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  1. WebTigerJython - A Browser-based Programming IDE for Education 

    Trachsler, Nicole (2018)
    Master Thesis
  2. Neural networks for improving drug discovery e fficiency 

    Hassan Harrirou, Hussein (2019)
    Master Thesis
  3. A Data-Driven Exploration Of Non-Nashian Game Theory 

    Sulser Larraz, Felipe (2019)
    Master Thesis
  4. Improved Network Decomposition Algorithms And Applications 

    Portmann, Julian (2019)
    Master Thesis
  5. Remote Monitoring of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plants by Means of Low-Maintenance Sensors 

    Furrer, Viviane (2018)
    Decentralized sanitation systems, where wastewater is treated on-site, is playing an important role to cover present and future sanitation demands due to their low investment costs and infrastructure requirements. Yet, on-site wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) suffer from bad reputation due to their high failure rate. However, the poor performance is by a great deal caused by the insuffcient monitoring and maintenance system and not ...
    Master Thesis
  6. Learning 3D Semantic Reconstruction on Octrees 

    Wang, Xiaojuan (2019)
    Master Thesis
  7. Human-interpretable auto-inference of networked algorithms 

    Grüner, Maximilian (2019)
    Master Thesis
  8. Automatische Anzeichnung im Steinschlagschutzwald auf Grundlage einer räumlich-expliziten Baumverteilung unter Einsatz eines Optimierungsmodells 

    Mader, Daniel (2018)
    Die Auswirkungen der Baumanzeichnung bei Eingriffen im Steinschlagschutzwald sind schwierig abzuschätzen und bis jetzt noch wenig erforscht. Eine nicht nur qualitative, sondern auch quantitative Beurteilung der Anzeichnungen ist deshalb von grossem Interesse. Das Ziel der vorliegenden Masterarbeit war es deshalb, zu überprüfen, ob sich die Baumanzeichnung bei Eingriffen im Steinschlagschutzwald mit Hilfe eines Optimierungsmodells ...
    Master Thesis
  9. Phase-Field Based Simulations of Embryonic Branching Morphogenesis 

    Wittwer, Lucas Daniel (2017)
    While the study of the embryonic organ development is an active research field, many of the fundamental questions regarding the emergence of shape and growth control remain unanswered. Mathematical modelling stands as a powerful tool to help investigate morphogenesis dynamics during embryonic development. Out of all the proposed mechanisms, receptor-ligand Turing Pattern frameworks are the only models that can accurately match branching ...
    Master Thesis
  10. Generative Temporal Models for Cosmology 

    Rosenthal, Jonathan (2018)
    In order to better understand the history of the universe and dark matter distributions, cosmologists run n-body simulations. Such simulations involve large amounts of points which can all effect each other. The computations are very expensive and evaluated at discrete points in time. In this project we come up with a novel model architecture within the generative adversarial network framework. The model is able to generate data for any ...
    Master Thesis
  11. Language-Guided Image Colorization 

    Xie, Yanping (2018)
    Master Thesis
  12. Policy-Analyse im Bereich Gewässerschutz bei Regenwetter. 

    Manny, Lilian A.D. (2017)
    Master Thesis
  13. Intermodal Routing in MATSim Applied to SBB Green Class 

    Haslebacher, Raphael (2018)
    Master Thesis
  14. Gas Cost Analysis for Ethereum Smart Contracts 

    Signer, Christopher (2018)
    Master Thesis

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