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  1. Design Catalogue of Adjustable Stiffness, Damping, and Impedance Elements within AIProVE-Project 

    Nasrallah Danun, Aschraf; Lindenmann, Andreas; Heyden, Emil (2022)
    This catalog presents adjustable stiffness, damping, and impedance elements. Adjustable impedance elements are machine elements that consist of a separately adjustable stiffness mechanism and damping mechanism. The selection catalog gives information about design space, standardized interfaces, degree of freedom, control possibilities, range of frequency, range of stiffness and damping, inertia, load range, displacement, working principle, ...
    Data Collection
  2. Data of trends and drivers of global surface ocean acidification over the past four decades 

    Ma, Danling; Gregor, Luke; Gruber, Nicolas (2023)
    Data Collection
  3. N-doping Graphene at Ambient Conditions with N2-DBD-Plasma and the role of neutral species 

    Begley, Alina; Bartolomeo, Giovanni Luca; Abbott, Daniel Francis; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  4. Protecting the children – A virtual reality experiment on consumers’ risk perception of household chemicals 

    Bearth, Angela (2023)
    Warnings on labels of hazardous household chemicals (e.g., warning pictograms, use instructions) should create risk awareness and thus, encourage safe storage, handling, and disposal. However, scientific findings have called the effectiveness of warnings to prevent accidents into question, albeit mostly based on consumers’ self-report. This study aims at contributing to the existing data on household chemicals and consumer safety by ...
    Data Collection
  5. Solvated dielectrons from optical excitation: An effective source of low-energy electrons 

    Hartweg, Sebastian; Barnes, Jonathan; Yoder, Bruce L.; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  6. Time Dependent Inverse Optimal Control using Trigonometric Basis Functions - Data Collection 

    Rickenbach, Rahel; Arcari, Elena; Zeilinger, Melanie N. (2023)
    Data Collection
  7. Dataset and Models for the Article "Building Floorspace in China: A Dataset and Learning Pipeline" 

    Jiang, Muyang; Rao, Susie Xi; Papini, Sebastiano (2023)
    Data Collection
  8. Preonzo Rockslide Complex Displacement Data 

    Loew, Simon (2023)
    TPS and Extensometer data as described in: Simon Loew I Sophie Gschwind I Valentin Gischig I Alexandra Keller-Signer I Giorgio Valenti: Monitoring and early warning of the 2012 Preonzo catastrophic rockslope failure. Landslides (2017) 14:141–154 DOI 10.1007/s10346-016-0701-y Received: 23 December 2014 Accepted: 15 March 2016 Published online: 7 April 2016 © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2016
    Data Collection
  9. Kinetic Magnetism in Triangular Moiré Materials 

    Ciorciaro, Livio (2023)
    Data Collection
  10. Reference Panels for ARDISS 

    Roqueiro, Damian Sabas; Togninalli, Matteo (2023)
    Data Collection
  11. Biofabrication of heterogeneous, multi-layered, and human-scale tissue transplants using eluting mold casting 

    Tosoratti, Enrico; Rutsche, Dominic; Asadikorayem, Maryam; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  12. FLight Biofabrication Supports Maturation of Articular Cartilage with Anisotropic Properties 

    Puiggali-Jou, Anna; Rizzo, Riccardo; Bonato, Angela; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  13. GPR data and scripts of Ogier et al. 2023 

    Ogier, Christophe (2023)
    Data Collection
  14. Neuropeptide-based chelator induces conformational changes and metal displacement in amyloid-β copper complexes 

    Wu, Ri; Svingou, Despoina; Metternich, Jonas Bastian; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  15. Research Data Collection of Riedl Andreas 

    Riedl, Andreas (2022)
    Data Collection

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