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  1. Network mechanisms and network models 

    Stadfeld, Christoph; Amati, Viviana (2021)
    Research Handbooks in Sociology ~ Research Handbook on Analytical Sociology
    This chapter introduces the concept of network mechanisms and compares it to the notion of social mechanisms in Analytical Sociology. It discusses how statistical network models and empirically calibrated simulation models are applied to investigate network mechanisms. Different statistical network models are reviewed and compared, in particular conditional uniform graph (CUG) tests, quadratic assignment procedure (QAP) regressions, ...
    Book Chapter
  2. Computational Simulation, Multiscale Computations, and Issues Related to Behavioral Aspects of High Strain-Rate Elastomeric Polymers 

    Heyden, Stefanie; Ortiz, Michael (2015)
    Elastomeric Polymers with High Rate Sensitivity
    Book Chapter
  3. Rheological evaluation of PE waste-modified bitumen with particular emphasis on rutting resistance 

    Kakar, Muhammad Rafiq; Mikhailenko, Peter; Piao, Zhengyin; et al. (2022)
    Woodhead Publishing Series in Civil and Structural Engineering ~ Plastic Waste for Sustainable Asphalt Roads
    In Europe approximately 29.1 Mt of waste plastics were collected in 2018 and 7.2 MT (24.9%) were landfilled. According to the information from the Swiss environmental agency (FOEN) more than 85% of waste plastic in Switzerland is incinerated or used as fuel and only less than 10% is reused or recycled as raw materials. This chapter presents the rheological properties of asphalt binder-plastic blends that were investigated using the dynamic ...
    Book Chapter
  4. Introduction to Technology, Innovation and Healthcare 

    Richards, Bernadette J.; Taylor, Mark; Sage Jacobson, Susannah (2022)
    Technology, Innovation and Healthcare
    Book Chapter
  5. Molecular and Functional Imaging in Central Nervous System Drug Development 

    Künnecke, Basil; Honer, Michael; Pagano, Gennaro; et al. (2021)
    Molecular Imaging: Principles and Practice
    To date, there is an ever-increasing plethora of imaging methods available for studying biological systems in vivo, which are of interest for drug discovery and development. During discovery and early preclinical development phases, microscopy techniques including intravital microscopy are indispensable as they provide the exquisite resolution required for studying molecular events at cellular and subcellular resolution. For example, the ...
    Book Chapter
  6. The phyllosphere mycobiome of woody plants 

    Sieber, Thomas Niklaus (2021)
    Forest Microbiology. Volume 1, Tree Microbiome: Phyllosphere, Endosphere and Rhizosphere
    The global leaf surface of woody plants is estimated to be several times as big as the land area. This huge and diverse habitat is colonized by microorganisms whose number of individuals exceeds the number of stars in the universe many times over. Fungi make up a large part of the leaf colonizers. Fungi colonize both the leaf surfaces and the interior of the leaves. Most fungi that penetrate the leaves are harmless symbionts. They are ...
    Book Chapter
  7. Magnetic field interpolation for remote magnetic navigation in minimally invasive surgery 

    Charreyron, Samuel; Nelson, Bradley (2022)
    Woodhead Publishing Series in Electronic and Optical Materials ~ Magnetic Materials and Technologies for Medical Applications
    Interpolation of magnetic field data can be used to model the fields generated by magnetic navigation system (MNS) for applications in medical robotics. Prediction of magnetic fields is required for the control of magnetically navigated tools at arbitrary positions in the workspace of an MNS. In this chapter, various interpolation methods are detailed and compared. The methods are divided into structured grid interpolation ones that perform ...
    Book Chapter
  8. Transgenerational epigenetics and psychiatric disorders 

    Gapp, Katharina; Franklin, Tamara B. (2021)
    Epigenetics in Psychiatry
    Although controversial, there is increasing evidence from a variety of disciplines suggesting that transgenerational epigenetic inheritance is a mechanism that can act as an environmentally driven rapid form of adaptation in mammals. It has been suggested that transgenerational epigenetic inheritance may play a role in psychiatric disorders because the risk of developing a psychiatric disorder is heightened by exposure to stressful events, ...
    Book Chapter
  9. Nucleation studies in supersonic flow 

    Wyslouzil, Barbara; Signorell, Ruth (2022)
    Uniform Supersonic Flows in Chemical Physics, Chemistry Close to Absolute Zero Studied Using the CRESU Method
    Book Chapter
  10. Media Attention for CJEU Case Law 

    Dederke, Julian (2022)
    Studies on International Courts and Tribunals ~ Researching the European Court of Justice
    Newspapers as the main media of political coverage continue to be primary outlets for reports and opinions on collectively binding decisions. Following a quantitative research strategy, this chapter introduces a new methodological approach that allows us to systematically capture media attention and public salience of court decisions. It provides insight into a new dataset for newspaper coverage of more than 4,000 CJEU decisions in eight ...
    Book Chapter
  11. Proportion und Disproportion von Sprache und Nation. Zionistische Sprachpolitik um 1900 

