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  1. Information Warfare 

    Darczewska, Jolanta; Żochowski, Piotr; Orttung, Robert W.; et al. (2017)
    Russian Analytical Digest (RAD)
    This edition addresses information warfare. Firstly, Jolanta Darczewska and Piotr Żochowski examine the use of “active measures” by Russian special services in support of Russian foreign policy. Secondly, Robert W. Orttung argues that Russia has sought to use various information warfare techniques to sow division and chaos in the U.S., but it remains unclear to what extent Russian actions had an impact on the thinking or behavior of ...
    Journal Issue
  2. Architecture/Machine 

    Stalder, Laurent (2017)
    gta Papers
    Journal Issue
  3. "Bank account" 

    Bevan, Robert (2017)
    The Architectural review
    Journal Issue
  4. "Gespür für die unmittelbare Realität" 

    Grämiger, Gregory (2017)
    Journal Issue
  5. Newport Street Galerie in Londen 

    Käpplinger, Claus (2017)
    de Architect
    Journal Issue
  6. Lycée Hôtelier de Lille 

    Boudet Dominique (2017)
    Architektur aktuell
    Journal Issue
  7. Bremen, Domshof 

    Broggini Oliver, Elser Oliver (2017)
    Journal Issue
  8. Impulse zur Innovation im Wohnungsbau 

    Glaser, Marie A.; Birrer, Angela (2017)
    Im Fokus
    Journal Issue
  9. Newport Street Gallery 

    Franek, Zdenek (2017)
    Hradec Kralove
    Journal Issue
  10. Gallery Building in London 

    Detail Munich (2017)
    Detail : Zeitschrift für Architektur und Konzept
    Journal Issue
  11. Lycée Hôtelier de Lille 

    Domus Milano (2017)
    Journal Issue
  12. How - and why? Lycée Hôtelier de Lille 

    Priest, Isabelle (2017)
    Journal Issue
  13. Arredi sacri per la Cattedrale di San Gallo, Svizzera 

    Cerver Francisco Arsenio, Tranfa Federico (2017)
    Journal Issue
  14. Zwischen den Zeitläuften 

    Singmaster Deborah, Meyhöfer Dirk (2017)
    Baumeister : das Architektur-Magazin
    Journal Issue
  15. Should banks be banned from creating money? An analysis from the perspective of hierarchical money, 

    von der Becke, Susanne; Sornette, Didier (2017)
    Journal of Economic Issues
    Susanne von der Becke and Didier Sornette, Journal of Economic Issues 51 (4), 1019-1032 (December 2017), DOI 10.1080/00213624.2017.1391586
    Journal Issue
  16. European Union Enlargement and Integration Capacity 

    Börzel, Tanja; Dimitrova, Antoaneta; Schimmelfennig, Frank (2017)
    Journal of European Public Policy
    Journal Issue
  17. The Reality of Experience 

    Atmanspacher, Harald (2017)
    Mind and Matter
    Journal Issue
  18. From Cognition to Experience 

    Atmanspacher, Harald (2017)
    Mind and Matter
    Journal Issue
  19. The Many Faces of Panentheism 

    Atmanspacher, Harald; Atmanspacher, Harald (2017)
    Mind and Matter
    Journal Issue
  20. Public Funding and Corporate Innovation 

    Beck, Mathias; Junge, Martin; Kaiser, Ulrich (2017)
    IZA Discussion Paper Series
    Journal Issue

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