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  1. Towards efficient concrete structures with Eggshell: Exploring reinforcement strategies and optimisation 

    Gebhard, Lukas; Burger, Joris Jan; Mata Falcón, Jaime; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  2. Data repository: Electron transport in dual-gated three-layer MoS2 

    Masseroni, Michele (2021)
    Data Collection
  3. Basis for the determination of waveforms for the sites of dams in Switzerland - Subproject 1: Disaggregation of seismic hazard for return periods of 1000, 5000, 10000 years 

    Bergamo, Paolo; Laurentiu, Danciu; Panzera, Francesco; et al. (2021)
    This report documents part 1 of the project “Basis for the determination of waveforms for the sites of dams in Switzerland”, commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). The first part of the project deals with the disaggregation of ground shaking hazard levels for mean return periods of 1000, 5000, 10000 years and three intensity measure types: peak ground acceleration (PGA), spectral acceleration at 0.15 s period ...
    Data Collection
  4. The Enzian Research Computer 

    Cock, David (2021)
    Data Collection
  5. Thermal convection in porous media 

    Kong, Xiang-Zhao (2021)
    Data Collection
  6. The Ice thickness of Chueboden glacier 

    Ogier, Christophe (2021)
    In November 2020, a large frontal piece of the lake-terminating Chueboden glacier calved off. This event raised questions on the glacier stability, and on the potential hazard constituted by the glacier-lake ensemble. On 31 March 2021, we conducted a ground penetrating radar(GPR) campaign to measure the glacier’s ice thickness. The acquired ice thickness observations were then interpolated to a spatial resolution of 5 m over 92% of the ...
    Data Collection
  7. SHAPE-ID Literature Review dataset: bibliography on IDR/TDR 

    Wciślik, Piotr; Maryl, Maciej; Vienni Baptista, Bianca; et al. (2020)
    <strong>Background and methodology:</strong> The dataset consists of 5040 records of publication metadata (author, abstract, title, keywords, tags etc.), produced for the purposes of the systematic literature review in the framework of the SHAPE-ID project. In the course of the review Project team queried Web of Science (WoS), Scopus and JSTOR databases for records on interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity (IDR/TDR). In the case of ...
    Data Collection
  8. Effects of the Pliensbachian–Toarcian Boundary Event on carbonate productivity of a Tethyan platform and slope 

    Fleischmann, Sarah; Picotti, Vincenzo; Rugenstein, Jeremy Kesner Caves; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  9. Data repository: Local signatures of electron-electron scattering in an electronic cavity 

    Gold, Carolin; Bräm, Beat A.; Steinacher, Richard; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  10. Data Repository: Coherent Jetting from a Gate-Defined Channel in Bilayer Graphene 

    Gold, Carolin; Knothe, Angelika; Kurzmann, Annika; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  11. Data repository: Imaging signatures of the local density of states in an electronic cavity 

    Gold, Carolin; Bräm, Beat A.; Ferguson, Michael S.; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  12. Data repository: Scanning gate microscopy of localized states in a gate-defined bilayer graphene channel 

    Gold, Carolin; Kurzmann, Annika; Watanabe, Kenji; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  13. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition status is the main driver of intrinsic metabolism in cancer cell lines 

    Zamboni, Nicola; Cherkaoui, Sarah (2021)
    A fundamental feature of cancer cells is genomic heterogeneity. It is a main driver of phenotypic differences, including the response to drugs, and therefore a key factor in therapy selection. Motivated by the increasing role attributed to metabolic reprogramming in tumor development, we wondered how genomic heterogeneity affects metabolic phenotype. To this end, we profiled the intracellular metabolome of 180 cancer cell lines grown in ...
    Data Collection
  14. Enhanced soot particle ice nucleation ability induced by aggregate compaction and densification 

    Gao, Kunfeng; Friebel, Franz; Zhou, Chong-Wen; et al. (2022)
    Data Collection

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