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  1. On-demand and shared mobility from a city perspective: How to reap the benefits and mitigate the risks? 

    Reck, Daniel Jan (2019)
    During the past few years several new transport modes have appeared on streets (and sidewalks) of major cities around the world with e-scooters, e-bikes and autonomous taxis being the latest additions. While there is much debate on whether these new modes complement or substitute public transport per se, one common theme emerges: societies will benefit most if they seek to integrate new modes with public transport and incentivize their ...
  2. Energy-efficient structural materials for mass-production of lightweight vehicles 

    Schneeberger, Christoph (2019)
    Lightweight construction is an important topic in automotive design even as societies transition from combustion engines to electric drivetrains. Lighter cars emit less greenhouse gases during their lifetimes, but the automotive industry has been slow in adapting advanced lightweight materials due to their low production rates. This presentation introduces a novel preform concept which allows manufacturers of automotive body structures ...
  3. Storytelling und neue digitale Kommunikationsmittel an der ETH-Bibliothek 

    Kyburz, Deborah (2019)
    Der Beitrag zum Thema «Storytelling und neue digitale Kommunikationsmittel an der ETH-Bibliothek» bietet nebst Theorie verschiedene Beispiele aus der alltäglichen Kommunikation der ETH-Bibliothek. Hierbei werden zwei Schwerpunkte gesetzt: Storytelling – wie der Titel bereits besagt – und Video Marketing. Storytelling an der ETH-Bibliothek Storytelling wird an der ETH-Bibliothek als Methode verwendet, um bestimmte Inhalte und Botschaften ...
  4. Verkehrsplanung 

    Axhausen, Kay W. (2019)
  5. Modeling the influence of the street environment on the route choice of bicyclists with MATSim 

    Livingston, Clarissa; Axhausen, Kay W. (2019)
  6. Environmental vs. economic claims on land in telecoupled systems: How distant actors increase local land competition in north-eastern Madagascar 

    Andriamihaja, Onintsoa R.; Metz, Florence; Zaehringer, Julie G.; et al. (2019)
  7. Scenario Modeling for High Temperature Underground Heat Storage 

    Driesner, Thomas; Mindel, Julian (2019)
  8. Scenarios for 2050: the Role of Hydropower and Geoenergies 

    Guidati, Gianfranco (2019)
  9. Induced Seismicity Risk: its Governance Involving Scientists, Authorities and the Public 

    Mignan, Arnaud; Ejderyan, Olivier (2019)
  10. The Gasometer-based CO2 Plume Geothermal Energy Storage System 

    Adams, Benjamin (2019)
  11. Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geoenergies: Ongoing Activities and Future Opportunities 

    Plenkers, Katrin; Hertrich, Marian; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; et al. (2019)
  12. Influence of Reservoir Geology on Seismic Response During Decameter Scale Hydraulic Stimulations in Crystalline Rock 

    Villiger, Linus; Gischig, Valentin; Doetsch, Joseph; et al. (2019)
  13. Balancing Hydropower Production and Environment through Flexible Operation 

    Castelletti, Andrea; Giuliani, Matteo; Weber, Enrico; et al. (2019)
  14. Climate Change Effects on Reservoir Inflows and Hydropower Operation 

    Peleg, Nadav; Castelletti, Andrea; Moraga, Sebastian; et al. (2019)

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