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  1. Evaluation of the Large EURO-CORDEX Regional Climate Model Ensemble 

    Vautard R.; Kadygrov N.; Iles C.; et al. (2021)
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
    The use of regional climate model (RCM)-based projections for providing regional climate information in a research and climate service contexts is currently expanding very fast. This has been possible thanks to a considerable effort in developing comprehensive ensembles of RCM projections, especially for Europe, in the EURO-CORDEX community (Jacob et al., 2014, 2020). As of end of 2019, EURO-CORDEX has developed a set of 55 historical and ...
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  2. Human-assisted sample return mission at the Schrödinger basin, lunar far side, using a new geologic map and rover traverses 

    Czaplinski E.C.; Harrington E.M.; Bell S.K.; et al. (2021)
    Planetary Science Journal
    The Schrödinger basin on the south polar lunar far side has been highlighted as a promising target for future exploration. This report provides a high-resolution geologic map in the southwest peak-ring (SWPR) area of the Schrödinger basin, emphasizing structural features and detailed mapping of exposed outcrops within the peak ring. Outcrops are correlated with mineralogical data from the Moon Mineralogical Mapper instrument. Geologic ...
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  3. Physical Activity and Health-Related Quality of Life in Adults With a Neurologically-Related Mobility Disability During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Analysis 

    Nightingale T.E.; Heneghan N.R.; Fenton S.A.M.; et al. (2021)
    Frontiers in Neurology
    Background: During the coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) pandemic various containment strategies were employed. Their impact on individuals with neurological conditions, considered vulnerable to COVID-19 complications, remains to be determined. Objective: To investigate associations between physical activity and health-related quality of life outcomes in individuals with a neurological condition during government mandated COVID-19 restrictions. ...
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  4. Improving health care from the bottom up: Factors for the successful implementation of kaizen in acute care hospitals 

    Shatrov K.; Pessina C.; Huber K.; et al. (2021)
    PLoS ONE
    Background Kaizen—a management technique increasingly employed in health care—enables employees, regardless of their hierarchy level, to contribute to the improvement of their organization. The approach puts special emphasis on frontline employees because it represents one of their main opportunities to participate directly in decision making. In this study, we aimed to (1) understand the experiences of nurses in two hospitals that had ...
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  5. Designing Informatics Curriculum for K-12 Education: From Concepts to Implementations 

    Dagiene, Valentina; Hromkovic, Juraj; Lacher, Regula (2021)
    Computing as a discipline has common roots with mathematics and written languages, and computing as a way of thinking and handling has been integral to human culture since ever. This is not only a reasonable argument for convincing society to consider informatics as one of the very fundamental pillars of education, but it also puts the potential contributions of teaching informatics in schools into the correct perspective in the context ...
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  6. Closed string deformations in open string field theory. Part I. Bosonic string 

    Maccaferri C.; Vošmera J. (2021)
    Journal of High Energy Physics
    This is the first of a series of three papers on open string field theories based on Witten star product deformed with a gauge invariant open/closed coupling. This de- formation is a tree-level tadpole which destabilizes the initial perturbative vacuum. We discuss the existence of vacuum-shift solutions which cancel the tadpole and represent a new configuration where the initial D-brane system has adapted to the change in the closed string ...
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  7. Technical Note: Modulation of fMRI brainstem responses by transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation 

    Borgmann D.; Rigoux L.; Kuzmanovic B.; et al. (2021)
    Our increasing knowledge about gut-brain interaction is revolutionising the understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health, and even decision making in our everyday lives. In support of this interaction, the vagus nerve is a crucial pathway transmitting diverse gut-derived signals to the brain to monitor of metabolic status, digestive processes, or immune control to adapt behavioural and autonomic responses. Hence, neuromodulation ...
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  8. Entrance flow of unfoamed and foamed Herschel-Bulkley fluids 

    Mishra K.; Grob L.; Kohler L.; et al. (2021)
    Journal of Rheology
    The present study investigates extrusion processing of unfoamed and foamed cocoa butter (CB) crystal-melt suspensions (CMSs) with varying crystal volume fraction ΦSFC. Capillary rheometry derived flow curves were fitted with the Herschel–Bulkley–Papanastasiou (HBP) model, and the derived yield stress to wall shear stress ratio τ0=τw of CB CMSs was compared for the various ΦSFC. Foamed CB CMSs behaved fluidlike for ΦSFC 11:9% and according ...
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  9. Thioderivatives of Resorcin[4]arene and Pyrogallol[4]arene: Are Thiols Tolerated in the Self-Assembly Process? 

    Nemat, Suren J.; Tiefenbacher, Konrad (2021)
    Organic Letters
    Three novel thiol bearing resorcin[4]arene and pyrogallol[4]arene derivatives were synthesized. Their properties were studied with regards to self-assembly, disulfide chemistry, and Bronsted acid catalysis. This work demonstrates that (1) one aromatic thiol on the resorcin[4]arene framework is tolerated in the self-assembly process to a hexameric hydrogen bond-based capsule, (2) thio-derivatized resorcin[4]arene analogs can be covalently ...
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  10. Struggles for the decommodification of housing: the politics of housing cooperatives in Uruguay and Switzerland 

