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  1. Novel Applications of Metallic Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatments 

    Herzog, Antoine F. (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Computational fabrication of 3D shapes: Enabling makers through novel geometric algorithms 

    Schüller, Christian Eduard (2018)
    We are witnessing a new revolution in the area of fabrication and manufacturing. The most recent generation of digital fabrication devices like 3D printers, laser cutters and 4-axis desktop milling machines, make it considerably easier for non-professionals to fabricate their own custom designed tools and objects at a reasonable price. This evolution will eventually liberate many from having to buy pre-built products and already allows a ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Real-time urban traffic control in a connected and automated vehicle environment 

    Yang, Kaidi (2018)
    The promising development towards vehicle connectivity and autonomy will impose substantial societal and economic impact not only on the mobility systems but also on the entire cities. This dissertation will, from the perspective of the traffic operators, design effective traffic estimation and control strategies to maximize the benefits of these technologies for the urban traffic systems. We will propose both methodological frameworks ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. A Rapid Point-of-Care Test for Malaria Diagnostics in Elimination Settings 

    Pham, Ngoc Minh (2018)
    One of the grand challenges in science and engineering today is the development of innovative technologies to address global health concerns in resource-limited settings. This thesis aims to develop self-driven microfluidicsbased diagnostic tools suitable for detecting malaria at the point-of-care (POC). In particular, the objective is to engineer devices that offer high sensitivity, short turnover time, and are amendable to mass ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Learning to Navigate: Data-driven Motion Planning for Autonomous Ground Robots 

    Pfeiffer, Mark (2018)
    Robotic navigation in static and known environments is well understood. However, the operation in unknown, dynamic or unstructured environments still poses major challenges. In order to support humans in a varied set of applications, such as the assistance of elderly or disabled, transportation, search and rescue or agriculture, the operation in shared workspaces among robots and humans is a key factor. This thesis introduces four data-driven ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  6. A study on N-linked protein glycosylation 

    Cornillie, Nathalie (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Poly(phenylene methylene) Synthesis, Characterization, Processing 

    Brändle, Andreas (2018)
    Hydrocarbon polymers belong to the basic structures in polymer architecture. Poly(phenylene methylene) (PPM) represents one of the simplest structured polymer of this category. Before this PhD thesis, however, poly(phenylene methylene) was not available with molar masses sufficiently high to attract interest in materials science, in spite of numerous attempts to synthesize this polymer. Yet, based on the attractive properties of related ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  8. Synthesis of 2D Polymers: Design, Modification and Characterization 

    Lange, Ralph Z. (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  9. Real-Time Multi-Robot Localization and Mapping with 3D Point Clouds 

    Dubé, Renaud (2018)
    Multi-robot systems offer several advantages over their single-robot counterpart such as robustness to robot failure and faster exploration in time-critical search and rescue missions. In order to collaborate in these scenarios, the robots need to jointly build a unified map representation where they can co-localize each other. The goal of this thesis is to develop a real-time solution to the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Temperature extremes in a changing climate – Processes, emergent constraints and impacts 

    Vogel, Martha-Marie (2018)
    In the 2018 spring and summer, record-breaking temperatures were observed in Switzerland and many countries of the Northern Hemisphere, severely affecting humans, ecosystems and infrastructure. Since increases in frequency and magnitude of extreme temperatures can be expected in a warming world, heatwaves like these are only a small taste of the climate risks ahead. Thus, reliable estimates of projected changes in temperature extremes are ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  11. Planning for Autonomous Micro-Aerial Vehicles with Applications to Filming and 3D Modeling 

    Hepp, Benjamin (2018)
    Camera equipped micro aerial vehicles (MAVs), and in particular multi-copters, have become affordable and abundant in recent years both in the professional and in the consumer sector. They are used in areas as diverse as recreation, filming, structural inspection and monitoring for agriculture. Their success can be attributed to their relatively simple mechanical and electronic design, their flexibility in terms of possible motion and ...
    Doctoral Thesis

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