Recent Submissions 

  1. Dataset and code for publication "A rationally engineered decoder of transient intracellular signals" 

    Lormeau, Claude; Rudolf, Fabian; Stelling, Jörg (2021)
    Data Collection
  2. Near real-time, time-dependent estimates of the likelihood of earthquake-induced mass-movements in the Valais and associated impacts 

    Knupfer, Jann-Andrea (2021)
    Earthquake-induced mass movements are a substantial threat to mountainous areas in seismically active regions like the Valais, the most seismically hazardous region of Switzerland. This study describes a comprehensive procedure to deliver short-term time-dependent predictions of mass-movement likelihoods in the Valais and their impacts in near real-time during major earthquake sequences. We rely on the availability of a Swiss-specific ...
    Data Collection
  3. Data belonging to 'Changing Friction at the Base of an Alpine Glacier' 

    Gräff, Dominik; Walter, Fabian Thomas (2021)
    Data collection supplementing the publication 'Changing Friction at the Base of an Alpine Glacier' containing: (1) Stick-slip icequake catalog, (2) Stick-Slip icequake source information, (3) Seismic station information, (4) GPS glacier surface velocity, (5) Bayesian Inversion results.
    Data Collection
  4. Physical and biological controls on leaf gas exchange (supporting data) 

    Singer, Thomas; Schymanski, Stanislaus J. (2021)
    This data collection contains leaf gas exchange measurements and confocal laser scanning microscope images of leaf surface imprints taken at the end of each measurement, along with the entire data analysis workflows and notes related to the following MSc thesis: Singer, T.: Physical and biological controls on leaf gas exchange, MSc thesis, ETH Zurich,, 2017. Data analysis was performed mainly ...
    Data Collection
  5. Data repository: Gate-defined Josephson Junctions in Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene 

    de Vries, Folkert Kornelis; Portoles, Elias; Zheng, Giulia; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  6. Data Collection: New Particle Formation from the Vapor Phase: From Barrier Controlled Nucleation to the Collisional Limit 

    Dingilian, Kayane; Lippe, Martina; Kubečka, Jakub; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  7. HD 117214 debris disk polarization images 

    Engler, Natalia; Lazzoni, C.; Gratton, Raffaele; et al. (2020)
    Young stars with debris disks are the most promising targets for an exoplanet search because debris indicate a successful formation of planetary bodies. Debris disks can be shaped by planets into ring structures that give valuable indications on the presence and location of planets in the disk. We performed observations of the Sco-Cen F star HD 117214 to search for planetary companions and to characterize the debris disk structure. HD ...
    Data Collection
  8. Bioprinting of Cartilaginous Auricular Constructs Utilizing an Enzymatically Crosslinkable Bioink 

    Fisch, Philipp; Broguière, Nicolas; Finkielsztein, Sergio; et al. (2020)
    Data Collection
  9. Arabidopsis arenosa root architecture 

    Kao, Joyce (2020)
    Arabidopsis arenosa root architecture
    A project conducted within the K. Bomblies lab at ETHZ to examine root architecture of A. arenosa. Phenotypes for 14 populations were assayed including lateral & adventitious roots, direction of growth, upside-down germination, roots lifting off of the plate, and starch levels in root tips. Additional phenotypes of germination time and rates for these populations were also recorded and analyzed.
    Data Collection
  10. Social network data of Swiss farmers related to agricultural climate change mitigation 

    Kreft, Cordelia S.; Angst, Mario; Huber, Robert; et al. (2020)
    We present social network data of Swiss farmers, focusing on exchange and advice relations regarding agricultural climate change mitigation. The data were generated via face-to-face interviews in 2019 using the survey software Network Canvas ( We interviewed 50 farmers, with 25 of these participating in a regional climate protection initiative in Switzerland as well as 25 farmers located in the same region who ...
    Data Collection
  11. Modeling eMNS Data 

    Charreyron, Samuel (2020)
    Data Collection

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