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  1. Process and Configurational Perspectives in Corporate Sustainability 

    Meuer, Johannes (2020)
    The collection of manuscripts submitted as habilitation in management science outlines a research agenda towards more process and configurational research in corporate sustainability. The habilitation thesis is structured in three sections. Section 1 contains five empirical studies that each offer a unique process and configurational perspective on issues of managerial relevance in corporate sustainability. These studies draw on various ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  2. Architektur und Automobil. Beschleunigen, Schalten, Abbremsen 

    Wegerhoff, Erik (2021)
    Habilitation Thesis
  3. The Architectural Imagination at the Digital Turn 

    Bredella, Nathalie (2021)
    Habilitation Thesis
  4. Architecture in the Public Eye: Buildings, Words, and Images in Britain, 1800-1950 

    Hultzsch, Anne (2021)
    ‘Architecture in the Public Eye’ examines the roles that words and images have played in the representation of cities and their buildings in a number of British illustrated media between the early 1800s and the mid 1900s. The research presented examines, on the one hand, how architecture was presented, explained and situated for the lay reader in newspapers and textbooks and, on the other, how the emerging genre of the architectural ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  5. Sustainability Transitions: Research agenda, technological innovation systems and organizations 

    Markard, Jochen (2020)
    We are confronted with grand sustainability challenges such as climate change, air pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and many more. To address these challenges, we need fundamental changes in how we produce and consume things. We need to transform technologies, business models, industries, policies, lifestyles and consumption patterns. Such kinds of changes are not only needed in some places but at a global scale and in many ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  6. Collaborative Organizing for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

    He, Vivianna Fang (2020)
    With the rise of the knowledge economy and an increasing demand for innovation, collaboration is gaining prominence as an organizing principle. This habilitation thesis centers on the question how individuals collaborate to innovate and to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. My coauthors and I draw on both organizational and psychological theories to study this important phenomenon in three empirical contexts: open-source software ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  7. Organizing Knowledge Creation and Innovation 

    Ben-Menahem, Shiko M. (2020)
    Habilitation Thesis
  8. On Foundations of Bargaining and Voting 

    Britz, Volker (2019)
    Habilitation Thesis
  9. What Is Ignorance and How Should we Rationally Deal with It? 

    El Kassar, Nadja (2019)
    Habilitation Thesis
  10. Collective Grounds 

    Davidovici, Irina (2019)
    This Habilitation thesis focuses on the relation between cities and urban housing estates, understood as ensembles of two or more, medium- to high-density, primarily residential buildings, conceived at the same time and with a level of common administration. The earliest housing estates were conceived islands of hygiene and propriety, kept apart from the decaying physical and moral urban fabric around them. This initial understanding ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  11. A solid-state NMR tool box for the investigation of ATP-fueled protein engines 

    Wiegand, Thomas (2019)
    Motor proteins are involved in a variety of cellular processes. Their main purpose is to convert the chemical energy released during adenosine triphosphate (ATP) hydrolysis into mechanical work. In this work, solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) approaches are discussed allowing to study structures, conformational events and dynamic features of motor proteins during a variety of enzymatic reactions. Solid-state NMR benefits from ...
    Habilitation Thesis
  12. Physics of Simple Exotic Atoms 

    Crivelli, Paolo (2019)
    Habilitation Thesis
  13. Essays on Information and Health Economics 

    Waibel, Christian (2019)
    Habilitation Thesis
  14. Model based decision support for environmental management 

    Schuwirth, Nele (2018)
    Habilitation Thesis
  15. Assessing Hip Fracture Risk in the Elderly with Image Based Computer Models 

    Helgason, Benedikt (2018)
    Habilitation Thesis

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