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  1. PySpark at Bare-Metal Speed 

    Akhadov, Sabir (2017)
    Data analytics has become the driving force for many industries and scientific research. More and more decisions are maid based on statistical analysis of large datasets and machine learning. Big data data processing frameworks, such as Apache Spark, provide an easy-to-use out-of-the-box solution, scalable to large machine clusters. Python is the most widespread programming language in the data science field due to its simplicity and the ...
    Master Thesis
  2. Packing of Elastic Wires in Three-Dimensional Cavities 

    Vetter, Roman (2011)
    Master Thesis
  3. Non-decreasing Payment Rules in Combinatorial Auctions 

    Wang, Ye (2018)
    Master Thesis
  4. Adversarial perturbations and deformations for convolutional neural networks 

    Gauksson, Tandri (2017)
    We investigate the robustness of convolutional neural networks for image classification in terms of adversarial examples. We compare a widely used network for handwritten digit classification to a more robust classifier based on a feature extractor with predefined wavelet filters. In addition to generating adversarial examples by adding small perturbations to the input images, we introduce the concept of adversarial deformations of images. ...
    Master Thesis
  5. Network Verification with Streaming Computation 

    Maret, Basile (2018)
    Master Thesis
  6. Non Convex-Concave Saddle Point Optimization 

    Adolphs, Leonard (2018)
    Master Thesis
  7. Deep Learning for Analyzing Atmospheric Clouds 

    Touloupas, Georgios (2018)
    Master Thesis
  8. On the Complexity of Recognizing Similarities between Streams 

    Svagerka, Michal (2018)
    Master Thesis
  9. Fog Prediction with Deep Neural Networks 

    Kipfer, Kevin (2017)
    Master Thesis
  10. Mikrosimulation von Shared Space auf Hauptverkehrsachsen 

    Schmid, Till (2018)
    The so called “free crossing area” (FCA) is one possible traffic regime to design a street according to the shared space-idea in Switzerland. By removing all zebra crossings, pedestrians are able to cross the street freely at any point, strengthening the interaction between traffic modes. FCAs have shown to work very well, particularly on traffic-oriented streets with high vehicle volumes. This street layout has only been used reluctantly ...
    Master Thesis
  11. Development of an Optimization Code for the Logistics of Spent Fuel Assembly Loading into Final Disposal Canisters 

    Vlassopoulos, Efstathios (2015)
    The loading of the nuclear Spent Fuel Assemblies (SFAs) produced in Switzerland into disposal canisters for their final emplacement into a deep geological repository have to be planned in advance. To limit the associated cost and the time duration of the corresponding surface facility, an optimization has to be applied to the aforementioned problem, since its solution cannot be found analytically. For this purpose, the National Cooperative ...
    Master Thesis
  12. Guidance, Navigation, Control and Mission Logic for Quadrotor Full-cycle Autonomy 

    Malyuta, Danylo (2018)
    Autonomous multirotor Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) are currently being actively developed for personal, commercial and military applications. Three of the most rapidly growing use cases are precision farming, environmental surveying and surveillance. These markets require full-cycle autonomous MAVs i.e. robots that can not only perform single-flight autonomous data collection but that can also automati- cally recharge so as to sustain ...
    Master Thesis
  13. Distributed Structured Prediction for 3D Image Segmentation 

    Wolff, Ruben (2015)
    Master Thesis
  14. More acceptance for power lines in Switzerland 

    Jullier, Joshu (2016)
    Grid expansion is necessary to reach the European and Swiss renewable energy and emission reduction targets, but project delays are a big problem. One major reason for the delays is the lack of acceptance for power line projects. We ask therefore the following overarching research question in the context of Switzerland: What factors influence the acceptance of affected stakeholders? Among these factors, the question about the disclosure ...
    Master Thesis
  15. Identifying topological states in matter 

    Gresch, Dominik (2015)
    The rise of topological insulators, semimetals and superconductors established the topology of the electronic band structure as a fundamental material property. Topological materials can realize exotic novel quantum states such as an integer quantum Hall state in the absence of an external magnetic field, quasiparticle states needed for topological quantum computing, and many more. The topological nature of these states makes them insensitive ...
    Master Thesis
  16. The Connection between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and European Weather Regimes and its Modulation by low frequency Forcings 

    Klaus, Seraina Tamara (2017)
    Progress in extended range numerical weather prediction for Europe relies on a correct representation of the large-scale midlatitude circulation which can be described by specific weather regimes for the Atlantic-European region. Therefore, it is important to understand their life cycles and identify processes that are responsible for their favoured occurrence, persistence or transition. Recent studies have shown that convectively active ...
    Master Thesis
  17. The influence of viral within-host evolution on transmission chain reconstruction: a simulation study. 

    Bosia, Francesco (2017)
    The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a measurably evolving pathogen responsible for the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Since the within-host evolution timescale is faster than the between-host transmission one, phylogenetical information can be used to infer epidemiological parameters. One possible piece of information that was proposed to be embedded in the sequences sampled from the hosts of an epidemics is the ...
    Master Thesis

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