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  1. Electrostatic Zipping Actuators with a Double-Helical Structure 

    Zhang, Yu (2023)
    Artificial muscles are key for creating soft and bio-mimetic robots. Despite substantial advances, current actuator technologies are still limited in their form factor and struggle to achieve high power and energy density while being efficient. This thesis focuses on a new actuator design that could potentially improve on those key metrics. We present an electrostatic zipping actuator with a double-helical structure. The thesis reports ...
    Master Thesis
  2. ML Data Processing on Relational Databases 

    Kempter, Yves (2024)
    Master Thesis
  3. Wachstum und Verbreitung der Weisstanne im Bergell 

    Ferrari, Michela (2024)
    Die Klimaerwärmung sowie die zunehmenden Extremereignisse wie Hitzewellen, Starkregen oder Trockenperioden beeinflussen Wälder und Gebirgsökosysteme. Unter anderem werden Wälder vermehrt mit Trockenstress sowie Störungen konfrontiert. Die Aufrechterhaltung ihrer natürlichen Funktion wie auch die längerfristige Erhaltung der Schutzfunktion stellt deshalb eine grosse Herausforderung für die Forstdienste dar. Um die Wälder an den Klimawandel ...
    Master Thesis
  4. Abgrenzung der Wirtschaftlichkeit von lokbespannten Reisezügen gegenüber Triebzügen 

    Ballo, Lukas (2016)
    In dieser Arbeit werden Anwendungsfälle abgegrenzt, in denen lokbespannte Reisezüge wirtschaftlicher sind als Triebzüge. Berücksichtigt werden dabei sowohl technische als auch betriebliche Aspekte inklusive Auslastung. Ausgehend von existierendem Rollmaterial sowie basierend auf Fachgesprächen wurde ein Zugmodell entwickelt, mit dem zahlreiche Konfigurationen abbildbar sind. Mithilfe realer Fahrgastzahlen wurde ein generisches Nachfragemodell ...
    Master Thesis
  5. Weak lensing map inference: a physics informed Gaussian process approach 

    Massari, Nicolo (2024)
    In this work we propose the use of physically informed Gaussian processes (GP) to analyse cosmological fields at the map level. We will show that GPs can capture the statistical behaviour of cosmological fields, providing us with a likelihood as a function of the cosmological parameters conditioned to the map. In practice, we set the Gaussian process kernel to be the 2-point autocorrelation function associated to a 2D discrete flat-sky ...
    Master Thesis
  6. Increasing CCRIF's Risk Diversification under Climate Change: Strengthening Disaster Risk Financing Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean 

    Elsener, David (2024)
    Risk disaster financing efforts are an important pillar for building resilience in the aftermath of an event to reduce macro-economic effects on a country’s economy through pre-agreed financial arrange- ments (Bollmann Andreas & Wang Shaun S., 2019). Moving from ex-post to ex-ante financial instru- ments the certainty on the amount of money and time delivered is increased which can positively in- fluence the recovery of a country (World ...
    Master Thesis
  7. Diffusion Policy for Collision Avoidance in a Two-Arm Robot Setup 

    Spieler, Jonas (2024)
    Diffusion models in robotics have shown great potential with a wide range of applicability. Especially their capability to model multi-modal data distribution has many benefits when learning a task such as collision-free trajectory optimisation with dynamic moving objects. Collision avoidance is a central problem in robotics where classical approaches still suffer from non-optimal solutions or high computational costs. In this work, we ...
    Master Thesis
  8. Functional Neural Networks 

    Raudys, Kristijonas (2024)
    With the technological advancements in data collection and storage, it is not uncommon to encounter situations where data are observed realizations of some underlying process defined over a continuous domain. Examples of such datasets are often found in finance, acoustics, medicine, engineering and many other disciplines. Functional data analysis (FDA) is a fairly recent field that offers a powerful framework for analyzing such data by ...
    Master Thesis
  9. Net Zero at ETH Zürich - reducing academic air travel A comparative analysis of different reduction measures 

