Recent Submissions 

  1. PyBDA example data 

    Dirmeier, Simon (2019)
    Data Collection
  2. Mapping biomolecular energy landscapes using temperature-jump mass spectrometry 

    Marchand, Adrien Henri; Czar, Martin Francis; Eggel, Elija; et al. (2019)
    Data Collection
  3. Lake overturn as a key driver for methane oxidation 

    Zimmermann, Matthias (2019)
    Many seasonally stratified lakes accumulate substantial amounts of the greenhouse gas methane in the anoxic zone. Methane oxidizing bacteria in the water column act as a converter, oxidizing methane into carbon dioxide and biomass before it reaches the atmosphere. Current observations and estimates of this methane oxidation efficiency are diverging, especially for the lake overturn period. Here we combine a model of turbulent mixing, gas ...
    Data Collection
  4. Coherent microwave-photon-mediated coupling between a semiconductor and a superconducting qubit 

    Scarlino, Pasquale; Wallraff, Andreas (2019)
    Data Collection
  5. Machine Learning Reveals the State of Intermittent Frictional Dynamics in a Sheared Granular Fault 

    Dorostkar, Omid; Strebel, Dominik André (2019)
    Data Collection
  6. Nonlinear optics in the fractional quantum Hall regime 

    Knüppel, Patrick (2019)
    Data Collection

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