    Kilcher, Andreas (2022)
    Conditio Judaica ~ Zukunft der Sprache – Zukunft der Nation?
    Book Chapter
  12. Integrative ensemble modeling of proteins and their complexes with distance distribution restraints 

    Jeschke, Gunnar; Esteban-Hofer, Laura (2022)
    Methods in Enzymology ~ Advances in Biomolecular EPR
    Many proteins and protein complexes exhibit regions that are intrinsically disordered. Whereas an arsenal of techniques exists to characterize structured proteins or protein regions, characterization of the vast conformational space occupied by intrinsically disordered regions remains a challenging task due the ensemble-averaging nature of many techniques that provide mean value restraints. More representative information can be gained ...
    Book Chapter
  13. Land use modeling: From farm to food systems 

    van Zanten, Hannah H.E.; Müller, Adrian; Frehner, Anita (2022)
    Food Systems Modelling
    In this chapter we discuss how methodological choices can lead to different solutions when assessing land use. We focus on the following three methodologies: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Land Use Ratio (LUR), and the food systems approach. Each method has its own strengths. LCA offers the best estimates of how we should change our diets at the margin in the near term to reduce land use (or other environmental impacts). The LUR provides ...
    Book Chapter
  14. Understanding and Addressing the Resilience Crisis of Europe’s Farming Systems 

    Feindt, Peter H.; Meuwissen, Miranda P.M.; Balmann, Alfons; et al. (2022)
    Resilient and Sustainable Farming Systems in Europe: Exploring Diversity and Pathways
    This chapter aims to synthesize key findings from the SURE-Farm project. We first discuss possible amendments to the framework to assess the resilience of farming systems. We then review why many of Europe’s farming systems face a formidable and structural resilience crisis. While emphasizing the diversity of resilience capacities, challenges and needs, we formulate cornerstones for possible resilience-enhancing strategies. The chapter ...
    Book Chapter
  15. The Importance of Improving and Enlarging the Scope of Risk Management to Enhance Resilience in European Agriculture 

    Finger, Robert; Vroege, Willemijn; Spiegel, Alisa; et al. (2022)
    Resilient and Sustainable Farming Systems in Europe: Exploring Diversity and Pathways
    Book Chapter
  16. Insure the Volume? 

    Eriksen, Christine; Turnbull, Jonathon (2022)
    Climate, Society and Elemental Insurance
    Recently, wildfires have again occurred in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ), rereleasing radioisotopes originally deposited into local ecosystems during the nuclear accident of 1986. In this book chapter, Jonathon Turnbull and CSS' Christine Eriksen examine what this kind of uncontainable, airborne, and hazardous phenomenon potentially means for insurance, as well as insurance and disaster research.
    Book Chapter
  17. Between Absence and Presence 

    McKinnon, Scott; Eriksen, Christine; de Vet, Eliza (2022)
    Climate, Society and Elemental Insurance
    Feuer ist ein endemischer Bestandteil der australischen Landschaft mit oft verheerenden Auswirkungen auf die australischen Haushalte. Versicherungen sind zu einem wichtigen Instrument geworden, um sich auf die Bedrohung durch Brände vorzubereiten und auf ihre Auswirkungen zu reagieren. Dennoch ist ihre Rolle in den Wiederherstellungsprozessen nach Buschbränden nach wie vor unklar. In diesem Buchkapitel untersuchen Scott McKinnon, Eliza ...
    Book Chapter
  18. Die Herstellung der „Digitalen Gesellschaft“. Technikerfahrung im Horizont einer kommenden Gesellschaft 

    Ritter, Christian (2022)
    Geschichte des digitalen Zeitalters ~ Zur Geschichte des digitalen Zeitalters
    Book Chapter
  19. Current trends and future outlook in spectroscopic monitoring of the atmosphere 

    Chen, Weidong; Venables, Dean S.; Sigrist, Markus (2021)
    Advances in Spectroscopic Monitoring of the Atmosphere
    Spectroscopy has long played a central role in determining and monitoring the composition of the atmosphere. We outline how current scientific and sociopolitical concerns-whether alarm at anthropogenic climate change, exposure to air pollution, or fundamental scientific questions about atmospheric processes and transformations-motivate the need for better and more extensive measurements of atmospheric composition. We present a brief history ...
    Book Chapter
  20. The application of iPSC-derived kidney organoids and genome editing in kidney disease modeling 

    Traitteur, Tamara; Zhang, Chengcheng; Morizane, Ryuji (2022)
    iPSCs - State of the Science
    Introduction: Conventionally, cell cultures and animal models are employed to study disease mechanisms and treatments. However, a translational gap between preclinical research and clinical trials in patients is present. The induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) is a promising approach to fill this gap. Kidney organoids derived from iPSCs maintain structural and functional features of native kidneys, providing a unique experimental material ...
    Book Chapter

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