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  1. Continuous Optimization DAG Learning in the Presence of Location Scale Noise: A Systematic Evaluation of Different Frameworks 

    Kahlbacher, Fabian (2023)
    Causal discovery concerns the problem of learning the causal structures between variables of a system from observational data. To tackle the computational complexity when mul- tiple variables are involved, continuous optimization is a growing area. However, most approaches rely on additive noise, and no systematic evaluation of non-additive location- scale noise (LSN) has been performed. Modeling LSN or heteroscedasticity is important as ...
    Master Thesis
  2. Bicycle Commuting 

    Heinen, Eva (2011)
    Sustainable Urban Areas
    Cycling is cheaper, healthier and in urban environments often faster than other transport modes. Nevertheless, even at short distances, many individuals do not cycle. This thesis aims to explain why commuters vary in their decision to bicycle. Results indicate that the individual (day-to-day) choice to commute by bicycle is affected by personal attitudes towards cycling to work, social norms, work situation, weather conditions and trip ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Quantum Correlations of Exciton-Polaritons 

    Schnüriger, Gian-Marco (2024)
    n this work we study the quantum nature of a hybrid light–matter system, where we use the interactions of the matter component to introduce a sizable nonlinearity to photons. It is a longstanding goal to achieve interactions that overcome the losses in the system, resulting in the photon blockade effect that leads to nonclassical signatures measurable in photon correlation experiments. To implement such a system we combine an optical ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. X-ray Dark-Field Imaging for Building Materials Characterization 

    Organista Castelblanco, Caori Alejandra (2024)
    Material scientists optimize materials and develop new ones to improve their durability, sustainability, and functionality. An important part of this goal is the characterization of the internal structure on different length scales, as changes in the nano- and micrometer ranges can influence the properties of the material on macroscopic scales. A better understanding of the structure therefore enables the production of new, higher-quality ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Electrostatic Zipping Actuators with a Double-Helical Structure 

    Zhang, Yu (2023)
    Artificial muscles are key for creating soft and bio-mimetic robots. Despite substantial advances, current actuator technologies are still limited in their form factor and struggle to achieve high power and energy density while being efficient. This thesis focuses on a new actuator design that could potentially improve on those key metrics. We present an electrostatic zipping actuator with a double-helical structure. The thesis reports ...
    Master Thesis
  6. Bridging the Gap Between Biological and Artifical Neuronal Networks 

    Ihle, Stephan J. (2024)
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. ML Data Processing on Relational Databases 

    Kempter, Yves (2024)
    Master Thesis
  8. Biochemical and structural characterization of GPCR-G protein complexes 

    Tejero, Oliver Miguel (2024)
    Doctoral Thesis
  9. Dielectric phenomena at magnetic quantum critical points 

    Flavián Blasco, Daniel (2024)
    The interplay between magnetic and dielectric degrees of freedom gives rise to novel emergent phases in condensed matter systems. In the proximity to quantum critical points, exotic phenomena are stabilized by quantum fluctuations. In this work, we investigate experimentally dielectric phenomena at magnetic quantum critical points. Our focus is the highly frustrated quasi-one-dimensional quantum family of magnets: Rb2Cu2Mo3O12 and ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Role of Bioenergy in Sustainable Energy and Food Systems 

    Wu, Fei (2024)
    To combat climate change, the Paris Agreement established a global warming limit of 2℃ by the century's end. Numerous countries aspire to attain carbon neutrality by 2050, as evidenced by initiatives such as the European Union Green Deal. As the sole renewable energy that can provide negative emissions, bioenergy emerges as an appealing option yet with an unclear role in both long-term policy and current models. The challenge of ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  11. A quest for dose rate effects in luminescent detectors 

    Motta, Silvia (2024)
    Doctoral Thesis

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