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  1. Status report on the sample preparation laboratory for radiocarbon dating at the New Bucharest Roams Center 

    Sava, Tiberiu B.; Simion, Corina A.; Gâza, Oana; et al. (2019)
    Review Article
  2. Geroprotectors: A role in the treatment of frailty 

    Trendelenburg, Anne-Ulrike; Scheuren, Ariane C.; Potter, P.; et al. (2019)
    Mechanisms of Ageing and Development
    Review Article
  3. The quantum nature of hydrogen 

    Fang, Wei; Chen, Ji; Feng, Yexin; et al. (2019)
    International Reviews in Physical Chemistry
    Review Article
  4. Engineering Bacteriophages as Versatile Biologics 

    Kilcher, Samuel; Loessner, Martin J. (2019)
    Trends in Microbiology
    Review Article
  5. An introduction to Marchenko methods for imaging 

    Lomas, Angus; Curtis, Andrew (2019)
    Review Article
  6. Biodegradation of Polymeric Mulch Films in Agricultural Soils: Concepts, Knowledge Gaps, and Future Research Directions 

    Sander, Michael (2019)
    Environmental Science and Technology
    Review Article
  7. Gait characteristics of CKD patients: a systematic review 

    Zemp, Damiano D.; Giannini, Olivier; Quadri, Pierluigi; et al. (2019)
    BMC Nephrology
    Background People with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) often present with prevalent gait impairment and high fall rates, particularly in advanced CKD stages. Gait impairment and its consequences is associated with increased hospital admission, institutionalization, and greater need for health care. The objective of this systematic review was to evaluate the quality of studies investigating CKD patients’ gait characteristics at different CKD ...
    Review Article
  8. Underpinning transport phenomena for the patterning of biomolecules 

    Pereiro, Iago; Cors, Julien F.; Pané, Salvador; et al. (2019)
    Chemical Society Reviews
    Review Article
  9. Challenges in 3D printing of piezoelectric materials 

    Bodkhe, Sampada; Ermanni, Paolo (2019)
    Multifunctional Materials
    Review Article
  10. Cellular and Structural Studies of Eukaryotic Cells by Cryo-Electron Tomography 

    Weber, Miriam S.; Wojtynek, Matthias; Medalia, Ohad (2019)
    The architecture of protein assemblies and their remodeling during physiological processes is fundamental to cells. Therefore, providing high-resolution snapshots of macromolecular complexes in their native environment is of major importance for understanding the molecular biology of the cell. Cellular structural biology by means of cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) offers unique insights into cellular processes at an unprecedented ...
    Review Article
  11. Inflammation and Lymphatic Function 

    Schwager, Simon; Detmar, Michael (2019)
    Frontiers in Immunology
    The lymphatic vasculature plays a crucial role in regulating the inflammatory response by influencing drainage of extravasated fluid, inflammatory mediators, and leukocytes. Lymphatic vessels undergo pronounced enlargement in inflamed tissue and display increased leakiness, indicating reduced functionality. Interfering with lymphatic expansion by blocking the vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C)/vascular endothelial growth factor ...
    Review Article
  12. Wheat blast: from its origins in South America to its emergence as a global threat 

    Ceresini, Paulo C.; Castroagudin, Vanina L.; Rodrigues, Fabricio A.; et al. (2019)
    Molecular Plant Pathology
    Wheat blast was first reported in Brazil in 1985. It spread rapidly across the wheat cropping areas of Brazil to become the most important biotic constraint on wheat production in the region. The alarming appearance of wheat blast in Bangladesh in 2016 greatly increased the urgency to understand this disease, including its causes and consequences. Here, we summarize the current state of knowledge of wheat blast and aim to identify the ...
    Review Article
  13. Applying big data beyond small problems in climate research 

    Knüsel, Benedikt; Zumwald, Marius; Baumberger, Christoph; et al. (2019)
    Nature Climate Change
    Review Article
  14. Surface-Initiated Cu(0)-Mediated CRP for the Rapid and Controlled Synthesis of Quasi-3D Structured Polymer Brushes 

    Zhang, Tao; Benetti, Edmondo M.; Jordan, Rainer (2019)
    Acs Macro Letters
    Review Article
  15. Serendipity and spontaneity – Critical components in 40 years of academia 

    Langhans, Wolfgang (2019)
    Physiology & Behavior
    Review Article
  16. Structural architectures with toughening mechanisms in Nature: A review of the materials science of Type-I collagenous materials 

    Yang, Wen; Meyers, Marc A.; Ritchie, Robert O. (2019)
    Progress in materials science
    Review Article
  17. Toward a taxonomy of entrepreneurship education research literature: A bibliometric mapping and visualization 

    Fellnhofer, Katharina (2019)
    Educational research review
    The retrospective amount of research literature dedicated to entrepreneurship education (EE) is overwhelming, which makes producing an overview difficult. However, advanced bibliometric mapping and clustering techniques can help visualize and structure complex research literature. Thus, the objective of this mapping study is to systematically explore and cluster the EE research literature to deliver a taxonomic scheme that can serve as a ...
    Review Article
  18. Effectiveness of multicomponent lower extremity injury prevention programmes in team-sport athletes: an umbrella review 

    Brunner, Romana; Friesenbichler, Bernd; Casartelli, Nicola C.; et al. (2019)
    British journal of sports medicine
    Review Article
  19. Photocatalytic Gas Phase Reactions 

    Schreck, Murielle; Niederberger, Markus (2019)
    Chemistry of Materials
    Review Article
  20. Present-day uplift of the European Alps: Evaluating mechanisms and models of their relative contributions 

    Sternai, Pietro; Sue, Christian; Husson, Laurent; et al. (2019)
    Earth-Science Reviews
    Review Article

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