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  1. Semi-analytical estimation of macroscopic fundamental diagrams 

    Tilg, Gabriel; Ambühl, Lukas; Batista, Sergio; et al. (2021)
    The design of network-wide schemes requires computationally efficient traffic models. The Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram (MFD) is a promising tool for such an application. Unfortunately, current semi-analytical approaches require an inaccurate network reduction to a corridor. Our methodology allows us to estimate the MFD for general networks, without the information loss induced by the reduction of networks to corridors. The model is ...
    Conference Paper
  2. Multifunctionality of permanent grasslands: ecosystem services and resilience to climate change 

    Buchmann, Nina; Fuchs, Kathrin; Feigenwinter, Iris; et al. (2019)
    Grassland Science in Europe ~ Improving sown grasslands through breeding and management
    Conference Paper
  3. In jeder Stadt (k)ein Warenhaus 

    Langenberg, Silke; Ilmberger, Katharina (2016)
    Conference Poster
  4. The Gasholder – Shaped by its function. The Italian example 

    Berger, Barbara (2015)
    Conference Proceedings
  5. Welterbe im Aufschwung? Welterbe in Gefahr? 

    Langenberg, Silke (2017)
    Conference Proceedings
  6. Welche Denkmale welcher Moderne? 

    Langenberg, Silke (2015)
    Conference Proceedings
  7. Zur Erhaltung des nicht Haltbaren 

    Langenberg, Silke (2017)
    Conference Proceedings
  8. The EMV Standard: Break, Fix, Verify 

    Basin, David; Sasse, Ralf; Toro Pozo, Jorge Luis (2021)
    Conference Paper
  9. Nested multi-input-output model of interdependent infrastructure and socioeconomic systems in urban areas 

    Dubaniowski, Mateusz Iwo; Stojadinović, Božidar (2020)
    Urban areas are constantly expanding as people gravitate towards cities. As a result, cities become more complex, interconnected, and dependent on essential infrastructure systems. These systems are stressed and suffer more disruptions. In turn, these disruptions have larger impacts due to higher urban density and increasing number of interdependencies present. Consequently, it is vital to ensure that the infrastructure systems are ...
    Conference Paper
  10. MicroRec: Efficient Recommendation Inference by Hardware and Data Structure Solutions 

    Jiang, Wenqi; He, Zhenhao; Zhang, Shuai; et al. (2021)
    Conference Paper
  11. Unipolar Amplifier Enabling Measurement of Far-field Intra-cardiac Electromyogram for Blood Pump Control 

    Dual, Seraina A.; Jacob, Dominic; Meboldt, Mirko; et al. (2021)
    Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (BIOSTEC 2021)
    Heart pumps are implanted as an alternative to heart transplantation in patients with heart failure. Future devices are expected to respond to the physiological need of each patient automatically. Physiological control algorithms have shown to be robust if based on the measurement of end-diastolic volume (EDV); but real-time measurements of EDV are not available. In theory, the EDV has been shown to correlate with the maximum depolarization ...
    Conference Paper
  12. Fünfliber-Drone: A Modular Open-Platform 18-grams Autonomous Nano-Drone 

    Müller, Hanna; Palossi, Daniele; Mach, Stefan; et al. (2021)
    Conference Paper
  13. Modeling Longitudinal Dynamics of Comorbidities 

    Maag, Basil; Feuerriegel, Stefan; Kraus, Mathias; et al. (2021)
    Conference Paper
  14. Online Appendix - A Fast and Reliable Pick-and-Place Application with a Spherical Soft Robotic Arm 

    Zughaibi, Jasan; Hofer, Matthias; D'Andrea, Raffaello (2021)
    This document is the online appendix to the paper "A Fast and Reliable Pick-and-Place Application with a Spherical Soft Robotic Arm" submitted to the IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics 2021. We present a detailed mathematical analysis of a control allocation mapping of an antagonistically actuated soft robotic arm. The control allocation simplifies the modeling and control as it allows us to consider the dynamics as decoupled. ...
    Other Conference Item
  15. Multilevel Quasi-Monte Carlo Uncertainty Quantification for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction 

    Herrmann, Lukas; Schwab, Christoph (2020)
    Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
    We survey the numerical analysis of a class of deterministic, higher-order QMC integration methods in forward and inverse uncertainty quantification algorithms for advection-diffusion-reaction (ADR) equations in polygonal domains D⊂R2 with distributed uncertain inputs. We admit spatially heterogeneous material properties. For the parametrization of the uncertainty, we assume at hand systems of functions which are locally supported in D. ...
    Conference Paper
  16. A Playful Smartphone-based Self-regulation Training for the Prevention and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Obesity: Technical Feasibility and Perceptions of Young Patients 

    Kowatsch, Tobias; Shih, Iris; Lukic, Yanick Xavier; et al. (2021)
    Effective interventions for the prevention and treatment of child and adolescent obesity play an important role in reducing the global health and economic burden of non-communicable diseases. Although multi-component interventions targeting various health behaviors are deemed promising, evidence for their effectiveness is still limited. Self-regulation seems to be a relevant working mechanism in this regard. Therefore, we propose a playful, ...
    Conference Paper
  17. Unübersehbar. Die Wohnbaubestände der Boomjahre 

    Langenberg, Silke (2019)
    Conference Proceedings
  18. Zur Erhaltung des nicht Haltbaren 

    Langenberg, Silke (2017)
    Conference Proceedings
  19. The long-lived anthropogenic radionuclides I-129 and U-236 as tracers of water mass provenance, circulation timescales and mixing in the Arctic Ocean and Fram Strait 

    Wefing, Anne-Marie; Casacuberta, Núria; Christl, Marcus; et al. (2020)
    Other Conference Item

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