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  1. qcscine/development-utils: Release 5.1.0 

    Csizi, Katja-Sophia; Feldmann, Robin; Sobez, Jan-Grimo; et al. (2023)
    Changes: Add CMake import for Spglib Add CMake import for JSON by nlohmann Add some download helper functions Update LBFGS++ to version 0.2 Various bugfixes and improvements
  2. Aerosol Monitoring data Cantabria 

    Kost, Oliver (2023)
    Aerosol monitoring data collected in Cantabria (Spain) during PhD project of Oliver Kost. This data is used for the publication "Marine aerosol in coastal areas and their impact on cave drip water - a monitoring study from Northern Spain" in Atmospheric Environment (under review; January 2023)
  3. Cave monitoring data La Vallina 

    Kost, Oliver (2023)
    Data set of cave monitoring data collected in La Vallina cave (NW Spain). This data set is used for the publication "Relationship of seasonal variations in drip water δ13CDIC, δ18O and trace elements with surface and physical cave conditions of La Vallina Cave, NW Spain" currently under review in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussion (HESSD) Preprint-DOI: https://doi.org/10.5194/hess-2022-386
  4. Post-high-pressure temperature and time – overlooked parameters in high pressure treatment of bacterial spores 

    Heydenreich, Rosa; Delbrück, Alessia I.; Mathys, Alexander (2023)
  5. Transpassing 

    Griver, Liat (2022)
  6. Secondary data "Toward eliminating the decades-old "too zonal and too equatorward" storm-track bias in climate models" 

    Schemm, Sebastian (2023)
    Seconday data used in the related publication.
    Data Collection
  7. DATA: Bridging Astronomical, Astrometric and Geodetic Scheduling for VGOS 

    Schartner, Matthias; Collioud, Arnaud; Charlot, Patrick; et al. (2023)
    Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) experiments are organized within the geodetic, astrometric, and astronomical communities for different applications, requiring different observation strategies adopted in scheduling. Currently, the next-generation geodetic and astrometric VLBI Global Observing System (VGOS) is being established. Over the last years, evidence was presented that the delays introduced by the angular structure of the ...
  8. 50-W average power Ho:YAG SESAM modelocked thin-disk oscillator at 2.1 μm 

    Tomilov, Sergei; Wang, Yicheng; Hoffmann, Martin; et al. (2023)
  9. Low-Noise Femtosecond SESAM Modelocked Diode-Pumped Cr:ZnS Oscillator 

    Heidrich, Jonas; Barh, Ajanta; Camenzind, Sandro; et al. (2023)
  10. Structure picks from boreholes in the Bedretto Lab 

    Wenning, Quinn; Castilla, Raymi; Bröker, Kai; et al. (2023)

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