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  1. Research Data supporting "Background free-tropospheric ice nucleating particle concentrations at mixed-phase cloud conditions" 

    Lacher, Larissa (2018)
    Clouds containing ice are vital for precipitation formation and play a critical roleare important in determining the Earth’s radiative budget. However, primary formation of ice in clouds is not fully understood. In the presence of ice nucleating particles (INPs), the phase change from water or vapor to ice is promoted, but identification and quantification of INPs in a natural environment remains challenging because of their low numbers. ...
  2. Active seismic monitoring of a hydraulic injection at the Grimsel Test Site 

    Doetsch, Joseph; Gischig, Valentin Samuel; Villiger, Linus; et al. (2018)
  3. Data set accompanying Biochemistry, 2018, 57 (11), pp 1685–1689 

    Gavriilidou, Agni F.M.; Zenobi, Renato (2018)
    Data Collection
  4. Volatile biomarkers of symptomatic and asymptomatic malaria infection in humans 

    De Moraes, Consuelo M.; Wanjiku, Caroline; Stanczyk, Nina M.; et al. (2018)
    Data Collection
  5. Drone sequences Storhultsmossen 

    Sander, Michael (2018)
  6. AMS transport network vectorisation 

    Hunziker, Philipp; Fuhrer, Raphaël (2013)
  7. Subglacial Hydrology Model Intercomparison Project (SHMIP) Data Submissions 

    Werder, Mauro A.; de Fleurian, Baslie; Beyer, Sebastian; et al. (2018)
    Data-submissions for the paper "SHMIP: The Subglacial Hydrology Model Intercomparison Project" submitted to Journal of Glaciology.
    Data Collection
  8. Unified measurement software UMS 

    Pfenninger, Reto; Sediva, Eva; Boyn, Sören; et al. (2017)
  9. Controlling ferroic domain architecture in oxide heterostructures - Dataset 

    De Luca, Gabriele; Trassin, Morgan; Fiebig, Manfred (2018)
    Data Collection
  10. Dataset for "Permeability and seismic velocity anisotropy across a ductile-brittle fault zone in crystalline rock" 

    Wenning, Quinn C.; Madonna, Claudio; de Haller, Antoine; et al. (2018)
    This is a dataset provided as supplimenary material for the publication "Permeability and seismic velocity anisotropy across a ductile-brittle fault zone in crystalline rock" that includes seismic velocity measurements, permeability measurements, and thin section images.
    Data Collection
  11. Data supporting The eMLR(C*) method to determine decadal changes in the global ocean storage of anthropogenic CO2 

    Gruber, Nicolas (2018)
    The determination of the decadal change in anthropogenic CO2 in the global ocean from repeat hydrographic surveys represents a formidable challenge, which we address here by introducing a seamless new method. This method builds on the extended multiple linear regression (eMLR) approach [Friis et al., 2005] to identify the anthropogenic CO2 signal, but in order to improve the robustness of this method, we fit C* [Gruber and Sarmiento, 2002] ...
  12. Comprehensive geological dataset for a fractured crystalline rock volume at the Grimsel Test Site 

    Krietsch, Hannes; Doetsch, Jospeh; Dutler, Nathan; et al. (2018)

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