
    This book explores the significance of alcohol in the Middle East and Maghreb as a powerful catalyst of social and political division. It shows that the solidarities and polarities created by disputes over alcohol are built on arguments far more complex than oppositions on religion or consumption alone. In a region in which alcohol is banned by Islamic rules, yet allows its production and consumption, alcohol has always been contentious. ...
    Edited Volume

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