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  1. Collaborations between startups and established firms: Intellectual property protection and engagement programs 

    Fink, Alexander Albert (2022)
    Collaborations between startups and established firms are a double-edged sword – they hold enormous potential for value creation, but can lead to value misappropriation. In this dissertation, I examine two critical factors which determine the value creation and appropriation in such collaborations: (1) identifying suitable collaborators and (2) misappropriation of startups’ intellectual property (IP). The following three essays, which ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Diophantine Satisfiability Arguments for Private Blockchains 

    Meier, Jonas (2022)
    Master Thesis
  3. Efficient Scale-out Execution for Fine-grained Data-Parallelism 

    Stephan, Elwin Jerome (2022)
    Master Thesis
  4. Accelerating Neural Audio Synthesis 

    Volhejn, Václav (2022)
    Master Thesis
  5. Practical data-centric optimization of C/C++ applications 

    Lepori, Andrea (2022)
    C is a programming language used everywhere and in a big part of scientific codes. With the increase of highly parallel computing machines the code needs to be adapted to be able to use the full power available. In my thesis I will expand a compiler frontend to be able to transform C code into a data centric representation that will intern be able to identify data dependencies automatically and hence produce highly parallel code. ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  6. Beyond reproducibility: Knocking on sustainability's door 

    Jablonski, Kim Philipp (2022)
    The following thesis presents three independent studies which were carried out as part of the author's doctoral studies in the Computational Biology Group at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich in Basel. These projects deal with the development of statistical methods for the detection of pathway dysregulations, and the processing and analysis of next-generation sequencing data with a particular focus on the ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. High repetition rate soft X-ray sources from few-cycle OPCPAs 

    Chevreuil, Pierre-Alexis (2022)
    Attosecond science studies the fastest dynamics of matter, revealing how physical and chemical processes take place at the most fundamental level. A spectral region of particular interest for the generation of attosecond pulses is in the soft X-rays, between 283 and 543 eV. Indeed, attosecond pulses generated in this so-called water window can be used to study biological samples at the electronic time scale (10^(−15) to 10^(-18) ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  8. Development of a microfluidic platform to emulate the human microvasculature 

    Hirth, Elisabeth F. (2022)
    The human body employs a tube-like system calledblood vessels for transporting molecules such as oxygen or cells. These pipes are lined with endothelial cells that are phenotypically different and thus very heterogenous. Due to its important role in maintaining homeostasis, every organ and tissue is heavily relying on thorough vascularization. Thus, with intravenous drug administration every target within the ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  9. Higher Order Mass Map Statistics for Wide Field Weak Lensing Surveys 

    Zürcher, Dominik (2022)
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Synthetic biology circuits: temperature and myocardial infarction sensors for precision therapeutics 

    Stefanov, Bozhidar-Adrian (2022)
    Personalized medicine is the science for developing remedies tailored to the individual necessities of each and every patient. The regulatory approval of the first engineered mammalian cell therapies enhanced the anticipation that these are to become the next pillar of medical care for complex and chronic disease. Although such cells are biological entities, they are modified using engineering principles in what is now established as the ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  11. Explaining species richness: latitudinal gradient in niche breadth 

    Barandun, Marco (2022)
    Species richness, i.e. the number of species in a given area, increases from the poles towards the tropics. This is one of the oldest and most famous patterns in ecology. A multitude of hypotheses have been generated trying to explain the underlying mechanisms, many of which require a latitudinal gradient in niche breadth. This study investigates if a latitudinal gradient in niche breadth and/or geographic extent is globally present and ...
    Master Thesis
  12. Biomedical Signal Analysis of the Brain and Systemic Physiology 

    Guglielmini, Sabino (2022)
    Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a non-invasive and easy-to-use diagnostic technique that enables real-time tissue oxygenation measurements applied in various contexts and for different purposes. Continuous monitoring with NIRS of brain oxygenation, for example, in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), is essential to prevent lifelong disabilities in newborns. Moreover, NIRS can be applied to observe brain activity associated with ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  13. Green state investment banks: Their role in mobilising finance to accelerate the energy transition and the politics behind their establishment and design 

    Geddes, Anna (2020)
    The adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015 signified a shift away from the Kyoto Protocol’s international burden-sharing outlook towards nationally driven mitigation action, and therefore national level policy tools. Significantly this agreement recognizes the crucial role finance must play in addressing climate change, highlighting the importance of “making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  14. CoxNAMs: Interpretable Deep Learning Model For Survival Analysis 

    Jiang, Zhenjie (2022)
    Despite their popularity in other fields, deep learning methods have remained unpopular in survival analysis applications. Although there have been prior attempts and research to bring the multilayer perceptron (MLP) to survival analysis and have demonstrated increased performance compared to the traditional methods, the uninterpretable nature has made the fully connected networks unattractive. In this project, we introduce CoxNAMs, ...
    Master Thesis

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