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  1. Context-Adaptive Visual Cues for Safe Navigation in Augmented Reality Using Machine Learning 

    Seeliger, Arne; Weibel, Raphael P.; Feuerriegel, Stefan (2022)
    International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
    Augmented reality (AR) using head-mounted displays (HMDs) is a powerful tool for user navigation. Existing approaches usually display navigational cues that are constantly visible (always-on). This limits real-world application, as visual cues can mask safety-critical objects. To address this challenge, we develop a context-adaptive system for safe navigation in AR using machine learning. Specifically, our system utilizes a neural network, ...
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  2. The origins and molecular evolution of SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7 in the UK 

    Hill, Verity; Du Plessis, Louis; Peacock, Thomas P.; et al. (2022)
    The first SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern (VOC) to be designated was lineage B.1.1.7, later labelled by the World Health Organization as Alpha. Originating in early autumn but discovered in December 2020, it spread rapidly and caused large waves of infections worldwide. The Alpha variant is notable for being defined by a long ancestral phylogenetic branch with an increased evolutionary rate, along which only two sequences have been sampled. ...
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  3. Phyllosphere bacterial communities in urban green areas throughout Europe relate to urban intensity 

    Muyshondt, Babette; Wuyts, Karen; Van Mensel, Anskje; et al. (2022)
    We found that phyllosphere bacterial communities in European cities are associated to urban intensity and that this effect is mediated by several combined stress factors.
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  4. Microbial communities of stratified aquatic ecosystems of Kandalaksha Bay (White Sea) shed light on the evolutionary history of green and brown morphotypes of Chlorobiota 

    Grouzdev, Denis; Gaisin, Vasil; Lunina, Olga; et al. (2022)
    Anoxygenic photoautotrophic metabolism of green sulfur bacteria of the family Chlorobiaceae played a significant role in establishing the Earth's biosphere. Two known major ecological forms of these phototrophs differ in their pigment composition and, therefore, in color: the green and brown forms. The latter form often occurs in low-light environments and is specialized to harvest blue light, which can penetrate to the greatest depth in ...
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  5. Surgical Restoration of Antero-Apical Left Ventricular Aneurysms: Cardiac Computed Tomography for Therapy Planning 

    Solowjowa N.; Nemchyna O.; Hrytsyna Y.; et al. (2022)
    Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine
    Background: Surgical ventricular restoration (SVR) leads to functional improvement by volume reduction and restoration of left ventricular (LV) geometry. Our purpose was to refine the planning for SVR using cardiac computed tomography (CCT). Methods: The possibility to anticipate the postoperative residual LV volume was assessed using CCT in 205 patients undergoing SVR combined with coronary artery bypass grafting (77%), mitral valve ...
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  6. Transport and nonequilibrium phase transitions in polygonal urn models 

    Cirillo, Emilio N. M.; Colangeli, Matteo; Di Francesco, Antonio; et al. (2022)
    We study the deterministic dynamics of N point particles moving at a constant speed in a 2D table made of two polygonal urns connected by an active rectangular channel, which applies a feedback control on the particles, inverting the horizontal component of their velocities when their number in the channel exceeds a fixed threshold. Such a bounce-back mechanism is non-dissipative: it preserves volumes in phase space. An additional passive ...
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  7. Multi-target cell therapy using a magnetoelectric microscale biorobot for targeted delivery and selective differentiation of SH-SY5Y cells via magnetically driven cell stamping 

    Song, Hyunseok; Kim, Dong-in; Abbasi, Sarmad Ahmad; et al. (2022)
    Materials Horizons
    Cell therapy refers to a treatment that involves the delivery of cells or cellular material by means of injection, grafting, or implantation in order to replace damaged tissue and restore its function, or to aid the body in fighting disease. However, limitations include poor targeting delivery and low therapeutic efficacy due to low cell survival. Hence, novel approaches are required to increase cell delivery efficiency and enhance ...
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  8. A New Photoacoustic Soot Spectrophone for Filter-Free Measurements of Black Carbon at 880 nm 

    Abichou, Goufrane; Ngagine, Soulemane H.; Ba, Tong N.; et al. (2022)
    A new photoacoustic soot spectrometer (PASS) operating at 880 nm was developed, for the first time, for filter-free measurements of black carbon (BC). The performance of the developed PASS was characterized and evaluated using a reference aethalometer AE51 on incense smoke in the air. An excellent correlation on the measurement of incense smoke was found between the two instruments in comparison with a regression coefficient of 0.99. A 1 ...
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  9. (Near) Real-Time Snow Water Equivalent Observation Using GNSS Refractometry and RTKLIB 

    Steiner, Ladina; Studemann, Geraldine; Grimm, David Eugen; et al. (2022)
    Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) refractometry enables automated and continuous in situ snow water equivalent (SWE) observations. Such accurate and reliable in situ data are needed for calibration and validation of remote sensing data and could enhance snow hydrological monitoring and modeling. In contrast to previous studies which relied on post-processing with the highly sophisticated Bernese GNSS processing software, the ...
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  10. Virus Diversity, Abundance, and Evolution in Three Different Bat Colonies in Switzerland 

