Recent Submissions 

  1. Singapore Tropicana 

    Lehnerer, Alexander (2013)
    In the early 1970s there was a crucial moment when the future of the island’s city wasn’t conceived of as a unitary technocratic design agenda. Different cultural and ideological tendencies influenced the young nation and thus the architects and urban planners and their perception of the tropical city. While some of these architects’ ideas were manifested in built works, most evidence of their ambitions, however, has vanished along with ...
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  2. Plastic Arts & Crafts 

    Lehnerer, Alexander; Bosshard, Alessandro; van der Ploeg, Matthew; et al. (2016)
    As many, we first engaged the modern by looking at its progeny, directing our admiration or criticism at the projects that flowed out from it. Yet, as our enthusiasm for all things modern began to fade, we turned to the advice of art critic, Dave Hickey, who once said: “Gee everything sucks, I am going to go back to the moment right before everything started sucking, and try to find a new way out of that.” So here, we turn instead to the ...
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  3. The Singapore Popsicle 

    Lehnerer, Alexander; Macken, Jared; Stieger, Lorenzo (2012)
    The grid, the strip, the highway, and the suburban cul-de-sac are well known circulation typologies. Within these typologies there are sometimes found slight hybridizations, such as “ladders”1 in the grid, or the strip may be a boulevard. Now Singapore adds the popsicle to this collection of emblematic infrastructure typologies. These street circuits become terminal locations in an otherwise highly networked and connected city – locations ...
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  4. Idyll and Ideologie Reader Series I-IV 

    Lehnerer, Alexander (2017)
    Educational Material
  5. Architectural Design V-IX: London Bishopsgate 

    Kees, Christiaanse; Agreiter, Benno; Kasioumi, Eirini; et al. (2017)
    Educational Material
  6. Architectural Design V-IX: Amsterdam Waterfront 

    Christiaanse, Kees; Agreiter, Benno; Kron, Dimitri; et al. (2016)
    Educational Material
  7. Digitale Geländemodelle und digitale Kartographie 

    Spiess, Ernst (1990)
    Educational Material
  8. Synthesen von Vitamin B12 

    Eschenmoser, Albert (2015)
    Educational Material
  9. Topographisches Felszeichnen 

    Spiess, Ernst (1996)
    Educational Material
  10. Kombinierte graphische Ausgabe von Vektor- und Rasterdaten 

    Spiess, Ernst (1991)
    Educational Material
  11. Numerische Mathematik 

    Nipp, Kaspar (2010)
    Educational Material
  12. Systemdimensionierung und Kapazität 

    Weidmann, Ulrich; Dorbritz, Robert (2008)
    Vorlesungsskript / Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Transportsysteme
    Educational Material
  13. Management und Systembetrieb 

    Weidmann, Ulrich (2009)
    Educational Material
  14. Utopia, pragmatism and the search for good city form 

    Kasioumi, Eirini; Kiss, Daniel (2016)
    Educational Material
  15. Map compilation 

    Spiess, Ernst (2002)
    Educational Material
  16. Theorie der Wärme 

    Hepp, Klaus (2015)
    Educational Material
  17. Visions for Rochor, Singapore 

    Christiaanse, Kees; Kretschmann, Nicolas; Kiss, Daniel; et al. (2010)
    Educational Material
  18. Experimentelle Bodenmechanik 

    Bucher, Felix; Hilty, Peter (2006)
    Educational Material
  19. Umweltchemie I 

    Funck, Pierre (2002)
    Educational Material
  20. Halbleiterbauelemente 

    Schenk, Andreas (2001)
    Educational Material

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