Recent Submissions 

  1. Molecular breath analysis supports altered amino acid metabolism in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 

    Gaugg, Martin T.; Engler, Anna; Bregy, Lukas; et al. (2019)
    Data Collection
  2. Photon-mediated interactions between semiconductor qubits 

    Van Woerkom, David J.; Wallraff, Andreas; Scarlino, Pasquale; et al. (2018)
    The realization of a coherent interface between distant charge or spin qubits in semiconductor quantum dots is an open challenge for quantum information processing. Here we demonstrate both resonant and non-resonant photon-mediated coherent interactions between double quantum dot charge qubits separated by several tens of micrometers. We present clear spectroscopic evidence of the collective enhancement of the resonant coupling of two ...
    Data Collection
  3. A data collection of critical chloride contents for steel corrosion in concrete 

    Boschmann Käthler, Carolina; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, Bernhard (2018)
    A data collection of critical chloride contents and their influencing parameters measured on samples from engineering structures
    Data Collection
  4. Data collection for the Grimsel In-Situ Stimulation and Circulation (ISC) experiment 

    Doetsch, Joseph; Gischig, Valentin; Amman, Florian; et al. (2018)
    Data Collection
  5. Research Data Collection of Hella Ahrends 

    Ahrends, Hella (2010)
    Data Collection
  6. Research Data Collection of Annina Winkler 

    Winkler, Annina (2017)
    Data Collection
  7. Research Data Collection of Anna Katarina Gilgen 

    Gilgen, Anna K. (2009)
    Data Collection
  8. Research Data Collection of Jennifer Gassmann 

    Gassmann, Jennifer (2010)
    Data Collection
  9. Research Data Collection of Janett Rut 

    Janett, Rut Martina (2015)
    Data Collection
  10. Research Data Collection of Samuel Schmid 

    Schmid, Samuel (2006)
    Data Collection
  11. Research Data Collection of Florian Suter 

    Suter, Florian (2011)
    Data Collection

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