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  1. Dietary Change and Global Sustainable Development Goals 

    Chen, Canxi; Chaudhary, Abhishek; Mathys, Alexander (2024)
    Frontiers Research Topics ~ How to Achieve a Planetary Health Diet Through System and Paradigm Change?
    Book Chapter

    Ohlbrock, Patrick Ole; Boller, Giulia; D'Acunto, Pierluigi (2024)
    Conceptual Design of Structures ~ Conceptual Design of Structures: Connecting Engineering and Architecture
    Book Chapter
  3. GERMAN FAMILIES: East-west differences in diversity 

    Lenz K.; Schlinzig T. (2023)
    The Changing Faces of Families: Diverse Family Forms in Various Policy Contexts
    In 1990, German reunification combined two societies which had developed significant differences relating to families and gender over 40 years of separation. Despite the new political and economic framework, some differences still persist. Thus, for the analysis of family diversity in Germany, it is essential to consider the differences between East and West Germany. In both regions, the diversity of family forms has increased significantly ...
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  4. Explaining the socio-economic output of urban regions with a model combining urban scaling and polycentricity 

    Khiali Miab, Amin; Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne; Axhausen, Kay W.; et al. (2024)
    Urban Scaling: Allometry in Urban Studies and Spatial Science
    Urban scaling theory and polycentric urban development are two well-known concepts that draw parallels between configurations and socio-economic conditions of urban regions. Both concepts, however, have some drawbacks, which could potentially be alleviated by combining them in a new model. In this study, income in urban regions in Switzerland is explained by combining the hierarchy of a region’s commuter network (i.e. indicator for ...
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  5. Toward the “Perfect” Shunt: Historical Vignette, Current Efforts, and Future Directions 

    Podgoršak, Anthony; Flürenbrock, Fabian; Trimmel, Nina Eva; et al. (2024)
    Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery ~ Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery
    As a concept, drainage of excess fluid volume in the cranium has been around for more than 1000 years. Starting with the original decompression-trepanation of Abulcasis to modern programmable shunt systems, to other nonshunt-based treatments such as endoscopic third ventriculostomy and choroid plexus cauterization, we have come far as a field. However, there are still fundamental limitations that shunts have yet to overcome: namely ...
    Book Chapter
  6. Soil water concepts 

    Or, Dani; Warrick, Arthur W. (2024)
    Microirrigation for Crop Production: Design, Operation and Management
    Microirrigation with partial soil wetting from point or line water sources often applied at high frequency gives rise to unique soil water regimes where soil transport properties are more important than soil water storage capacity. We review key soil variables and functions that are required for irrigation design and management and emphasize multidimensional flow patterns and their mathematical representation. Knowledge of wetting patterns ...
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  7. Deforestation and Land Clearing 

    Ghazoul, Jaboury; Medina, Lilhac (2024)
    Encyclopedia of Biodiversity
    At the end of the twentieth century, there were an estimated 1700 million ha of tropical forest and 1600 million ha of temperate forests worldwide. These figures represent about 60% of the original forest cover that is estimated to have existed approximately 8000 years ago. Much of this loss can be directly attributed to human impacts during the past three millennia but with rapidly increased clearance in recent centuries, and even more ...
    Book Chapter
  8. Technologies for the management of hyperkinetic movement disorders 

    Schönberg, Laura; Bouça-Machado, Raquel; Kauppila, Linda Azevedo; et al. (2024)
    Handbook of Digital Technologies in Movement Disorders
    Hyperkinetic movement disorders (HMD) are characterized by abnormal involuntary movements of varying velocity, amplitude, frequency, complexity, and predictability. The integration of novel technological devices in the management of these diseases seems to offer a promising solution in providing more accurate and continuous monitoring. This chapter provides a critical overview of the available technological advances in the management of ...
    Book Chapter
  9. Wann ist es Zeit zu gehen? Suizidwünsche im Kontext einer dementiellen Erkrankung 

    Lucas, Daniel (2024)
    Bioethik / Medizinethik ~ Ethik des assistierten Suizids
    Book Chapter
  10. Ethik als Gerichtsprozess? 

    Kropf, Mario; Lucas, Daniel (2024)
    Bioethik / Medizinethik ~ Ethik des assistierten Suizids
    Book Chapter
  11. Mega-events and triple-baseline (un)sustainability 

    Wolfe, Sven Daniel; Gogishvili, David; Müller, Martin (2024)
    Research Handbook on Major Sporting Events
    In the face of the climate crisis and societal pressure, mega-event organizers and their international rights holders increasingly promote their sustainable credentials. Sustainability is now a commonplace term in mega-events, from the introduction of an environmental dimension into the planning of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, to the varying definitions of sustainability baked into the guiding principles of the IOC and the ...
    Book Chapter
  12. Die richtige Höhe der Staatsschulden ist eine politische Frage 

