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    Shekhar, Atul; Huy Tran; Wang, Yilin (2019)
    Journal Article
  2. Single-Cell Electrical Stimulation Using CMOS-Based High-Density Microelectrode Arrays 

    Ronchi, Silvia; Fiscella, Michele; Marchetti, Camilla; et al. (2019)
    Journal Article
  3. Singlet Oxygen Photooxidation of Peptidic Oxazoles and Thiazoles 

    Manfrin, Alessandro; Borduas-Dedekind, Nadine; Lau, Kate; et al. (2019)
    Journal Article
  4. Electron- and proton-impact excitation of heliumlike uranium in relativistic collisions 

    Gumberidze, A.; Thorn, D. B.; Surzhykov, A.; et al. (2019)
    Journal Article
  5. Atomic Structure of Decagonal Al-Cu-Rh Quasicrystal-Revisited: New Correction for Phonons 

    Strzalka, Radoslaw; Buganski, Ireneusz; Kuczera, Pawel; et al. (2019)
    Journal Article
  6. Single breath-hold 3D measurement of left atrial volume using compressed sensing cardiovascular magnetic resonance and a non-model-based reconstruction approach 

    Vardoulis, Orestis; Monney, Pierre; Bermano, Amit; et al. (2015)
    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
    Journal Article
  7. The sialyl-glycolipid SSEA4 marks a subpopulation of chemotherapy resistant breast cancer cells with mesenchymal features 

    Aloia, Andrea; Petrova, Evgeniya; Agorku, David; et al. (2015)
    Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer
    Journal Article
  8. Dynamics of the Bulk Hydrated Electron from Many‐Body Wave‐Function Theory 

    Wilhelm, Jan; VandeVondele, Joost; Rybkin, Vladimir V. (2019)
    Angewandte Chemie. International Edition
    The structure of the hydrated electron is a matter of debate as it evades direct experimental observation owing to the short life time and low concentrations of the species. Herein, the first molecular dynamics simulation of the bulk hydrated electron based on correlated wave‐function theory provides conclusive evidence in favor of a persistent tetrahedral cavity made up by four water molecules, and against the existence of stable non‐cavity ...
    Journal Article
  9. Maximum potential for geothermal power in Germany based on engineered geothermal systems 

    Jain, Charitra; Vogt, Christian; Clauser, Christoph (2015)
    Geothermal Energy
    Journal Article
  10. The Onset of Dehydrogenation in Solid Ammonia Borane: An Ab Initio Metadynamics Study 

    Rizzi, Valerio; Polino, Daniela; Sicilia, Emilia; et al. (2019)
    Angewandte Chemie. International Edition
    Journal Article
  11. Who should sell stocks? 

    Guasoni, Paolo; Liu, Ren; Muhle-Karbe, Johannes (2019)
    Mathematical Finance
    Journal Article
  12. Transnational Learning and Civil Society Empowerment in the EU Enlargement Process 

    Wunsch, Natasha (2019)
    Journal of Common Market Studies
    Journal Article
  13. Identifying non-additive multi-attribute value functions based on uncertain indifference statements 

    Haag, Fridolin; Lienert, Judit; Schuwirth, Nele; et al. (2019)
    Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) requires an accurate representation of the preferences of decision-makers, for instance in the form of a multi-attribute value function. Typically, additivity or other stringent assumptions about the preferences are made to facilitate elicitation by assuming a simple parametric form. When relaxing such assumptions, parameters cannot be elicited easily with standard methods. We present a novel approach ...
    Journal Article
  14. The relationship between metastatic potential and in vitro mechanical properties of osteosarcoma cells 

    Holenstein, Claude N.; Horvath, Aron; Schär, Barbara; et al. (2019)
    Molecular Biology of the Cell
    Osteosarcoma is the most frequent primary tumor of bone and is characterized by its high tendency to metastasize in lungs. Although treatment in cases of early diagnosis results in a 5-yr survival rate of nearly 60%, the prognosis for patients with secondary lesions at diagnosis is poor, and their 5-yr survival rate remains below 30%. In the present work, we have used a number of analytical methods to investigate the impact of increased ...
    Journal Article
  15. Influence of the Treatment of Nonbonded Interactions on the Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Pure Liquids Calculated Using the 2016H66 Force Field 

    Gonçalves Y.; Senac C.; Fuchs P.; et al. (2019)
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
    Journal Article
  16. Cross-correlating Carbon Monoxide Line-intensity Maps with Spectroscopic and Photometric Galaxy Surveys 

    COMAP Collaboration; Chung, Dongwoo T.; Viero, Marco P.; et al. (2019)
    The Astrophysical Journal
    Journal Article
  17. GPCR structure, function, drug discovery and crystallography: report from Academia-Industry International Conference (UK Royal Society) Chicheley Hall, 1–2 September 2014 

    Heifetz, Alexander; Schertler, Gebhard F. X.; Seifert, Roland; et al. (2015)
    Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology
    Journal Article
  18. Modeling the Crystallization and Emplacement Conditions of a Basaltic Trachyandesitic Sill at Mt. Etna Volcano 

    Nazzari, Manuela; Di Stefano, Flavio; Mollo, Silvio; et al. (2019)
    This study documents the compositional variations of phenocrysts from a basaltic trachyandesitic sill emplaced in the Valle del Bove at Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy). The physicochemical conditions driving the crystallization and emplacement of the sill magma have been reconstructed by barometers, oxygen barometers, thermometers and hygrometers based on clinopyroxene, feldspar (plagioclase + K-feldspar) and titanomagnetite. Clinopyroxene ...
    Journal Article
  19. Observation of Uncompensated Bound Charges at Improper Ferroelectric Domain Walls 

    Schoenherr, Peggy; Shapovalov, Konstantin; Schaab, Jakob; et al. (2019)
    Nano Letters
    Journal Article

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