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  1. aiSEGcell_supplement: analyses, software, and data sets 

    Schirmacher, Daniel (2024)
    This repository contains "aiSEGcell_nucleus: A large data set for nucleus segmentation of primary hematopoietic cells in bright field and fluorescence" and "aiSEGcell_sourcedata_scripts_software". The former contains data sets D1-D5 of publication TBD. The latter contains a snapshot of the aiSEGcell software and all data + code necessary to reproduce figures and tables of publication TBD.
  2. Fine-scale movement response of juvenile fish to hydropeaking 

    Stocker, Roman; Naudascher, Robert (2024)
  3. Crosshole Seismic Survey Data in the tripod boreholes (BedrettoLab) 

    Behnen, Kathrin (2024)
    Data Collection
  4. qcscine/swoose: Release 2.0.0 

    Brunken, Christoph; Csizi, Katja-Sophia; Steiner, Miguel; et al. (2024)
  5. Datasets Accompanying Paper "Vision-Based Online Key Point Estimation of Deformable Robots" 

    Zheng, Hehui; Katzschmann, Robert K. (2024)
    This is the dataset accompanying the paper "Vision-Based Online Key Point Estimation of Deformable Robots". The datasets contain the raw and preprocessed image data and ground truth key point position for two types of soft robotic arms and a soft robotic fish.
  6. Data for publication "Multirotor UAV icing correlated to liquid water content measurements in natural supercooled clouds" 

    Miller, Anna; Fuchs, Christopher; Omanovic, Nadja; et al. (2024)
    Atmospheric icing, the accumulation of ice on surfaces, is a severe concern for the aviation industry. Deicing andicing prediction tools are necessary for pilots to ensure flight safety, and while there is established technology for large aircraft icing, more research is needed for smaller uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs). Here, we present measurements from 59 flights of a multirotor UAV into wintertime low stratus clouds of temperatures ...
  7. Interactions enable Thouless pumping in a nonsliding lattice 

    Viebahn, Konrad; Walter, Anne-Sophie; Bertok, Eric; et al. (2024)
  8. ReiherGroup/CoRe_optimizer: Release 1.1.0 

    Eckhoff, Marco; Reiher, Markus (2024)
    Parameter frozen defines p_frozen instead of n_frozen
  9. Data Collection: Valence Photoelectron Imaging of Molecular Oxybenzone 

    Tsizin, Svetlana; Ban, Loren; Chasovskikh, Egor; et al. (2024)
    Data Collection
  10. Input component data for determining intervention programs 

    Mehranfar, Hamed; Adey, Bryan T.; Chuo, Steven Yu-Pang (2024)
  11. Gas sensing with EO frequency comb 

    Li, Gaoyuan (2024)
    Data Collection
  12. On the variability of the site-response parameters of the active rock slope in Brienz/Brinzauls (Switzerland) 

    Borgeat, Xavier; Glueer, Franziska; Häusler, Mauro; et al. (2024)
  13. Supplementary information 

    Erdenechimeg, Batmagnai (2024)

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