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  1. Using mobile phone data to determine human mobility patterns in Paris 

    Prawirodidjojo E.; Quek R.; Lee B.; et al. (2018)
    Proceedings - 2018 International Conference on Cyberworlds, CW 2018
    Conference Paper
  2. Competition: Keep it Simple, Let Flooding Shine 

    Mueller, Jan; Schaper, Anna-Brit; Jacob, Romain; et al. (2019)
    This abstract presents our solutions to the EWSN 2019 Dependability Competition. We designed generic yet performant solutions by leveraging the flexibility of Baloo, a design framework tailored to synchronous transmissions. Instead of crafting subtle optimizations to match the Competition requirements, we used some well-known concepts and combined them efficiently to propose simple yet robust and efficient protocols. Keep it simple, let ...
    Conference Proceedings
  3. Women as leaders in academic institutions: Personal experience and narrative literature review 

    Hering J. (2019)
    Pure and Applied Chemistry
    Conference Paper
  4. A verified prover based on ordered resolution 

    Schlichtkrull A.; Blanchette J.; Traytel D. (2019)
    CPP 2019 - Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Certified Programs and Proofs, Co-located with POPL 2019
    Conference Paper
  5. NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Image Dehazing: Methods and Results 

    Ancuti, Cosmin; Ancuti, Codruta O.; Timofte, Radu; et al. (2018)
    2018 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)
    Conference Paper
  6. Switchable Bistability in 3D Printed Shells With Bio-Inspired Architectures and Spatially Distributed Pre-Stress 

    Ang, Karl Jin; Riley, Katherine S.; Faber, Jakob; et al. (2018)
    Proceedings of the ASME 2018 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, SMASIS 2018
    Conference Paper
  7. Potential for hydropower storage schemes in the Swiss periglacial environment 

    Boes, Robert M.; Schmocker, L.; Vetsch, David; et al. (2019)
    Conference Paper
  8. A haptic knob for rehabilitation of hand function 

    Lambercy, Olivier; Dovat, Ludovic; Gassert, Roger; et al. (2007)
    Conference Paper
  9. Towards a Methodology for Experimental Evaluation in Low-Power Wireless Networking 

    Jacob, Romain; Boano, Carlo A.; Raza, Usman; et al. (2019)
    Making experimental research on low-power wireless networking repeatable, reproducible, and comparable is a long overdue step that hinders a wide acceptance of this technology within the industry. In this paper, we start to fill this gap by proposing and applying a well-defined methodology that specifies how to plan and execute experiments, as well as how to report their results. We further discuss potential definitions for repeatability, ...
    Conference Paper
  10. Study on heat and moisture balance of a sustainable building envelope for subtropical regions 

    Goto, Yutaka; Frank, Thomas; Ghazi Wakili, Karim; et al. (2011)
    Conference Paper
  11. Simulating Wind Turbine Ice Throw: QBlade and Statistical Analysis 

    Lennie, Matthew; Marten, David; Pechlivanoglou, George; et al. (2018)
    ASME Turbo Expo 2018: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition
    Conference Paper
  12. Non-reciprocity in Parametrically Modulated Systems 

    Frimmer, Martin; Novotny, Lukas (2018)
    NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics ~ Quantum Nano-Photonics
    Conference Paper
  13. Pump-Profile Engineering for Spatial- and Spectral-Mode Control in Two-Dimensional Colloidal-Quantum-Dot Spasers 

    Keitel, Robert; Cui, Jian; Kress, Stephan J.P.; et al. (2018)
    NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics ~ Quantum Nano-Photonics
    Conference Paper
  14. Theorizing Social Institutions of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) 

    Bürgi, Jutta; Renold, Ursula (2018)
    Other Conference Item
  15. C-blox: A Scalable and Consistent TSDF-based Dense Mapping Approach 

    Millane, Alexander; Taylor, Zachary; Oleynikova, Helen; et al. (2018)
    2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
    Conference Paper
  16. Computational Design of Deployable Auxetic Shells 

    Konaković-Luković, Mina; Konaković, Pavle; Pauly, Mark (2011)
    AAG 2018, Advances in Architectural Geometry 2018
    We propose an interactive computational design method for deployable auxetic shells. We realize deployable auxetics as triangular linkages that can be actuated with simple expansive mechanisms to assume a desired freeform target shape. The core feature of these structures is that the target shape is directly and uniquely encoded in the 2D linkage layout. As a consequence, the structure can be fabricated and assembled in the plane and ...
    Conference Paper
  17. Kernenergienutzung – ein nachhaltiger Irrtum der Geschichte? 

    Gugerli, David (2004)
    Nova Acta Leopoldina
    The history of atomic energy has been producing major surprises for at least half a century. A wave of atomic enthusiasm which grew to a veritable atomic euphoria was triggered by the famous atoms-for-peace speech by US president Eisenhower in 1953. Despite their inherent technocratic pacifism, Eisenhower's atoms led to critical conflicts within those societies that subscribed to the nuclear development scheme, A critical revision of these ...
    Conference Paper
  18. A User Comfort Model and Index Policy for Personalizing Discrete Controller Decisions 

    Menner, Marcel; Zeilinger, Melanie N. (2018)
    2018 European Control Conference (ECC)
    User feedback allows for tailoring system operation to ensure individual user satisfaction. A major challenge in personalized decision-making is the systematic construction of a user model during operation while maintaining control performance. This paper presents both an index-based control policy to smartly collect and process user feedback and a user comfort model in the form of a Markov decision process with a priori unknown user-specific ...
    Conference Paper

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