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  1. Veduten der Vor-Stadt 

    Arber, Seren; Cantieni, Anita; Daverhuth, Annabell; et al. (2018)
    Educational Material
  2. Module 4: Globalization and Youth labour market indices (ETH Zurich/KOF) 

    Renold, Ursula; Bolli, Thomas; Pusterla, Filippo (2018)
    Educational Material
  3. Baustatik I 

    Sudret, Bruno (2017)
    Educational Material
  4. Manual for the verification of the scaling hypothesis in scaling plots 

    Zanin, Danilo A. (2016)
    This manual describes the handling of data referring to the temperature and magnetic field dependence of the magnetization in ferromagnetic samples. The reader will learn how to construct scaling plots and obtain critical exponents.
    Educational Material
  5. Managing of hysteresis curves and magnetic images in Spin Polarized Field Emission Microscopy 

    De Pietro, Lorenzo G. (2017)
    This manual contains instructions to how to manage hysteresis curves and images obtained using a spin detector.
    Educational Material
  6. Matlab Library For Nanonis Based Files: Nanolib 

    Peter, Quentin; De Pietro, Lorenzo G.; Zanin, Danilo A. (2017)
    Library to open and analyze files produced by Nanonis SPM Control System in MATLAB. This is a manual that allows handling of images taken with a Nanonis software. It has a general application but is particularly suitable for the technology of Scanning Field Emission Microscopy
    Educational Material
  7. Places for People 

    Kiss, Daniel (2017)
    Urban Design is fundamentally about people. Questions about the role of place in human life are central to the discipline. There even exists a specific theory of urban form, place theory, that is based on the cultural and human characteristics of physical space, that is, on its psychological dimension. It is grounded in the thesis that physical space gains additional richness through unique details that are rooted in its genius loci and ...
    Educational Material
  8. Tutorial: Phosphorus recycling for organic agriculture (CORE Organic/Improve-P) 

    Bünemann, Else K.; Oberson, Astrid; Möller, Kurt (2017)
    Educational Material
  9. How to Typeset Equatations in LaTeX 

    Moser, Stefan (2017)
    Educational Material
  10. S, M, L, XL, Fünf Tage - Fünf Büros erzählen 

    Menz, Sacha; Reichel, Hannes; Haertsch, Corina (2017)
    Educational Material
  11. Das schwedische Modell 

    Menz, Sacha; Zürcher, Marc (2017)
    Educational Material
  12. Stadtplanung und Städtebau I 

    Kretz, Simon; Christiaanse, Kees (2017)
    Educational Material
  13. Drohnen in der Waldforschung 

    Krucher, Anna; Balicki, Peter (2017)
    Educational Material
  14. Zur Dimensionierung von Injektionskörpern im Tunnelbau 

    Anagnostou, Georg; Kovári, Kalman (1994)
    Educational Material
  15. Urban Design I/II: Urban Stories Lecture Series 

    Brillembourg, Alfredo; Klumpner, Hubert; Piplas, Haris (2014)
    Educational Material
  16. Bangkok: Transformative Urbanism 

    Brillembourg, Alfredo; Klumpner, Hubert; Contento, Michael; et al. (2011)
    Urban - ThinkTank
    Educational Material
  17. Everyone Harvests Hanoi, Vietnam 

    Brillembourg, Alfredo; Klumpner, Hubert; Contento, Michael; et al. (2013)
    Studio Reader
    Educational Material
  18. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Toboago 

    Brillembourg, Alfredo; Klumpner, Hubert; Sherman, Lindsey; et al. (2013)
    Educational Material

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