    Graff, Michael (2023)
    Sozialalmanach ~ Ungleichheit in der Schweiz
    In der Schweiz konzentriert sich die Vermögen immer stärker. Steuerpolitische Gegenmassnahmen sind nicht in Sicht. Bis zur Coronakrise hat der neoliberale Zeitgeist sein Augenmerk fast ausschliesslich auf die Senkung der Staatsschulden gelegt. In welchem Zusammenhang stehen Staatsverschuldung und ökonomische Ungleichheit in der Bevölkerung?
    Book Chapter
  13. Biological transformations of mineral nutrients in soils and their role in soil biogeochemistry 

    Kertesz, Michael A.; Frossard, Emmanuel (2024)
    Soil Microbiology, Ecology and Biochemistry
    Mineral nutrients in soils include phosphorus (required for synthesis of nucleic acids and phospholipids), sulfur (proteins and co-enzymes), iron (redox systems), and many trace elements (specific enzymes). Many of these nutrient elements are largely unavailable in soils, as they are either immobilized physically or by incorporation into soil organic matter. Biological transformations of these elements make them available for assimilation ...
    Book Chapter
  14. Enabling Positive Tipping Points in Public Support for Food System Transformation: The Case of Meat Consumption 

    Fesenfeld, Lukas Paul; Sun, Yixian (2023)
    The Political Economy of Food System Transformation: Pathways to Progress in a Polarized World
    Public opinion is an important factor that shapes the political economy of food system transformation, especially for salient issues such as meat consumption. This chapter provides a scoping review of the academic literature on public opinion regarding sustainable food policy. On this basis, the chapter presents a framework for studying public opinion on food system transformation. The framework accounts for the roles of policy framing, ...
    Book Chapter
  15. Autonomous navigation for inspection and maintenance ground robotics 

    Ivarsen, Peter Ørnulf; Keller, Julian; Sramota, Jan; et al. (2024)
    Robotics and Automation Solutions for Inspection and Maintenance in Critical Infrastructures
    This chapter presents recent research results in the frame of Autonomous Navigation for Inspection and Maintenance Ground Robotics including localization and navigation algorithms, as well as Localization and Mapping of Ground Robots.
    Book Chapter
  16. Robotics-enabled roadwork maintenance and upgrading 

    Bakalos, Nikolaos; Katsamenis, Iason; Protopapadakis, Eftychios; et al. (2024)
    Robotics and Automation Solutions for Inspection and Maintenance in Critical Infrastructures
    Closing, this chapter presents recent research efforts and results on a Robotics-enabled Roadwork Maintenance and Upgrading approach and tools. This includes the implementation of a road infrastructure blueprint developed including advanced engineering solutions for interconnecting and facilitating seamless transitions between different transportation modes in the event of severe disruptions affecting one mode of transportation.
    Book Chapter
  17. Chasing Darkness: Night and the Performance of Metaphor in Seventeenth-Century Rome 

    Delbeke, Maarten (2024)
    Column ~ A Nocturnal History of Architecture
    Book Chapter
  18. Chameleon Materials. A Conversation Between Adam Caruso and Valerie Verhack 

    Caruso, Adam; Verhack, Valerie (2023)
    The Triple Folly
    Book Chapter
  19. Waffensysteme langer Reichweite: Technologisches Potenzial und konzeptuelle Herausforderungen 

    Masuhr, Niklas (2023)
    Bulletin zur schweizerischen Sicherheitspolitik ~ Bulletin 2032 zur schweizerischen Sicherheitspolitik
    Der russische Krieg gegen die Ukraine verdeutlicht die Relevanz von Waffensystemen langer Reichweite. Solche Waffen werden von zahlreichen Ländern, auch europäischen, beschafft. Sie erfüllen wichtige Funktionen unter anderem im Rahmen defensiv ausgerichteter Luftabwehr. Ihre Beschaffung ist auch eine Priorität der Schweizer Armee. Besitz und Einsatz dieser Systeme werfen allerdings eine Reihe von Fragen auf.
    Book Chapter
  20. Schweizer Wissenschaftsdiplomatie in unsicheren Zeiten 

    Eigner, Leo (2023)
    Bulletin zur schweizerischen Sicherheitspolitik ~ Bulletin 2023 zur schweizerischen Sicherheitspolitik
    Die verschlechterte geopolitische Bedrohungslage hat weitreichende Konsequenzen für die Bildung, Forschung, und Innovation (BFI). Als Querschnittsthema verbindet die Wissenschaftsdiplomatie Aussen-, BFI- sowie Wirtschaftspolitik und angesichts der geopolitischen Entwicklungen auch die Sicherheitspolitik. Vor diesem Hintergrund skizziert dieser Beitrag den konzeptionellen Rahmen des noch umstrittenen Begriffs und bietet einen Überblick zur ...
    Book Chapter

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