Recent Submissions 

  1. Special issue devoted to novel trends in rheology 

    Vermant J.; Walker L. (2019)
    Rheologica Acta
    Other Journal Item
  2. Graphical translators for mean curvature flow (vol 58, pg 117, 2019) 

    Hoffman, D.; Ilmanen, T.; Martin, F.; et al. (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  3. Vorbild USA: Rechts-Abbiegen bei Rot soll auch in der Schweiz erlaubt sein 

    Menendez, Monica (2017)
    Schweiz am Wochenende
    Other Journal Item
  4. Interview: "Es werden einige Verleiher auf der Stecke bleiben" 

    Schoop, Florian; Ciari, Francesco (2017)
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Other Journal Item
  5. Fluidic Force Microscopy Captures Amyloid Bonds between Microbial Cells 

    Dehullu, Jérôme; Vorholt, Julia A.; Lipke, Peter N.; et al. (2019)
    Trends in Microbiology
    Other Journal Item
  6. Introduction to the special issue for the ECML PKDD 2019 journal track 

    Borgwardt, Karsten; Loh, Po-Ling; Terzi, Evimaria; et al. (2019)
    Machine Learning
    Other Journal Item
  7. Javier Pérez‐Ramírez 

    Pérez-Ramírez, Javier (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  8. Correction: Increasing steric demand through flexible bulk – primary phosphanes with 2,6-bis(benzhydryl)phenyl backbones 

    Bresien, Jonas; Goicoechea, Jose M.; Hinz, Alexander; et al. (2019)
    Dalton Transactions
    Other Journal Item
  9. Conflating the Concept with the Thing 

    Shani, Itay (2018)
    Constructivist Foundations
    Other Journal Item
  10. Erratum: “Generalized elimination of the global translation from explicitly correlated Gaussian functions” [J. Chem. Phys. 148, 084112 (2018)] 

    Muolo, Andrea; Mátyus, Edit; Reiher, Markus (2019)
    The Journal of Chemical Physics
    Other Journal Item
  11. Correction to: Path calculation of 7-axes synchronous quasi-tangential laser manufacturing 

    Ackerl, Norbert; Warhanek, Maximilian; Gysel, Johannes; et al. (2019)
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
    Other Journal Item
  12. Statins: benefits and risks revisited 

    Baláž, Miroslav; Wolfrum, Christian (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  13. Can Solving Short Tasks be an Essential Part of Constructionist Learning? 

    Hromkovič, Juraj; Komm, Dennis (2019)
    Constructivist Foundations
    Other Journal Item
  14. Constructing Computational Thinking using CS Unplugged 

    Hromkovič, Juraj; Staub, Jacqueline (2019)
    Constructivist Foundations
    Other Journal Item
  15. Synthetic and Systems Immunology Conference in Ascona, Switzerland 

    Csepregi, Lucia; Neumeier, Daniel; Reddy, Sai T. (2019)
    European Journal of Immunology
    Other Journal Item
  16. Glowing crystals help to measure temperatures from afar 

    Yakunin, Sergii; Benin, Bogdan (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  17. Spinal GABAA receptors for pain control: back to the future? 

    Zeilhofer, Hanns Ulrich; Neumann, Elena; Munro, Gordon (2019)
    British Journal of Anaesthesia
    Other Journal Item
  18. Room temperature surface emission on large-area photonic crystal quantum cascade lasers 

    Liang, Yong; Wang, Zhixin; Wolf, Johanna M.; et al. (2019)
    Applied Physics Letters
    Other Journal Item
  19. Species-specific diversification 

    Stadler, Tanja (2019)
    Nature Ecology & Evolution
    Other Journal Item
  20. Dimensionality in Chemistry 

    Schlüter, A. Dieter (2019)
    Other Journal Item

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