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  1. Pulsed electric fields assisted gentle cell disruption for microalgae biorefinery 

    Perez Simba, Byron; Zermatten, Carole; Haberkorn, Iris; et al. (2023)
    Conference Poster
  2. Microalgae-based fibrous meat analogues 

    Sägesser, Corina (2023)
    Conference Poster
  3. Microalgae as sustainable mineral-rich sources for iron-deficiency anaemia treatment 

    Gao, Fengzheng; Zimmermann, Michael; von Meyenn, Ferdinand; et al. (2023)
    Conference Poster
  4. Novel technology in high moisture extrusion for customized and controlled plant protein-based meat alternatives production 

    Tica, Adrian; Stirnemann, Eric; Pietsch, Valerie; et al. (2023)
    Conference Poster
  5. Offcut Tales 

    Reisach, Dominik (2023)
    Conference Poster
  6. Red-Teaming the Stable Diffusion Safety Filter 

    Rando, Javier; Paleka, Daniel; Lindner, David; et al. (2022)
    NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning Safety
    Stable Diffusion is a recent open-source image generation model comparable to proprietary models such as DALLE, Imagen, or Parti. Stable Diffusion comes with a safety filter that aims to prevent generating explicit images. Unfortunately, the filter is obfuscated and poorly documented. This makes it hard for users to prevent misuse in their applications, and to understand the filter's limitations and improve it. We first show that it is ...
    Conference Poster
  7. Using an active phase cancellation and multipair design for in-vivo focal temporal interference electrical brain stimulation 

    Savvateev, Iurii; Missey, Florian; Beliaeva, Valeriia; et al. (2023)
    Temporal Interference Stimulation (TI) (1) represents a novel technique for deep brain stimulation, aiming to integrate the depth characteristic of conventional deep brain stimulation protocols with the non-invasive nature of transcranial electric and magnetic stimulations (tACS and TMS). Recent publications in both mice and humans explicitly demonstrated that deep brain areas including the hippocampus and the striatum could be stimulated ...
    Conference Poster
  8. Personalized Modeling for Investigating Electric Neuromodulation of Large Scale Brain Network Dynamics 

    Karimi, Fariba; Newton, Taylor; Steiner, Melanie; et al. (2023)
    Mental, neurological, and psychiatric disorders are a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Personalized computational modelling for investigating large-scale brain network dynamics is a powerful method for optimizing non-invasive brain stimulation therapies. To this end, we developed an automated, personalized modeling pipeline on o2S2PARC, an open, cloud-based platform for creating, sharing, and publishing computational models ...
    Conference Poster
  9. StomataPy: State-of-the-Art Tools for Stomata Segmentation in the Era of Phenotyping 

    Zhang, Hongyuan; Santelia, Diana (2023)
    Conference Poster
  10. SiO2-Supported CoxPty Nanoalloys for the Dry Reforming of Methane 

    Niedbalka, David; Thommen, Luca; Abdala, Paula M.; et al. (2023)
    Conference Poster
  11. Unlocking the secrets of grass stomata: blue light response and the role of subsidiary cells in chloroplast starch metabolism 

    Dang, Trang (2023)
    Stomata are essential for controlling gas exchange and maintaining plant water efficiency. While most angiosperms have kidney-shaped stomata, grasses have unique dumbbell-shaped stomata, which respond faster to environmental changes [1]. It's believed that the presence of two subsidiary cells in grasses enables rapid osmotic adjustments, leading to prompt stomatal closure or opening [2]. This makes investigating the molecular mechanisms ...
    Conference Poster
  12. ExplainAI 

    Schneider, Lena; Grote, Gudela; Boos, Daniel (2023)
    Conference Poster
  13. Identification and characterisation of social interactions using accelerometers in cattle 

    Goumon, Sébastien; Messmer, Konradin; Ulbrich, Susanne E. (2023)
    Background Knowledge of social structure (i.e. agonistic and affiliative relationships) of groups of farm animals allows to ensure good welfare thereby reducing aggression and injuries and promoting socio-positive behaviour (e.g. stress buffering). While monitoring of social interactions can be achieved by relying on visual live observations or video recordings, it remains very time-consuming, labour intensive, and subject to human error. ...
    Conference Poster
  14. Automatic Transcription of the Basic MTM-2 Motions in Virtual Reality 

    Gorobets, Valentina; Andreopoulos, Emmanouil; Kunz, Andreas (2023)
    This paper presents our approach for the automatic transcription of the MTM-2 basic motions in VR. We give an overview of what Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) is and how it is used for the improvement of manual workplace layouts. We describe the conventional approach used to deliver MTM codes by the MTM experts and explain the benefits of using automatic transcription in comparison to the conventional approach. We discuss the reasonability ...
    Conference Poster
  15. Grey-box multifidelity surrogate modelling to combine noisy measurements and computer simulations 

    Giannoukou, Katerina; Marelli, Stefano; Sudret, Bruno (2023)
    Conference Poster
  16. Evaluating aquatic biodiversity in the Northern Apennines and Ligurian Alps (Italy) with environmental DNA (eDNA) 

    Vance, Gabrielle; Kirschner, Dominik; Willett, Sean; et al. (2023)
    Conference Poster
  17. Co-creating multimodal transportation hubs – how to close the gap between actors across different levels, scales, and sectors 

    Stadler Benz, Philippe; Stauffacher, Michael; Müller, Stefan Markus (2022)
    Urban planning and transport planning should be integrated for successful urban transitions. This requires cooperation across different administrative levels, scales, and sectors and is best illustrated in the case of the transition of railway stations and their surroundings as multimodal transportation hubs (MMTHs). MMTHs contribute to increasing the modal split in favor of public transport, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and supporting ...
    Conference Poster

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