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  1. Principles for Measurability in Protocol Design 

    Allman, Mark; Beverly, Robert; Trammell, Brian (2017)
    ACM SIGCOMM computer communication review
    Journal Article
  2. Factors Controlling Velocity Variations at Short-Term, Seasonal and Multiyear Time Scales, Ritigraben Rock Glacier, Western Swiss Alps 

    Kenner, Robert; Phillips, Marcia; Beutel, Jan; et al. (2017)
    Permafrost and Periglacial Processes
    This study analyses the factors controlling variations in short-term, seasonal and multiyear deformation velocity of an alpine rock glacier from data obtained over periods of 1–20 years. The Ritigraben rock glacier, in the western Swiss Alps, was monitored using tacheometry, terrestrial laser scanning, an in situ global positioning system and borehole deformation measurements. Rock glacier stratigraphy and ground temperature data were ...
    Journal Article
  3. Marker-trait association analysis for agronomic and compositional traits in sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) 

    Kempf, Katharina; Malisch, Carsten S.; Grieder, Christoph; et al. (2017)
    Genetics and Molecular Research
    Journal Article
  4. Optimising Building Net Energy Demand with Dynamic BIPV Shading 

    Jayathissa, Prageeth; Luzzatto, Mauro; Schmidli, Jeremias; et al. (2017)
    Applied energy
    Journal Article
  5. Stakeholder’s profitability of carrier-led consolidation strategies in urban goods distribution 

    Estrada, Miquel; Roca-Riu, Mireia (2017)
    Transportation research. Part E, Logistics and transportation review
    Journal Article
  6. Morphology and mobility diameter of carbonaceous aerosols during agglomeration and surface growth 

    Kelesidis, Georgios A.; Goudeli, Eirini; Pratsinis, Sotiris E. (2017)
    Journal Article
  7. The Bistable Behaviour of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 during PHA Depolymerization under Carbon Limitation 

    Karmann, Stephanie; Panke, Sven; Zinn, Manfred (2017)
    Poly(hydroxyalkanoates) (PHAs) are bacterial polyesters offering a biodegradable alternative to petrochemical plastics. The intracellular formation and degradation of PHAs is a dynamic process that strongly depends on the availability of carbon and other nutrients. Carbon excess and nitrogen limitation are considered to favor PHA accumulation, whereas carbon limitation triggers PHA depolymerization when all other essential nutrients are ...
    Journal Article
  8. Process Design for Size-Controlled Flame Spray Synthesis of Li4Ti5O12 and Electrochemical Performance 

    Waser, Oliver; Brenner, Oliver; Groehn, Arto J.; et al. (2017)
    Chemical and Process Engineering
    Journal Article
  9. Flame synthesis of functional nanostructured materials and devices: Surface growth and aggregation 

    Kelesidis, Georgios A.; Goudeli, Eirini; Pratsinis, Sotiris E. (2017)
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
    Journal Article
  10. Nanogenerator power output: influence of particle size and crystallinity of BaTiO3 

    Schädli, Gian Nutal; Büchel, Robert; Pratsinis, Sotiris E. (2017)
    Journal Article
  11. Facile endothelium protection from TNF-α inflammatory insult with surface topography 

    Stefopoulos, Georgios; Giampietro, Costanza; Falk, Volkmar; et al. (2017)
    Journal Article
  12. Detergency and Its Implications for Oil Emulsion Sieving and Separation 

    Schutzius, Thomas M.; Walker, Christopher; Maitra, Tanmoy; et al. (2017)
    Journal Article
  13. Modeling free-floating car-sharing use in Switzerland: A spatial regression and conditional logit approach 

    Becker, Henrik; Ciari, Francesco; Axhausen, Kay W. (2017)
    Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies
    Journal Article
  14. Lake-sediment based paleoseismology: Limitations and perspectives from the Swiss Alps 

    Katrina Kremer; Stefanie B. Wirth; Anna Reusch; et al. (2017)
    Quaternary Science Reviews
    Abstract In regions with moderate seismicity and large intervals between strong earthquakes, paleoseismological archives that exceed the historical and instrumental timescale are needed to establish reliable estimates of earthquake recurrence for long return periods. In several regions, lake sediments have shown to be suitable for paleoseismological studies by causally linking characteristic sedimentological features to historic earthquakes. ...
  15. Short communication: Detection and monitoring of metritis in dairy cows using an automated grooming device 

    Mandel, Roi; Nicol, Christine J; Whay, Helen R; et al. (2017)
    Journal of Dairy Science
    Journal Article
  16. Hormonal Contraceptives Do Not Impact Economic Preferences: Evidence from a Randomized Trial 

    Ranehill, Eva; Zethraeus, Niklas; Blomberg, Liselott; et al. (2017)
    Management science
    Journal Article
  17. Adaptive learning control for thermal error compensation of 5-axis machine tools 

    Blaser, Philip; Pavlicek, Florentina; Mori, Kotaro; et al. (2017)
    Journal of Manufacturing Systems
    Journal Article
  18. Universal emulsion stabilization from the arrested adsorption of rough particles at liquid-liquid interfaces 

    Zanini, Michele; Marschelke, Claudia; Anachkov, Svetoslav E.; et al. (2017)
    Nature Communications
    Surface heterogeneities, including roughness, significantly affect the adsorption, motion and interactions of particles at fluid interfaces. However, a systematic experimental study, linking surface roughness to particle wettability at a microscopic level, is currently missing. Here we synthesize a library of all-silica microparticles with uniform surface chemistry, but tuneable surface roughness and study their spontaneous adsorption at ...
    Journal Article
  19. Vertical educational diversity and innovation performance 

    Bolli, Thomas; Renold, Ursula; Wörter, Martin (2017)
    Economics of innovation and new technology
    Journal Article
  20. Re-direction of maternal behaviour in dairy cows 

    Mandel, Roi; Nicol, Christine J (2017)
    Applied Animal Behaviour Science
    Journal Article

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