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  1. Strings on AdS3 

    Eberhardt, Lorenz Valentin (2019)
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. The Role of Psychological Safety in Team Training 

    Förster, Sonja (2019)
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Learning-based Approximate Model Predictive Control with Guarantees: Joining Neural Networks with Recent Robust MPC 

    Nubert, Julian (2019)
    In this work, we present a model predictive control (MPC) method for applications in complex constrained physical systems. We base our work on a novel robust model predictive control (RMPC) scheme guaranteeing constraint satisfaction and recursive feasibility under disturbances. The used scheme keeps the computational complexity comparable to the nominal case. We adopt this approach and extend it by practical useful additions, such as ...
    Master Thesis
  4. The Impact of Additional Information on Online and Parameterized Problems 

    Burjons, Elisabet (2019)
    There are many open problems in the field of complexity. This means that, when analyzing the complexity of a specific computer science problem, we are often not satisfied with a standard complexity analysis of the problem. There are several known models that help us analyze the complexity of a problem in a more realistic setting or in a way that provides us more information than can be given by the classical complexity-theoretic ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Functional role of miR-802 in the intestine 

    Yagabasan, Büsra (2019)
    Doctoral Thesis
  6. Neuromorphic Vision for Robotic Tracking and Navigation 

    Liu, Hongjie (2019)
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Gemeinnütziger Wohnungsbau und Innenentwicklung 

    Streit, Roman (2019)
    Doctoral Thesis
  8. Imaging Monoaminergic Systems and their Pharmacological Control 

    Ioanas, Horea-Ioan (2019)
    The natural sciences always and only enhance the human condition by producing knowledge which empowers us to control the natural world, where otherwise it would control us. Nowhere is the power of uncontrollable natural phenomena to curb or limit human well-being more pervasive than in the human mind itself. Monoamines are a class of neurotransmitters consistently implicated in the etiology of nonvolitional neuropsychological ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  9. Digital quantum computation with superconducting qubits 

    Heinsoo, Johannes (2019)
    A quantum computer allows solving certain problems which are practically impossible to solve using a computer based on classical physics. The goal of experimental quantum computing is to extend the capabilities of a current quantum processors such that some of the many possible applications of quantum computers can be implemented on real physical devices. Superconducting circuits are a promising platforms for implementing quantum processors. ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Optimizing the size of a fully renewable power system to meet energy demand 

    van Brummen, Anna (2019)
    In electricity grids, demand and generation must be balanced at all times. Modern electricity is primarily generated by baseload power sources, such as nuclear and coal, and quickly dispatchable sources, such as gas fired power plants. As anthropogenic total CO2 emissions already make up almost 75% of the atmosphere's total carbon content, governments are increasingly implementing renewable energy mandates. Therefore future electricity ...
    Master Thesis
  11. Global biodiversity patterns of marine phytoplankton 

    Righetti, Damiano (2019)
    One of the most pressing tasks faced by environmental scientists and society is to predict how climate and other environmental factors shape the distribution of biological species at the global scale. Whether a region houses many or few species affects ecosystem functions, including productivity and stability, through complementarity in species’ niches. Phytoplankton have evolved ecological niches that fill the entire near-surface global ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  12. Shaping species richness: ecological filtering in native and non-native plants along elevation gradients in the Swiss Alps 

    Righetti, Damiano (2012)
    Ecological filtering, imposed by climatic constraints or competitive interactions, might shape distribution patterns of native and non-native plants differently along elevation gradients. However, patterns of species richness that might reflect these processes have rarely been compared between native and non-native plants. All angiosperms and gymnosperms were recorded along and away from three road-corridors that vertically extended >1100 ...
    Master Thesis
  13. Tunable coupled microcavities for enhanced light-matter interaction 

    Urbonas, Darius (2019)
    Doctoral Thesis

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