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  1. Evaluation and Deployment of Resource-Constrained Machine Learning on Embedded Devices 

    Heim, Lennart (2020)
    Deep neural networks (DNNs) are a vital tool in pattern recognition and Machine Learning (ML) – solving a wide variety of problems in domains such as image classification, object detection, and speech processing. With the surge in the availability of cheap computation and memory resources, DNNs have grown both in architectural and computational complexity. Porting DNNs to resource-constrained devices – such as commercial home appliances ...
    Master Thesis
  2. Quantifying the effect of recurrent Rossby wave patterns on extremely hot summers in present-day and end-of-the-century climate 

    Schönenberger, Vera Pascale (2021)
    Extremely hot summers have devastating impacts on society and ecology. Recurrent Rossby wave patterns (RRWPs) are among the atmospheric features that have been linked to extreme weather events involving persistent surface weather. In this thesis, the link between RRWPs and the occurrence of extremely hot summers in the Northern Hemisphere is investigated and quantified. To this aim the synoptic evolution of RRWP events is studied in three ...
    Master Thesis
  3. Visual Localisation for AR Architecture Maquettes 

    Hüttig, Dirk (2021)
    Master Thesis
  4. A Test Suite for Rumble 

    Mihajlovic, Stevan (2021)
    Master Thesis
  5. Modeling and Analysis of the SCION Dataplane in Tamarin 

    Frankovska, Zuzana (2021)
    Master Thesis
  6. Personality Trait Prediction Based on Smartphone Usage in the Wild 

    Kovacevic, Nikola (2021)
    Master Thesis
  7. The Databank Model 

    Hublet, François (2021)
    Master Thesis
  8. Analyzing Cookies Compliance with the GDPR 

    Bollinger, Dino (2021)
    Master Thesis
  9. Estimation of the importance of natural cloud seeding 

    Proske, Ulrike (2020)
    Master Thesis
  10. How does informing laypersons about the “status quo” affect preferences regarding the objectives? 

    Zeng, Qi (2021)
    Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) has been a powerful tool to support people in making complex decisions, especially in making environmental decisions. These decision problems often involve unfamiliar objectives, tradeoffs between objectives and translation from feelings to values, which means that preferences are most likely constructed. To familiarize decision-makers with the decision problem and assist them in constructing ...
    Master Thesis
  11. Modelling Viral Reassortment in Structured Populations 

    Jankauskaite, Ugne (2019)
    Migration dynamics of viral sub-populations are usually analysed by applying the structured coalescent theory to genetic sequence data. This is, however, not trivial for reassorting viruses that have segmented genomes. Recently, a coalescent with reassortment approach was developed, allowing to use the full segmented genome for phylodynamic analysis. We combine the two techniques into the structured coalescent with reassortment model ...
    Master Thesis
  12. ArmWrestling: efficient binary rewriting for ARM 

    Di Bartolomeo, Luca (2021)
    Master Thesis
  13. Building A Hedgehog Pin Array Haptic Interface 

    Abler, Aline (2021)
    Master Thesis
  14. Continuous authentication in Secure Messaging 

    Poirrier, Alexandre (2021)
    Master Thesis
  15. Boosting Performance Engineering with Visual Interactive Optimization and Analysis 

    Schaad, Philipp (2021)
    The increasingly heterogeneous computer architecture landscape makes writing fast and energy efficient scientific high performance computing applications an increasingly complex yet important task. This has given rise to separate performance engineers, designated to optimizing domain scientists’ software to run optimally on different hardware architectures, but interaction between the two roles is complex and inefficient, and tool integration ...
    Master Thesis
  16. Seismicity of the Austral Andes, Southernmost Patagonia 

    Guzmán Marín, Pedro (2020)
    Since December 2018, the first seismic network deployed around the Austral Andes and its Southern Patagonian Ice Field is recording passive seismicity at the western margin of Southern Patagonia, Southernmost South America. Here, active tectonics is dominated by the interplay between the Antarctic plate's subduction at the trench and the sinistral transform movement of the Scotia plate to the south. This research shows the first catalogue ...
    Master Thesis
  17. Moving Towards a Sustainable Swiss Food System: An Estimation of the True Cost of Food in Switzerland and Implications for Stakeholders 

    Perotti, Alessa (2020)
    Whilst the benefits of food production and consumption are unarguably large, scientific consensus on the need for food system transformation is increasing. The global food system is one of the main contributors to climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem service loss, human health and animal welfare issues, as well as to insufficient livelihood conditions along the entire food supply chain. Creating a common, transparent standard for ...
    Master Thesis

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