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  1. Song Snippets with Steganographically Embedded Information 

    Tanner, Simon; Eichelberger, Manuel; Wattenhofer, Roger; et al. (2018)
  2. Pitot Tube 

    Ferchow, Julian (2018)
  3. Simulation Pitot Tube 

    Ferchow, Julian; Ferchow, Julian (2018)
  4. Post Processing 

    Ferchow, Julian (2018)
  5. WAVE Files used in Audio Experiment for "Receiving Data Hidden in Music" 

    Tanner, Simon; Eichelberger, Manuel; Voirol, Gabriel; et al. (2018)
  6. H&E stained dermo-epidermal model 

    Sarkiri, Maria (2018)
  7. High-Speed Gas Bubble Tracking with Ultrasound 

    Jud, Pascal Armin; Hager, Pascal A. (2018)
  8. Supplementary material - Transient pressure-pulse decay solvers 

    Wenning, Quinn; Madonna, Claudio; Moulas, Evangelos (2018)
    This is supplementary material for the publication: The contents contain: 1) Pre-processing tools to cut and trim experimental data and determine fluid/gas properties, 2) a folder containing the Matlab codes for the finite-difference method to determine permeability from transient pressure-pulse decay experiments, and 3) Analytical solutions to the transient pressure-pulse decay permeability method in an Excel spreadsheet. A ...
    Other Research Data
  9. Dataset - Mapping fracture aperture changes with displacement 

    Wenning, Quinn; Madonna, Claudio; Kurotori, Takeshi; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth
  10. Model for the pedestrian fundamental diagram 

    Bosina, Ernst (2018)
  11. Clinical outcome dataset for the study comparing virtual reality training vs. conventional therapy. 

    Schuster-Amft, Corina; Eng, Kynan; Suica, Zorica; et al. (2018)
  12. Supplementary data 3D Traction Force Microscopy 

    Holenstein, Claude Nicolas (2018)

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