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  1. Closing in on genomics assisted breeding in apple 

    Jung, Michaela (2021)
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Efficient Methods for Congruency-Constrained Optimization 

    Nägele, Martin (2021)
    In this thesis, we study discrete combinatorial optimization problems with congruency constraints and present new techniques for dealing with such constraint types. Strong motivation for studying congruency constraints comes from a long-standing open question in Integer Programming whether integer programs with constraint matrices with bounded subdeterminants are efficiently solvable. An important special case thereof are congruency-constrained ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Constrained Submodular Minimisation 

    Nägele, Martin (2017)
    We study two classes of constrained submodular minimisation problems, where a submodular function f defined on a lattice family L is to be minimised over a subfamily of L. In the first class, so-called congruency constrained submodular minimisation (CSM) problems, the subfamilies are of the form F = { S ∈ L : |S| ≡ r (mod m) }. For the second class of problems, namely generalised congruency constrained submodular minimisation (GCSM) ...
    Master Thesis

    Terzopoulou, Anastasia (2021)
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Computational Re-Forming 

    Ma, Zhao (2021)
    While the utilization of robot arms has increased since the construction industry began to deploy robotic technologies for digital fabrication processes, a pipeline is missing for fabrication-aware design as the abstraction of complex, contradictory constraints for the designer is not evident. %the non-standard characteristics of building components still pose major challenges that require flexible and adaptable robotic fabrication ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  6. Structural and Functional Studies of ATP Binding Cassette Transporter ABCG1 

    Skarda, Liga (2021)
    The reverse cholesterol transport pathway regulates sterol homeostasis in the human body and prevents lipid accumulation in cells. Several ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters are involved in this pathway, including ABCG1, which in tandem with ABCA1 removes cholesterol from peripheral tissues. ABCG1 dysfunction has been linked to the pathogenesis of several metabolic diseases, such as atherosclerosis and diabetes. However, its function ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Enabling High-Performance Large-Scale Irregular Computations 

    Besta, Maciej (2021)
    Doctoral Thesis
  8. Dynamic Chemistry with Potassium Acyltrifluoroborates (KATs) 

    Dzeng, Yi-Chung (2021)
    The KAT ligation proceeds when potassium acyl trifluoroborates (KATs) couple with hydroxylamines, forming an amide bond in aqueous environment with remarkable chemoselectivity, robustness, and reaction rates. The reactivity of KAT ligation depends on both the structure of the KAT and of the hydroxylamine. Under certain circumstances, when the hydroxylamine oxygen is unsubstituted, a KAT nitrone intermediate is formed reversibly between ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  9. Framing and reframing processes from different perspectives 

    Niedworok, Anja (2021)
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Online Feedback Optimization for Emergency Power System Operation 

    Hotz, Gianni (2021)
    With increasing intermittent distributed power generation, emergency situations in the power system are more likely to occur. Current emergency operation in power systems is mostly based on manual remedial actions. The growing number of distributed generation devices add complexity to emergency operation and make decisions on remedial actions harder. In this thesis, a feedback optimization (FO) controller for emergency power system operation ...
    Master Thesis
  11. Nutritional combined environmental impact assessment of global food systems 

    Chen, Canxi (2021)
    Food production and consumption are responsible for remarkable environmental burdens including greenhouse gas emissions, land expansion, water stress, and pollution due to the nutrient overflow of the fertilizer application. Meanwhile, current global food systems are unable to address hunger and malnutrition in different forms occurring in many regions and populations. The world needs a food system transformation to ensure that we operate ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  12. Modelling the significance of snow-vegetation interactions for active layer dynamics in an Arctic permafrost region subjected to tundra shrubification 

    Haagmans, Vincent (2021)
    Permafrost is warming globally and the extent of this warming is locally variable in space and time due to an array of factors. In the Arctic, vegetation is one of these factors, whichever influenced by climate change is undergoing a transformation through an increase in height and extent of shrubs on the tundra. In turn, changes in vegetation also alter the thermal properties of the snow cover in winter due to processes like snow trapping; ...
    Master Thesis
  13. Hardware optical flow from event cameras 

    Liu, Min (2021)
    Doctoral Thesis
  14. Dynamical decoupling in EPR spectroscopy for quantitative decoherence description via noise spectroscopy 

    Soetbeer, Janne (2021)
    Decoherence represents a double-edged sword for pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) as this process limits the achievable resolution and/or sensitivity of an experiment but also reports on the decoherence-inducing spin environment. For this reason, the manipulation and understanding of underlying decoherence mechanisms is pivotal. Pulsed manipulation by n refocusing pulses, i.e. dynamical decoupling (DD), is known since the ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  15. Novel Mass Spectrometry Technique Developments for a More Holistic Characterization of Atmospheric Constituents 

    Lee, Chuan Ping (2021)
    We might be drinking water for an average of 2 hours daily and sleeping for an average of 8 hours daily but we breathe in the air for 24 hours every day. The air surrounding us does not only consist of gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide or water vapor, but also of large quantities of small particles, called aerosols. The atmospheric aerosols play an important role in climate forcing by affecting the radiative balance, cloud ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  16. Real-Effort Tasks in Experiments: The Task Choice Matters 

    Waloszek, Christian (2021)
    PEC Dissertation Series
    Real‐effort tasks are widely used in experimental research to study effort provision. A great variety of tasks exists, each of which has its own properties. The tasks are employed in different areas of application. The tasks carry different properties, which involve advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific area they are applied. This thesis is about the choice of task and its implications. It is structured as follows. The ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  17. Numerical sensitivity kernels in elastic media for imaging purposes and seismic tomography in the Hengill geothermal field 

    Duran, Alejandro (2021)
    The first part of this thesis presents the work performed on the Hengill geothermal field at SW Iceland, in the framework of the COSEISMIQ (Control SEIsmicity and Manage Induced earthQuakes) project. We build a comprehensive catalogue of induced and natural seismicity. We use high-quality seismic data to compute 1D velocity models and study the impact of different 1D models in the relocation of hypocenter parameters. We use the best 1D ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  18. Materials and Waveguide Platforms for High-Speed Plasmonic Modulators 

    Messner, Andreas (2021)
    ETH Zürich Series in Electromagnetic Fields
    Doctoral Thesis

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