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  1. Electro-Optical Memristors for Computing and Communication Applications 

    Emboras, Alexandros (2022)
    The increasing rates of data generation, collection, and transfer over collective networks - the Internet of Things (IoT) – are shaping an interconnected society progressively depends on the availability of efficient computing and communication systems. For the last 50 years, the evolution of computational architectures has been largely driven by Moore’s scaling law and the breakthroughs of the CMOS technology. However, the continuous ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  2. Phase Logic with Coupled Parametric Oscillators 

    Eichler, Alexander (2021)
    Habilitation Thesis
  3. Understanding policy dynamics: Insights from policy design and policy feedback 

    Sewerin, Sebastian (2022)
    Habilitation Thesis
  4. Environmental Transmission of Pathogens and Implications on Infectious Disease Surveillance 

    Julian, Timothy R. (2022)
    Indirect disease transmission occurs when pathogens are shed into the environment during transmission from infected to susceptible people. This environmentally-mediated transmission is characteristic of respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nosocomial pathogens, and can be conceptualized by the commonly described “F-diagram”. The “F-diagram” is a model of the role environmental compartments (food, fluids, fingers, fomites, fields, and flies) ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  5. Environmental Chemistry of Biomolecules 

    Janssen, Elisabeth (2022)
    This habilitation thesis entitled “Environmental Chemistry of Biomolecules” focusses on determining chemical information to evaluate water quality and to protect human health and ecosystem functioning. Such knowledge is crucial for public authorities to manage water resources especially as we are facing growing inputs of bioactive chemicals with adverse environmental effects. My work is rooted in environmental and analytical chemistry of ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  6. Team Reflection in Action Teams: Implications for Research and Practice 

    Schmutz, Jan B. (2022)
    Habilitation Thesis
  7. Facts and values: Decision analysis for complex public environmental decision problems 

    Lienert, Judit (2022)
    Decision analysis can support complex public environmental problems in a consistent, structured way. My field of research is prescriptive decision theory, focusing on multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA), specifically multi-attribute value theory and utility theory. After an introduction, I review MCDA for environmental decision-making from the view of operational research (OR). MCDA is widely used in practice, but uncertainty and ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  8. Numerical Modelling of Large-Scale Tectonic Processes 

    Ruh, Jonas Bruno (2021)
    Habilitation Thesis
  9. Strategic use of the bioactive properties of n–3 fatty acids and plant secondary compounds in the diet of ruminant farm animals 

    Giller, Katrin (2021)
    Ruminant production systems are increasingly critically discussed for reasons that can be summarized as environmental, ethical, animal welfare, and human health concerns. Looking at the development during the past decades and the predictions for the ones to come, ruminant-derived food production will however still rather increase than decrease. The impressively enhanced production efficiency via breeding strategies in ruminants contributes ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  10. Process and Configurational Perspectives in Corporate Sustainability 

    Meuer, Johannes (2020)
    The collection of manuscripts submitted as habilitation in management science outlines a research agenda towards more process and configurational research in corporate sustainability. The habilitation thesis is structured in three sections. Section 1 contains five empirical studies that each offer a unique process and configurational perspective on issues of managerial relevance in corporate sustainability. These studies draw on various ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  11. Nach der Natur: Der Frankfurter Flughafen und die Geschichte des Umweltwissens 

    Güttler, Nils (2021)
    Im Zentrum der Untersuchung steht die Beziehung zwischen der Geschichte des Umweltwissens und der Entstehung von Infrastrukturen. Sie verbindet dafür drei Analyseebenen: den Flughafen, die Region und die politische Wissensgeschichte von Umwelt. Den grösseren Rahmen bilden aktuelle Debatten um das Anthropozän. Denn mit dem Flughafen und der Region kommen die von in der bisherigen Anthropozänforschung wenig beachteten meso scales des ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  12. Architektur und Automobil. Beschleunigen, Schalten, Abbremsen 

    Wegerhoff, Erik (2021)
    Habilitation Thesis
  13. The Architectural Imagination at the Digital Turn 

    Bredella, Nathalie (2021)
    Habilitation Thesis
  14. Architecture in the Public Eye: Buildings, Words, and Images in Britain, 1800-1950 

    Hultzsch, Anne (2021)
    ‘Architecture in the Public Eye’ examines the roles that words and images have played in the representation of cities and their buildings in a number of British illustrated media between the early 1800s and the mid 1900s. The research presented examines, on the one hand, how architecture was presented, explained and situated for the lay reader in newspapers and textbooks and, on the other, how the emerging genre of the architectural ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  15. Sustainability Transitions: Research agenda, technological innovation systems and organizations 

    Markard, Jochen (2020)
    We are confronted with grand sustainability challenges such as climate change, air pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and many more. To address these challenges, we need fundamental changes in how we produce and consume things. We need to transform technologies, business models, industries, policies, lifestyles and consumption patterns. Such kinds of changes are not only needed in some places but at a global scale and in many ...
    Habilitation Thesis

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