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  1. Verarbeitung von Mikroalgen mit Fokus auf neuartige Proteine 

    Böcker, Lukas; Mathys, Alexander (2017)
    Conference Poster
  2. How Digital Transformation Affects Large Manufacturing Companies’ Organization 

    Bilgeri, Dominik; Wortmann, Felix; Fleisch, Elgar (2017)
    Conference Poster
  3. Color loss kinetics of the functional microalgae protein phycocyanin under short time micro processing 

    Böcker, Lukas; Surber, Jakob; Leeb, Elena; et al. (2017)
    Conference Poster
  4. Exploring Tissue Engineering of Skin for New Automation Technologies - 2016 TERMIS - Americas Conference and Exhibition San Diego, CA December 11–14, 2016 

    Fox, Stephan; Biedermann, Thomas; Schmid Daners, Marianne; et al. (2016)
    Tissue Engineering - Part A
    Conference Poster
  5. How comparable is a cisgenic apple line to its original germplasm and to natural mutants of the same cultivar? 

    Schlathölter, Ina; Patocchi, Andrea; Studer, Bruno; et al. (2017)
    Conference Poster
  6. Thin Film PZT actuated Acoustic Particle Manipulation 

    Reichert, Peter (2017)
    Conference Poster
  7. Hochdruckbasierte Keimung bakterieller Sporen - Isolierung und Charakterisierung der verbleibenden Fraktion 

    Waser, Alex; Zhang, Yifan; Mathys, Alexander (2017)
    Conference Poster
  8. Real-time Wall Outline Extraction for Redirected Walking 

    Hirt, Christian; Zank, Markus; Kunz, Andreas (2017)
    VRST '17 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology
    Existing redirected walking applications use accurate tracking systems to determine the position and orientation of the user within a designated tracking space. In order to plan redirection and to ensure the user’s safety, it is necessary to define the walking area in advance. However, when using ad hoc redirected walking (e.g. with SLAM), this is not possible, because the user’s surroundings are not known beforehand. This paper introduces ...
    Conference Poster
  9. The Introduction of Organic Agriculture in China, 1980-1990 

    Wohlgemuth, Maya (2017)
    Conference Poster
  10. Spatio-temporal modelling of renewable energy in Switzerland using GIS 

    Buffat, René; Schito, Joram; Raubal, Martin (2017)
    Conference Poster
  11. Extracting Eco-Feedback from Movement Trajectories 

    Bucher, D.; Jonietz, D.; Raubal, M.; et al. (2017)
    Conference Poster
  12. Data Completeness Assessment for GNSS-assisted Travel Surveys 

    Jonietz, D.; Bucher, D.; Raubal, M. (2017)
    Conference Poster
  13. Solar Climber 

    Friedli, Thomas; Round, Simon D.; Kolar, Johann W. (2008)
    Conference Poster
  14. Challenges of Morphing Wings for Airborne Wind Energy Systems 

    Keidel, Dominic; Fasel, Urban; Molinari, Giulio; et al. (2017)
    Book of Abstracts of the Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2017
    Conference Poster
  15. Cell Type-Specific Analysis of the Endometrial Transcriptome During the Peri-Implantation Period in the Pig 

    Zeng, Shuqin; Bick, Jochen T.; Ulbrich, Susanne E.; et al. (2017)
    Conference Poster

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