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  1. Exploring the impact of TCP/IP parameter tuning on performance 

    Karkatsoulis, Antonios (2017)
    TCP was invented in 1974 and is still the main transport level commu- nication protocol in computer networking. During the course of the years, TCP became more complex, as many new features were added to it, so the burden of configuration shifted to the network and system administrators. Nowadays, with TCP having more than 60 settable parameters, often interacting with each other, the administrators use best practices and trial-and-error ...
    Master Thesis
  2. Commissioning and Charge Readout Calibration of a 5 Ton Dual Phase Liquid Argon TPC 

    Schlösser, Caspar (2017)
    Dual phase time projection chambers with amplification of ionization electrons provide a novel technique for measuring and analyzing rare events with excellent spatial resolution and great calorimetric properties. This thesis describes the commissioning of the WA105 3x1x1 m3 dual phase liquid argon detector, built to demonstrate the performance of this kind of detector on large scales in order to determine the viability of giant dual phase ...
    Master Thesis
  3. Modeling and Implementing High Performance Programs on FPGA 

    de Fine Licht, Johannes (2016)
    This work investigates the potential of high performance computing (HPC) on fieldprogrammable gate arrays (FPGAs), highlighting concepts and programming techniques to pursue performance using high level synthesis (HLS) tools. We compute the peak single precision floating point performance on the AlphaData 7V3 board using a model of replicated processing elements, then implement a benchmark to verify the predicted performance in ...
    Master Thesis
  4. CO-Laser photoakustische Spektroskopie an Fettsäuredämpfen 

    Hofstetter, Daniel (1993)
    Master Thesis
  5. Übermässiges Pendeln in der Schweiz 

    Schürmann, Veronika (2015)
    Master Thesis
  6. Electron Identification in Heavy Quark Decays at the H1 Experiment 

    Hälg, Roger A. (2007)
    Master Thesis
  7. Efficient Stereo Camera Based Large Scale Semantic Mapping 

    Yu, Xinyuan (2017)
    Master Thesis
  8. Sub-Sampled Cubic Regularization for Non-Convex Optimization 

    Kohler, Jonas Moritz (2017)
    Master Thesis
  9. Wo entsteht der Nutzen der Erreichbarkeit? 

    Tasnady, Bence (2009)
    Es hat sich gezeigt, dass die Erfassung der verkehrlichen Nutzen eines Verkehrssystems durch die Routenwahl alleine zu kurz greift, deswegen müsste ein Verkehrsmodell auch die Flächen- nutzung sowie die Wahl der Abfahrtszeit beinhalten. In dieser Arbeit wird ein dynamisches Verkehrsmodell (agenten-basierte Mikrosimulation) pro- grammiert, das die drei Freiheitsgrade Verbindung, Zeit und Ziel illustrieren kann. Anschlie- ssend wird das ...
    Master Thesis
  10. Wave activity flux applied to baroclinic development 

    Schemm, Sebastian (2009)
    Master Thesis
  11. Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit in Argentinien 

    Schaer, Michael; Hediger, Andreas (2009)
    Master Thesis
  12. Usage Analysis of Cross-Device Applications in the Wild 

    Marcacci Rossi, Nicola (2016)
    Master Thesis
  13. Online large-scale SLAM with stereo visual-inertial sensors 

    Schlegel, Dominik (2015)
    Master Thesis
  14. Consensus on a multicore machine 

    Häcki, Roni (2015)
    Master Thesis

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