Recent Submissions 

  1. ETH Zurich Sensor Based Digital Health Checklist 

    Zhang, Jia; Karlen, Walter (2018)
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  2. Supplementary material - Transient pressure-pulse decay solvers 

    Wenning, Quinn; Madonna, Claudio; Moulas, Evangelos (2018)
    This is supplementary material for the publication: The contents contain: 1) Pre-processing tools to cut and trim experimental data and determine fluid/gas properties, 2) a folder containing the Matlab codes for the finite-difference method to determine permeability from transient pressure-pulse decay experiments, and 3) Analytical solutions to the transient pressure-pulse decay permeability method in an Excel spreadsheet. A ...
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  3. 200 FPS Ultrafast Imaging of Air-Bubbles with the LightProbe 

    Hager, Pascal A. (2018)
    Demonstration of the 200fps imaging capabilities of our digital ultrasound probe (LightProbe)
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  4. AV@MAVT Survey on the happiness of doctoral students and post-docs in the MAVT department 

    Bourquard, Claire (2018)
    At the beginning of 2018, AV@MAVT conducted a survey on the happiness of doctoral students (DS) and post-docs (PD) with 3 main goals: (i) evaluate the happiness of the non-faculty scientific staff at D-MAVT (ii) identify the potential problems (iii) track the evolution since the previous survey conducted in 2016. Based on 189 completed survey responses (33% of response rate), this report summarizes the findings.
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