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Recent Submissions 

  1. ETH Zürich – Food, Nutrition and Health…and somehow related research on rheology, hagfish and sputum 

    Kuster, Simon; Böni, Lukas Johannes; Fischer, Peter Alfons (2017)
  2. Evaporation suppression from water reservoirs using floating covers: Lab scale observations and model predictions 

    Or, Dani; Lehmann, Peter; Aminzadeh, Milad; et al. (2017)
  3. Microbial life in soil aggregates – from hotspots to soil biogeochemical fluxes 

    Or, Dani; Tecon, Robin; Ebrahimi, Ali; et al. (2017)
  4. Open access requirements in SNSF and EU projects 

    Hirschmann, Barbara (2018)

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