    Degiorgi, Giulia (2024)
    Air travel is a significant contributor to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of universities. An increasing number of institutions, including the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH), are implementing, or planning measures to reduce GHG emissions from air travel. In the context of its 2040 net zero goal, ETH aims to reduce air travel emissions by 50% by 2030. Based on air travel data from ETH, this thesis quantitatively ...
    Master Thesis
  10. Exploring the Language Acquisition Critical Period Effect in Language Models 

    Constantinescu, Ionut-Laurentiu (2024)
    Master Thesis
  11. Object Centric World Models 

    Blin, Kevin (2024)
    Master Thesis
  12. Suicide Risk Prediction using Electronic Health Records 

    Ancillon, Lou (2024)
    Master Thesis
  13. Exploring LLMs and MCTS for Emergent Narrative 

    Guignard, Quentin (2024)
    This thesis addresses the development of a hybrid combining method between LLMs and MCTS used in the NPC-engine. Our coupling scheme enables a bridge between language models unstructured data and MCTS structured data. This link between the two systems allows influencing agents behavior through a chat conversation system paired with a LLM-based reflection scheme. We analyzed our design with a user study comparing a LLMs chat-based game ...
    Master Thesis
  14. Breaking Cryptography in the Wild: The Loose Ends of the Wire 

    Tsouloupas, Andreas (2023)
    In this thesis, we analyse the Wire secure messenger, focusing on the security of the end-to-end (E2E) protocols it implements. Wire claims that their messenger is used by governmental bodies of five of the seven G7 member countries, and the Wire app counts millions of downloads in mobile app stores. This makes it a valuable target for attackers. To the best of our knowledge, Wire’s cryptographic design has not undergone an extensive ...
    Master Thesis
  15. Iterative Learning Control for Highway Traffic Control 

    Xiang, Hongxi (2024)
    In the modern world, congestion on the highway has become a significant social problem due to the increasing number of vehicles. This leads to considerable waste of time and pollution. On the other hand, service stations play an important role in affecting the congestion on highways. In this project, we aim to study the effect of controlling the outflow of the service station on the overall congestion on the highway. Moreover, the vehicle ...
    Master Thesis
  16. Connecting tensor networks to quantum causal models with applications to holography 

    Ferradini, Carla (2023)
    Causal modelling aims to describe correlations arising from causal structures providing an information-theoretic notion of causation which is a priori independent on space-time. Conversely, in relativity and quantum field theory, the causal structure is considered to be an essential property of space-time, induced by well-defined light cones. In quantum gravity, space-time cannot be regarded as a fixed classical background and may itself ...
    Master Thesis
  17. A reconstruction of Middle and Upper Triassic seawater δ26Mg from dolomites of the Lombardian Alps 

    Dale, Duncan (2021)
    Dolomites that formed in equilibrium with seawater can serve as archives of marine δ26Mg and therefore help constrain the Mg cycle throughout Earth history. The Mg cycle is primarily controlled by continental and submarine hydrothermal weathering, and by marine sediment formation, especially dolomite. These processes are important controls on the carbon and other geochemical cycles, hence the δ26Mg of syndepositional dolomites can provide ...
    Master Thesis
  18. Understanding and quantifying the factors determining potential worst-case heat anomalies 

    Gao, Yurong (2024)
    Over recent decades, many unprecedented heat extremes have been recorded, resulting in devastating impacts on the environment, society, and economy. However, while the proximal causes of moderate heatwaves are clear (anticyclonic large-scale flow situations, subsiding air and clear skies, dry soils, and amplified land-atmosphere interactions), the physical processes that differentiate the potential worst-case heatwaves from somewhat ...
    Master Thesis
  19. Waste Characterization & Quantification & Composting - Cape Maclear, Malawi 

    Meier, Raphael (2024)
    This study examines the challenges of waste management, soil quality and food security in Cape Maclear, Malawi. Rising waste volumes, inadequate waste treatment, as well as declining soil quality and rising fertiliser prices are putting pressure on villagers, their agricultural activities and threatening food security. The research questions aim to investigate the sizen and composition of waste streams, the current disposal routes of the ...
    Master Thesis

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