    Wiederkehr, Myriam Anja; Qi, Weihong; Schoenbaechler, Katja; et al. (2022)
    Bats are increasingly recognized as reservoirs for many different viruses that threaten public health, such as Hendravirus, Ebolavirus, Nipahvirus, and SARS- and MERS-coronavirus. To assess spillover risk, viromes of bats from different parts of the world have been investigated in the past. As opposed to most of these prior studies, which determined the bat virome at a single time point, the current work was performed to monitor changes ...
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  11. Direct Olivine Carbonation: Optimal Process Design for a Low-Emission and Cost-Efficient Cement Production 

    Bremen A.M.; Strunge T.; Ostovari H.; et al. (2022)
    Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
    Employing mineral carbonation products as a cementitious substitute could reduce the cement industry's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, a transition toward low-emission cement requires financially competitive cement production at standardized product specifications. Aiming to tackle this challenge, we modeled and optimized a direct mineral carbonation process. In detail, we embedded a mechanistic tubular reactor model in a mineral ...
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  12. The separation performance of porous carbon nitride membranes for removal of nitrate and nitrite ions from contaminated aqueous solutions: A molecular dynamics study 

    Majidi S.; Erfan-Niya H.; Azamat J.; et al. (2022)
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
    Two-dimensional nanoporous carbon-based membrane has proved to be a promising reverse osmosis (RO) membrane for contaminated ions separation from water. In this study, molecular dynamics simulations are conducted to assess the performance of C2N and g-C3N4 nanosheets for the separation of nitrate and nitrite pollutants from aqueous solution. The nitrate and nitrite rejection were obtained 100 % for both membranes at high pressures, with ...
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  13. Do electricity flows hamper regional economic–environmental equity? 

    Zhang H.; Li R.; Cai X.; et al. (2022)
    Applied Energy
    Inter-regional electricity flows have mitigated the mismatch between electricity generation and demand. However, not only environmental impact transfers but also economic benefits are embodied in electricity flows. Whether electricity flows affect the equity of regional economic-environmental sustainability, the exploration is not sufficient. In this paper, a multi-model framework has developed to trace the transfers of electricity ...
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  14. The ARMA Point Process and its Estimation 

    Schatz M.; Wheatley S.; Sornette D. (2022)
    Econometrics and Statistics
    An autoregressive–moving-average (ARMA) point process model is introduced, which combines self-exciting and shot-noise cluster mechanisms, both useful in a variety of applications. The process is analogous to the ARMA for integer-valued time series, sharing methodological and mathematical similarities. A maximum likelihood estimation procedure, based on MCEM (Monte Carlo Expectation Maximization), is derived and studied. This approach ...
    Journal Article
  15. Toward a European carbon footprint rule for batteries 

    Peiseler L.; Bauer C.; Beuse M.; et al. (2022)
    Focus on upstream production, not downstream use.
    Journal Article
  16. Lattice Boltzmann study of bubble dynamic behaviors and heat transfer performance during flow boiling in a serpentine microchannel 

    Zhang C.; Chen L.; Qin F.; et al. (2023)
    Applied Thermal Engineering
    Understanding the flow boiling process in a serpentine microchannel with U-bends is very important to its design and application in practice. In this study, a hybrid thermal multiphase model consisting of the pseudopotential multiphase lattice Boltzmann model and the finite difference method is employed to investigate the flow boiling heat transfer in a serpentine microchannel. Effects of curvature ratio, flow orientation, heat flux and ...
    Journal Article
  17. A framework for quantifying the value of vibration-based structural health monitoring 

    Kamariotis A.; Chatzi E.; Straub D. (2023)
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
    The difficulty in quantifying the benefit of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for decision support is one of the bottlenecks to an extensive adoption of SHM on real-world structures. In this paper, we present a framework for such a quantification of the value of vibration-based SHM, which can be flexibly applied to different use cases. These cover SHM-based decisions at different time scales, from near-real time diagnostics to the ...
    Journal Article
  18. Later growth onsets or reduced growth rates: What characterises legacy effects at the tree-ring level in conifers after the severe 2018 drought? 

    Miller T.W.; Stangler D.F.; Larysch E.; et al. (2023)
    Science of The Total Environment
    Severe drought events negatively affect tree growth and often cause legacy effects, expressed by smaller tree rings in the post-drought recovery years. While the pattern of reduced tree-ring widths is frequently described the processes underlying such legacy effects, i.e., whether it is due to shorter growth periods or lower growth rates, remains unclear and is investigated in this study. To elucidate these post-drought effects, we examined ...
    Journal Article
  19. Metal organic framework-assisted in-situ synthesis of β-NiMnOOH nanosheets with abundant NiOOH active sites for efficient electro-oxidation of urea 

    Yan X.; Xiang L.; Zhang W.D.; et al. (2023)
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
    NiOOH has been considered as the active center for urea oxidation reaction (UOR), but it remains challenging to synthesize high-performance NiOOH-based catalysts. Herein, we realize the synthesis of a high-performance NiOOH-based catalyst through in-situ transformation from the NiMn-based metal–organic framework to NiMnOOH. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization shows that the Ni3+/Ni2+ ratio in the NiMnOOH is 3.9 times as big ...
    Journal Article
  20. Ride-pooling in the light of COVID-19 

    Zwick, Felix; Fraedrich, Eva; Axhausen, Kay W. (2022)
    IET Intelligent Transport Systems
    Journal Article

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