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  1. Seismicity and seismotectonics in the Himalaya of Bhutan: Insights from the GANSSER seismic network 

    Diehl, Tobias; Singer, Julia; Hetényi, György; et al. (2014)
    Other Conference Item
  2. Crowdsourcing - The Real People behind the Crowd 

    Graf, Nicole (2017)
    Other Conference Item
  3. Enhancing energy efficiency in railway operation through RCG-based rescheduling 

    Toletti, Ambra; De Martinis, Valerio; Weidmann, Ulrich A. (2017)
    2017 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2017 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe (EEEIC / I&CPS Europe)
    Conference Paper
  4. Why Open Source Hardware matters and why you should care 

    Gürkaynak, Frank K. (2017)
    Open source hardware is currently where open source software was about 30 years ago. The idea is well received by enthusiasts, there is interest and the open source hardware has gained visible momentum recently, with several well-known universities including UC Berkeley, Cambridge and ETH Zürich actively working on large projects involving open source hardware, attracting the attention of companies big and small. But it is still not quite ...
    Other Conference Item
  5. A Process to Enable the Automation of Road Asset Management 

    Adey, Bryan T. (2017)
    In this paper, a complete high level process to enable the automation of road asset management is presented. It should be used by road asset managers who are establishing their own more detailed process to ensure that all involved stakeholders agree as to the activities involved in the management of road assets and the reasons why. The use of this process to develop more detailed processes will help ensure that the further efforts to ...
    Conference Paper
  6. A Methodology to Determine Optimal Intervention Programs for Multiple Urban Infrastructure Networks with a Consistent Representation of Service Levels 

    Kielhauser, Clemens; Adey, Bryan T. (2017)
    The determination of optimal intervention programs for municipal infrastructure networks, such as road, gas and water distribution networks is a challenging task. To find optimal intervention programs, it is necessary to take into consideration not only 1) the costs of interventions in terms of owner costs, but also 2) the potential loss of service both before, during and after the execution of the interventions, e.g. a failure due to ...
    Conference Paper
  7. Approximating an analytic solution for the optimal design of asphalt pavement 

    Richmond, Craig; Achiles, F.; Adey, Bryan T. (2017)
    This article considers how the expected service life of asphalt pavement can be modelled taking into consideration different climates, different amounts of traffic and an opportunity for optimal design. A methodology is proposed that follows the steps used by economists to describe how an optimizing producer would determine optimal inputs to use in a generic production process. Because realistic mechanistic models of thermal cracking and ...
    Conference Paper
  8. Multi-Layer Spatially Embedded Random Network Model for Complex Transportation Networks 

    Hackl, Jürgen; Adey, Bryan T. (2017)
    Many complex systems found in nature, technology and science can be represented as networks. Most real and engineered systems, including transportation infrastructure, are embedded in space and interact with one another in a variety of ways. To study such systems, a novel multi-layer spatially embedded random network model is proposed. In the development of this model, concepts from spatial statistics and graph theory are used to map ...
    Conference Paper
  9. Mesh Mould: An On Site, Robotically Fabricated, Functional Formwork 

    Hack, Norman; Wangler, Timothy; Mata-Falcón, Jaime; et al. (2017)
    Conference Paper
  10. All-Pairs 2-Reachability in O(n^w log n) Time 

    Georgiadis, Loukas; Graf, Daniel; Italiano, Giuseppe F.; et al. (2017)
    Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs) ~ 44th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP 2017)
    In the 2-reachability problem we are given a directed graph G and we wish to determine if there are two (edge or vertex) disjoint paths from u to v, for given pair of vertices u and v. In this paper, we present an algorithm that computes 2-reachability information for all pairs of vertices in O(n^w log n) time, where n is the number of vertices and w is the matrix multiplication exponent. Hence, we show that the running time of all-pairs ...
    Conference Paper
  11. Autonomous vehicle algorithms for highway weaving sections 

    He, Haitao; Hohenfellner, Moritz; Yang, Kaidi; et al. (2017)
    Conference Paper
  12. Six Key Conditions for Successfully Implementing a Responsive Landscape Planning Approach 

    Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne (2017)
    Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture
    Conference Paper
  13. 3D Point Clouds for Representing Landscape Change 

    Spielhofer, Reto; Fabrikant, Sara Irina; Vollmer, Matthias; et al. (2017)
    Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture
    Conference Paper
  14. Unlock the sharing economy for the parking sector 

    Wei, Liu; He, Haitao (2017)
    Other Conference Item
  15. Integrating System Modelling with Safety Activities 

    Kaiser, Bernhard; Klaas, Vanessa; Schulz, Stefan; et al. (2010)
    Lecture notes in computer science 5000 (2008) - 6999 (2012) ~ Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security
    Conference Paper
  16. Monitoring Patients in Ambulatory Palliative Care: A Design for an Observational Study 

    Klaas, Vanessa C.; Calatroni, Alberto; Hardegger, Michael; et al. (2017)
    Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, LNICST ~ Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare
    Conference Paper
  17. Composites Part Production with Additive Manufacturing Technologies 

    Türk, Daniel-Alexander; Kussmaul, Ralph; Zogg, Markus; et al. (2017)
    Procedia CIRP
    Additive Manufacturing (AM) is of particular interest in the context of composite part production as AM promises the production of integrated, complex structures with low lead times. Currently, AM is used for tooling and sandwich cores with added functionalities. This paper presents four design principles that improve the production of composites parts during layup, handling, curing and post processing in the layup process. Design principles ...
    Conference Paper
  18. Innovative bacterial spore control as key for high quality foods 

    Zhang, Yifan; Tran, Sophia; Waser, Alex; et al. (2017)
    Conference Poster
  19. Filter-free measurements of black carbon absorption using photoacoustic spectroscopy 

    Wang, Gaoxuan; Yi, Hongming; Hubert, Patrice; et al. (2017)
    ​Proceedings of SPIE ~ Quantum Sensing and Nano Electronics and Photonics XIV
    Conference Paper
  20. Monitoring of short-lived climate pollutants by laser absorption spectroscopy 

    Wang, Gaoxuan; Chen, Dong; Shen, Fengjiao; et al. (2017)
    Proceedings of SPIE ~ Quantum Sensing and Nano Electronics and Photonics XIV
    Conference Paper

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