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  1. Inventory on entrapped methane in the Griessfirn proglacial soil 

    Kübler, Manuel (2017)
    Master Thesis
  2. SEC-ICP-MS/MS Method Development for Selenium Speciation in Soils 

    Chékifi, Sarah Dorina (2018)
    Master Thesis
  3. Phase-Field Based Simulations of Embryonic Branching Morphogenesis 

    Wittwer, Lucas Daniel (2017)
    While the study of the embryonic organ development is an active research field, many of the fundamental questions regarding the emergence of shape and growth control remain unanswered. Mathematical modelling stands as a powerful tool to help investigate morphogenesis dynamics during embryonic development. Out of all the proposed mechanisms, receptor-ligand Turing Pattern frameworks are the only models that can accurately match branching ...
    Master Thesis
  4. Generative Temporal Models for Cosmology 

    Rosenthal, Jonathan (2018)
    In order to better understand the history of the universe and dark matter distributions, cosmologists run n-body simulations. Such simulations involve large amounts of points which can all effect each other. The computations are very expensive and evaluated at discrete points in time. In this project we come up with a novel model architecture within the generative adversarial network framework. The model is able to generate data for any ...
    Master Thesis
  5. Gas Cost Analysis for Ethereum Smart Contracts 

    Signer, Christopher (2018)
    Master Thesis
  6. Fast and scalable analysis of smart contracts 

    Ambroladze, Nodar (2018)
    Master Thesis
  7. Language-Guided Image Colorization 

    Xie, Yanping (2018)
    Master Thesis
  8. Intermodal Routing in MATSim Applied to SBB Green Class 

    Haslebacher, Raphael (2018)
    Master Thesis
  9. Policy-Analyse im Bereich Gewässerschutz bei Regenwetter. 

    Manny, Lilian A.D. (2017)
    Master Thesis
  10. Ensemble member selection for COSMO-E initial and boundary conditions 

    Westerhuis, Stephanie (2016)
    Master Thesis
  11. Formamidinium lead mixed-halide perovskite by two step hybrid vacuum-solution deposition for photovoltaic applications 

    Sastre-Pellicer, Jordi (2017)
    In the past few years, perovskite solar cells have caught the attention of the photovoltaic research community due to the fast progress achieved. Indeed, power conversion efficiencies have skyrocketed from 3.8% in 2009 to a current record of 22.1%. The outstanding optoelectronic properties in combination with a potentially low-cost production have made this technology a very promising candidate in the quest towards more efficient and lower ...
    Master Thesis
  12. Thermal and hydraulic modelling and optimization of thermal networks in districts in the CEA framework 

    Rogenhofer, Lennart (2018)
    To comply with global goals for a sustainable future, changes in the energy sector are necessary. One important area of focus is the heating and cooling demand in urban zones, with 20% of total energy consumed worldwide in buildings. Approximately 70% of the energy demand used for heating is based on fossil fuels. District heating and cooling are growing markets with a large potential for decreasing energy demand and carbon emissions. ...
    Master Thesis
  13. Active Seismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing Experiments 

    Schopper, Florian (2018)
    Master Thesis

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