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  1. Data collection of stratospheric aerosol radiative forcing parameters and surface area densities from 1850 – 2014 

    Luo, Beiping; Thomasson, Larry W.; Arfeuille, Florian; et al. (2019)
    Stratospheric aerosol data set from 1850 to 2014: surface area density and radiative forcing
    Data Collection
  2. Data set from the Grimsel ISC hydraulic tomography experiments carried out between injection boreholes 

    Klepikova, Maria; Jalali, Mohammadreza; Brixel, Bernard (2019)
  3. Sewer Terrain Inspection Knowledge (STINK) - Dataset 

    Kolvenbach, Hendrik; Valsecchi, Giorgio; Grandia, Ruben; et al. (2019)
  4. Doctoral thesis Appendix B movie 

    Kooger, Romain (2019)
  5. Doctoral thesis Appendix C movies 

    Kooger, Romain (2019)
  6. HRMS Breath Analysis Matlab Toolbox 

    Gaugg, Martin T. (2019)
    This is a collection of Matlab functions and scripts, designed to aid the processing and analysis of high-resoltution mass spectrometry data from real-time breath analysis measurements. Details on the usage of the functions can be found in the individual help sections, as well as in appendix A of the dissertation "On-line Breath Analysis with Ambient High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry" by Martin Thomas Gaugg (2019), available on the ETH ...
    Other Research Data
  7. Sixty years of Lake Kariba: thermal and oxygen dynamics in the riverine and lacustrine sub-basins (dataset) 

    Calamita, Elisa; Schmid, Martin; Kunz, Manuel; et al. (2019)
  8. Development of a SPME tool for the specific determination of a small molecule-drug conjugate against carbonic anhydrase 

    Ghiasikhou, Sahar (2019)
    We report a novel, fast and automatic SPME-based method capable of extracting a small molecule drug conjugate (SMDCs) from biological matrices. Our method relies on the extraction of the drug conjugate followed by direct elution into an electrospray mass spectrometer (ESI-MS) source for qualitative and quantitative analysis. We designed a tool for extracting the targeting head of a novel SMDC, which includes acetazolamide (AAZ) as ...
    Data Collection
  9. Modeling the Evolution of the Structural Anisotropy of Snow 

    Leinss, Silvan; Löwe, Henning; Proksch, Martin; et al. (2019)
  10. Data & Analysis Code for the Paper "Inflexible Social Inference in Individuals with Subclinical Persecutory Delusional Tendencies" 

    Wellstein, Katharina V. (2019)
    It has long been suspected that abnormalities in social inference (e.g., learning others’ intentions) play a key role in the formation of persecutory delusions (PD). In this study, we examined the association between subclinical PD and social inference, testing the prediction that proneness to PD is related to altered social inference and beliefs about others’ intentions. We included 151 participants who scored on opposite ends of ...
    Data Collection
  11. Datset on the dairy processing industry in France, Italy, Poland and Spain 

    Hirsch, Stefan; Mishra, Ashok; Möhring, Niklas; et al. (2019)
    Dataset on revenues, costs, assets and other firm characteristics of firms in the dairy processing industry in France, Italy, Poland and Spain. balanced panel data for the period 2006–2014 leading is provided for a sample of 2,186 dairy processors. The data is based on accounting data of dairy processors provided by AMADEUS, a trans-European database of financial information provided by Bureau van Dijk. The dataset is used in the following ...
  12. Dataset: Does information change German consumers’ attitudes about genetically modified food? 

    Wuepper, David (2018)
    We use a choice experiment to investigate attitude heterogeneity regarding genetically modified food and how it is affected by the provision of balanced information. For the analysis, we use a generalised multinomial and a latent class logit. The consumers who are more accepting of genetic modifications are younger, less educated and less concerned about their nutrition. The average effect of our provided information is negligible. However, ...
  13. Pore condensation and freezing is responsible for ice formation below water saturation for porous particles 

    David, Robert O.; Marcolli, Claudia; Fahrni, Jonas; et al. (2019)
  14. Phase Center Correction ANTEX-files for various antennas 

    Willi, Daniel (2019)
    This is an experimental dataset. Many thanks to swisstopo and to GFZ for lending antennas.
  15. Measurement data HiLo roof prototype 

    Van Mele, Tom (2018)
    Data Collection

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