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  1. Controlled Protein Degradation by the Mycobacterial Proteasome 

    Läderach, Jürg C. (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Travelling waves in somitogenesis: collective cellular properties emerge from time-delayed juxtacrine oscillation coupling 

    Tomka, Tomas (2017)
    The sculpturing of the vertebrate body plan into segments begins with the sequential formation of somites in the presomitic mesoderm (PSM). The rhythmicity of this process is controlled by travelling waves of gene expression which sweep across the PSM. These kinetic waves emerge from coupled cellular oscillators and travel in the direction of an increasing gradient of oscillation period. The oscillations are driven by autorepression of ...
    Master Thesis
  3. Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Granular Dynamics 

    Penn, Alexander (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. Data Mining Meets Life Cycle Assessment: Towards Understanding and Quantifying Environmental Impacts of Individual Households 

    Frömelt, Andreas (2018)
    To reduce adverse impacts on nature, thus enabling future generations to lead a decent life, deep changes in present human behavior are urgently needed. Policymakers can assume a key role and aim at creating an environment that enables producers and consumers to move towards more sustainable behavioral patterns. However, in order to successfully implement policy interventions and to efficiently invest time and money in the most promising ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Enzyme catalysis in the confines of an engineered protein cage 

    Frey, Raphael (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  6. Colourings of Graphs and Words 

    Kamčev, Nina (2018)
    Extremal graph theory is concerned with the extreme values of a graph parameter over various classes of graphs. Randomised constructions have played a major role in extremal combinatorics. This phenomenon acted as a catalyst for the development of probabilistic combinatorics and the theory of random graphs as independent research areas. In the present thesis, we consider three graph parameters – anagram-chromatic number, rainbow connectivity ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Challenges in the Design of Biomimetic Orthopaedic Implants Next Generation Knee Arthroplasty 

    Zumbrunn, Thomas (2018)
    Designing orthopaedic implants to reconstruct native anatomy and function continues to be a major challenge in the development of new products. This thesis provides insights and suggestions for designing next generation knee arthroplasty with a focus on native joint kinematics. Like in many other specialties, biomimetics is the ultimate objective in joint reconstruction. Knee arthroplasty is the most successful treatment option for severe ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  8. Pervasive Displays: Content Management, Adaptation, Distribution, and Interaction Methods 

    Sarabadani Tafreshi, Amir Esmaeil (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  9. Structure and Dynamics of Collaborative Knowledge Networks 

    Nanumyan, Vahan (2018)
    A major means to encode and share scientific knowledge are publications, which cite each other and which are authored by one or more scientists. Citation networks of publications are commonly used to proxy the structure of scientific knowledge. Coauthorship networks are used to represent the social network between collaborating scientists. Yet, these two networks are rarely considered together even though they are interconnected. The ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Retaining Data Ownership in the Internet of Things 

    Shafagh, Hossein (2018)
    As Internet of Things (IoT) systems further emerge, we face unprecedented security and privacy challenges, especially with regards to the collected data. This data typically consists of sensor readings, tagged with metadata. For scalability, ubiquitous access, and sharing possibilities, the data is most often stored in the cloud. Securing date while in transit and in particular when being stored in the cloud is of utmost importance, as ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  11. Infinite dimensional GIT and moment maps in differential geometry 

    Trautwein, Samuel (2018)
    The starting point of this thesis is the following observation of Atiyah and Bott: The curvature of a connection on a bundle over a surface can be understood as a moment map for the action of the gauge group. Moreover, the moduli space of flat connections, or more generally of Yang--Mills connections, is closely related to the moduli space of holomorphic bundles obtained from geometric invariant theory. We discuss the various implications ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  12. Role of biofilms in bacterial persistence in dairy environment 

    Thiran, Elowine (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  13. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Measurements in Laboratory and Ambient Studies 

    Zhou, Jun (2018)
    Breathing pristine clean air, a fundamental human right ever since the world was created, is threatened now and then on the road of human society development. To create the environment that supports our life in a sustainable way, we must solve the air pollution problem and at the same time continue our technologically based civilization. Although air pollution has attracted attention for centuries, the air-cleaning task is still arduous ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  14. Terahertz quantum optics with ultra-short pulses 

    Benea-Chelmus, Ileana-Cristina (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  15. Distributed Lower Bounds: Lovász Local Lemma, Mobile Agents, Cops and Robbers 

    Brandt, Sebastian (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  16. Graphical characterizations of adjustment sets 

    Perković, Emilija (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  17. A Wake-Up Circuit for Event-Driven Duty-Cycling of Wearable IoT Sensor Nodes 

    Rovere, Giovanni (2018)
    The design of IoT sensing nodes mandate unprecedented tight constraints on power consumption, physical volume, and production costs which limits the on board processing and data-transfer capabilities. Efficient real-time processing can be achieved by exploiting system-level duty-cycled architectures and novel mixed-signal processing circuits that detect and transmit only events of interest reducing power-hungry raw data transfer. In this ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  18. Stability Conditions and Lagrangian Cobordisms 

    Hensel, Felix (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis

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