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  1. Physical data for the 54 most voluminous low latitude reservoirs 

    Winton, R. Scott; Calamita, Elisa; Wehrli, Bernhard (2018)
  2. Not the First Digit! 

    Diekmann, Andreas (2007)
    Digits in statistical data produced by natural or social processes are often distributed in a manner described by 'Benford's law'. Recently, a test against this distribution was used to identify fraudulent accounting data. This test is based on the supposition that first, second, third and other digits in real data follow the Benford distribution while the digits in fabricated do not. Is it possible to apply Benford tests to detect ...
    Other Research Data
  3. Social status and aggression: A Field Study Analyzed by Survival Analysis 

    Diekmann, Andreas; Jungbauer-Gans, Monika; Krassnig, Heinz; et al. (1996)
    A field experiment was conducted in Germany to explore whether driver characteristics and the social status of cars are related to an aggressive response. Drivers waiting at a traffic light (N = 57) were blocked by an experimental car. The amount of time that elapsed until the drivers responded by honking their horns or beaming their headlights was recorded, and bivariate and multivariate methods of survival analysis were used to analyze ...
  4. The Power of Reciprocity 

    Diekmann, Andreas (2004)
    In two experiments, the existence and extent of altruistic reciprocity is explored in the context of a simple experimental game, "the sequential dictator". Findings show that altruistic reciprocity is frequent and robust, and the reciprocity norm does not erode if stakes are raised. Implications of the findings for social theory further empirical research are discussed.
  5. Reputation Formation and the Evolution of Cooperation in Anonymous Online Markets 

    Diekmann, Andreas; Jann, Ben; Przepiorka, Wojtek; et al. (2013)
    Theoretical propositions stressing the importance of trust, reciprocity, and reputation for cooperation in social exchange relations are deeply rooted in classical sociological thought. Thoday's online markets provide a unique opportunity to test these theories using unobtrusive data. Our study investigates the mechanisms promoting cooperation in an online-auction market where most transactions can be conceived as one-time-only exchanges. ...
  6. Qua-kit data: Urban Design Submissions 

    Chirkin, Artem (2018)
    Quick Urban Analysis Kit (qua-kit) is a web platform for simple urban design editing, sharing and discussion. Qua-kit is integrated into a series of massive open online courses (MOOCs) called Future Cities, which is developed by the chair of Information Architecture (iA) at ETH Zürich. This dataset contains student submissions (design geometry), discussions, and related data in the form of an SQL dump. In addition, the archive contains ...
  7. Model data set and video to "Modeling seismic and aseismic fault growth: Implications for assessing fault orientations" 

    Preuss, Simon; Herrendörfer, Robert; Gerya, Taras V.; et al. (2019)
    Journal of Geophysical Research. Solid Earth
  8. Molecular breath analysis supports altered amino acid metabolism in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 

    Gaugg, Martin T.; Engler, Anna; Bregy, Lukas; et al. (2019)
    Data Collection
  9. Single- and cross-hole hydraulic characterization of the ISC support volume at the Grimsel Test Site 

    Brixel, Bernard; Jalali, Mohammadreza; Klepikova, Maria V. (2019)
  10. Wie fremdenfeindlich ist die Schweiz? 

    Diekmann, Andreas; Jann, Ben; Näf, Matthias (2014)
    Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung“ im Frühlingssemester 2010 an der ETH Zürich wurde unter der Leitung der Dozenten Ben Jann und Matthias Naef eine Reihe von Feldexperimenten zum Thema Diskriminierung durchgeführt. Ein weiteres Diskriminierungsexperiment entstand im Rahmen einer von Andreas Diekmann betreuten MTU-Arbeit.
  11. Zusätzliches Material - Die Rezeption (Thyssen-)preisgekrönter Artikel in der „Scientific Community“ 

    Diekmann, Andreas; Näf, Matthias; Schubiger, Manuel (2012)
    Wir untersuchen in unserer Studie, ob Artikel, die mit dem Thyssen-Preis prämiert wurden, in höherem Masse rezipiert werden als nicht-ausgezeichnete Artikel. Dazu wurden die Ergebnisse für die prämierten Artikel mit einer Kontrollstichprobe der nicht ausgezeichneten Arbeiten verglichen. Prämierte Artikel "ernten" signifikant mehr Zitationen als Artikel in der Kontrollstichprobe.
    Other Research Data
  12. Die Präventivwirkung des Nichtwissens im Experiment 

    Diekmann, Andreas; Przepiorka, Wojtek; Rauhut, Heiko (2011)
    „Die Präventivwirkung des Nichtwissens“ ist eine Hypothese über die Stabilität des Normensystems, die von Heinrich Popitz (1968) aufgestellt wurde. Die Hypothese schreibt der Dunkelziffer eine normstabilisierende Kraft zu. Würde demnach das tatsächliche Ausmaß von Normabweichungen bekannt, müsste dies das Normensystem schwächen. Bei Ahndung aller Normenbrüche würde das Normensystem kollabieren. Wir untersuchen mit einem einfachen Experiment, ...
  13. "Teutonischer Tiefsinn" und "Soziochinesisch" 

    Diekmann, Andreas; Vieth, Manuela (2004)
    Wie denken die Leserinnen und Leser über die ZfS? Im Zeitraum November 2002 bis Februar 2003 wurden Leserinnen und Leser befragt, die die ZfS privat abonniert hatten.
  14. Supplement of Quantifying irreversible movement in steep, fractured bedrock permafrost on Matterhorn (CH) 

    Weber, Samuel; Beutel, Jan; Failletaz, Jérome; et al. (2017)
  15. Reasearch Data Collection to Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Bubble Behavior and Particle Velocity in Fluidized Beds 

    Penn, Alexander; Boyce, Christopher M.; Kovar, Thomas; et al. (2018)
    The following MATLAB scripts were used to generate the majority of the plots presented in the paper "Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Bubble Behavior and Particle Velocity in Fluidized Beds" (DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.8b00932 Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2018, 57, 9674-9682). The two subfolders 12/ and 16/ contain the processed data for the experiments using 1 mm and the 3 mm particles, respectively. Please feel free to use this data for ...
  16. Code For The Analysis Of Acoustic And Micro-Seismic Data Measured At Matterhorn Hörnligrat, Switzerland 

    Weber, Samuel; Meyer, Matthias (2018)
    Python3 code used to produce Figures in the following publication:
  17. Micro-Seismic And Image Dataset Acquired At Matterhorn Hörnligrat, Switzerland 

    Meyer, Matthias; Weber, Samuel; Beutel, Jan; et al. (2018)
    This dataset contains annotated micro-seismic recordings and images acquired in the context of project X-Sense2 (financed by nano-tera.ch, ref. no. 530659) at the Matterhorn Hörnligrat fieldsite on 3500 m a.s.l.. Additionally, secondary data is provided which can used for further analysis.

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