    Barenstein, Jennifer Duyne; Koch, Philippe; Sanjines, Daniela; et al. (2021)
    Housing Studies
    After the Global Financial Crisis, activists and scholars have turned to collective forms of housing as a strategy to decommodify housing. We argue that housing cooperatives might take a crucial role in this strategy. The fact that they are still marginal, however, raises questions about the conditions for their emergence, growth and survival. By bringing the trajectories of housing cooperatives in Switzerland and Uruguay in dialogue, we ...
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  11. Solubility Prediction of Organic Molecules with Molecular Dynamics Simulations 

    Bjelobrk, Zoran; Mendels, Dan; Karmakar, Tarak; et al. (2021)
    Crystal Growth & Design
    We present a molecular dynamics simulation method for the computation of the solubility of organic crystals in solution. The solubility is calculated based on the equilibrium free energy difference between the solvated solute and its crystallized state at the crystal surface kink site. To efficiently sample the growth and dissolution process, we have carried out well-tempered metadynamics simulations with a collective variable that captures ...
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  12. The Filter Detection Task for measurement of breathing-related interoception and metacognition 

    Harrison O.K.; Garfinkel S.N.; Marlow L.; et al. (2021)
    Biological Psychology
    The study of the brain's processing of sensory inputs from within the body (‘interoception’) has been gaining rapid popularity in neuroscience, where interoceptive disturbances are thought to exist across a wide range of chronic physiological and psychological conditions. Here we present a task and analysis procedure to quantify specific dimensions of breathing-related interoception, including interoceptive sensitivity, decision bias, ...
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  13. Release from biogenic particles, benthic fluxes, and deep water circulation control Cr and δ<sup>53</sup>Cr distributions in the ocean interior 

    Janssen D.J.; Rickli J.; Abbott A.N.; et al. (2021)
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters
    Chromium (Cr) has shown promise as a paleoceanographic proxy due to the redox-driven control of dissolved Cr concentrations ([Cr]) and stable isotope composition (δ53Cr). To improve the mechanistic understanding of Cr cycling in the modern ocean and strengthen its potential proxy applications, we present new data from regeneration incubations, bottom and sediment pore waters, and a compilation of intermediate and deep water data. While ...
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  14. Sampled Data Model Validation: An Algorithm and Experimental Application 

    Dullerud, Geir; Smith, Roy (1996)
    International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control
    The application of robust control theory requires representative models containing unknown bounded perturbations and unknown bounded noise/disturbance signals. Model validation is a means of assessing the applicability of a given model with respect to experimental data. We consider a sampled-data approach, using a continuous time model, including unknown perturbations and signals, and a discrete experimental datum of finite length. The ...
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  15. Correlated electron-hole state in twisted double-bilayer graphene 

    Rickhaus P.; De Vries F.K.; Zhu J.; et al. (2021)
    When twisted to angles near 1°, graphene multilayers provide a window on electron correlation physics. Here, we report the discovery of a correlated electron-hole state in double-bilayer graphene twisted to 2.37°. At this angle, the moiré states retain much of their isolated bilayer character, allowing their bilayer projections to be separately controlled by gates. We use this property to generate an energetic overlap between narrow ...
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  16. A Sociotechnical View of Algorithmic Fairness 

    Dolata, Mateusz; Feuerriegel, Stefan; Schwabe, Gerhard (2021)
    Information Systems Journal
    Journal Article
  17. Extrinsic Macrophages Protect While Tendon Progenitors Degrade: Insights from a Tissue Engineered Model of Tendon Compartmental Crosstalk 

    Stauber, Tino; Wolleb, Maja; Duss, Anja; et al. (2021)
    Advanced Healthcare Materials
    Tendons are among the most mechanically stressed tissues of the body, with a functional core of type-I collagen fibers maintained by embedded stromal fibroblasts known as tenocytes. The intrinsic load-bearing core compartment of tendon is surrounded, nourished, and repaired by the extrinsic peritendon, a synovial-like tissue compartment with access to tendon stem/progenitor cells as well as blood monocytes. In vitro tendon model systems ...
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  18. Bioaccumulation of therapeutic drugs by human gut bacteria 

    Kluenemann, Martina; Andrejev, Sergej; Blasche, Sonja; et al. (2021)
    Bacteria in the gut can modulate the availability and efficacy of therapeutic drugs. However, the systematic mapping ofthe interactions between drugs and bacteria has only started recently' and the main underlying mechanism proposed is the chemical transformation of drugs by microorganisms (biotransformation). Here we investigated the depletion of 15 structurally diverse drugs by 25 representative strains of gut bacteria. This revealed ...
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  19. Hierarchical biomaterials via photopatterning-enhanced direct ink writing 

    Guzzi, Elia A.; Bischof, Raffaele; Dranseikiene, Dalia; et al. (2021)
    Recent advances in additive manufacturing (AM) technologies provide tools to fabricate biological structures with complex three-dimensional (3D) organization. Deposition-based approaches have been exploited to manufacture multimaterial constructs. Stimulus-triggered approaches have been used to fabricate scaffolds with high resolution. Both features are useful to produce biomaterials that mimic the hierarchical organization of human ...
    Journal Article
  20. Dispersion forces between weakly disordered van der Waals crystals 

    von Milczewski, Jonas; Tolsma, John R. (2021)
    Physical Reiew B
    We describe a many-body theory for interlayer dispersion forces between weakly disordered atomically thin crystals and numerically investigate the role of disorder for different layer-separation distances and for different densities of induced electrons and holes. In contrast to the common wisdom that disorder tends to enhance the importance of Coulomb interactions in Fermi liquids, we find that short-range disorder tends to weaken ...
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