Recent Submissions 

  1. “Killer Robots” and Preventive Arms Control 

    Dunn Cavelty, Myriam; Fischer, Sophie-Charlotte; Balzacq, Thierry (2017)
    Routledge Handbooks ~ The Routledge Handbook of Security Studies
    Book Chapter
  2. Image-Based In silico Models of Organogenesis 

    Gomez, Harold F.; Georgieva, Lada; Michos, Odyssé; et al. (2017)
    Advanced biotechnology ~ Systems Biology
    Book Chapter
  3. Neutrality for Peace: Switzerland’s Independent Foreign Policy 

    Nünlist, Christian (2017)
    Engaged Neutrality: An Evolved Approach to the Cold War
    Book Chapter
  4. The State of a Situation and Badiou's Mathematics 

    Schubbach, Arno (2017)
    Staatsverständnisse ~ Badiou and the State
    Book Chapter
  5. The Gulf States‘ Engagement in North Africa 

    Watanabe, Lisa (2017)
    The Small Gulf States: Foreign and Security Policies before and after the Arab Spring
    Book Chapter
  6. Threatened from Within? NATO, Trump and Institutional Adaptation 

    Zapfe, Martin (2017)
    Strategic Trends 2017
    NATO faces an existential challenge by a revanchist Russia. Despite impressive assurance and adaptation measures, its overall defense position remains weak. It will face serious challenges in balancing strategic divergence, both within Europe and in its transatlantic relations. While regionalization and increased European efforts might offer some respite, the stage is set for potentially serious rifts at a critical point in time.
    Book Chapter
  7. Looking Beyond Trump 

    Thompson, John (2017)
    Strategic Trends 2017
    Support in the United States for the liberal world order is under threat from a combination of profound economic, cultural, and political changes. The election of Donald Trump, and the emergence of his America First credo, underscores the fact that the world can no longer depend upon the US to pursue an internationalist foreign policy. Europe, in particular, would do well to begin planning for a future in which the US is more skeptical ...
    Book Chapter
  8. Contested History: Rebuilding Trust in European Security 

    Nünlist, Christian (2017)
    Strategic Trends 2017
    Different interpretations of the recent past still cast a negative shadow on the relations between Russia and the West. The Ukraine Crisis was a symptom, but not the deeper cause of Russia’s disengagement from the European peace order of 1990. While the current situation is far from a “new Cold War”, reconstructing contested history and debating missed opportunities are needed today to create trust and overcome European insecurity.
    Book Chapter
  9. Von Freiraumintendanten und -aktivisten 

    Ahn, Susann; Lüdicke, Felix (2017)
    Urban studies ~ Aneignung urbaner Freiräume: Ein Diskurs über städtischen Raum
    Book Chapter
  10. Comparatif des politiques énergétiques: les voies française et allemande pour la transformation du système énergétique 

    Fischer, Severin (2017)
    La Transition Énergétique. Un défi franco-allemand et européen
    Book Chapter
  11. Open Access in der Schweiz 

    Hirschmann, Barbara; Verdicchio, Dirk (2017)
    Praxishandbuch Open Access
    Book Chapter
  12. Clustering and Fuzzy Reasoning as Data Mining Methods for the Development of Retrofit Strategies for Building Stocks 

    Geyer, Philipp; Schlueter, Arno (2017)
    Smart Cities: Foundations, Principles and Applications
    Book Chapter
  13. Das Ende der Routinen 

    Haller, Lea (2017)
    Binding Sélection d’artistes ~ Mitarbeiter denken positiv = Colleagues, think positively = Ensemble au travail, soyons positifs
    Book Chapter
  14. Ground Motion 

    Mai, Martin P. (2009)
    Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science. Part 7, G
    Book Chapter
  15. Local risk-minimization for multidimensional assets and payment streams 

    Schweizer, Martin (2008)
    Banach Center Publications ~ Advances in mathematics of finance
    Book Chapter
  16. Agent-Based Demand-Modeling Framework for Large-Scale Microsimulations 

    Balmer, Michael; Axhausen, Kay W.; Nagel, Kai (2006)
    Transportation research record ~ Traveler behavior and values 2006
    Book Chapter
  17. Die Rhetorik der Europäischen Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion 

    Ruoff, Gabriele (2009)
    Krieg, Kooperation, Kursverlauf
    Book Chapter
  18. Traffic management 

    Weidmann, Ulrich; Lüthi, Marco; Spacek, Petr (2009)
    Technology guide : principles, applications, trends
    Book Chapter
  19. Naturally Occurring Antibodies (NAbs): Preface 

    Lutz, Hans U. (2012)
    Advances in experimental medicine and biology ~ Naturally occurring antibodies (NAbs)
    Book Chapter
  20. Introduction to Sustainable Resource Use and Economic Dynamics 

    Bretschger, Lucas; Smulders, Sjak (2007)
    Sustainable resource use and economic dynamics
    Book Chapter

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