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  1. METIS high-contrast imaging: design and expected performance (vol 6, 035005, 2020) 

    Carlomagno, Brunella; Delacroix, Christian; Absil, Olivier; et al. (2020)
    Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems
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  2. Guest Editorial: Special Section on the Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems 

    Zhang, Xinmiao; Wang, Zhongfeng; Studer, Christoph (2021)
    Journal of signal processing systems for signal, image, and video technology
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  3. Little Difference in Milk Fatty Acid and Terpene Composition Among Three Contrasting Dairy Breeds When Grazing a Biodiverse Mountain Pasture 

    Koczura, Madeline; Martin, Bruno; Musci, Marilena; et al. (2021)
    Frontiers in Veterinary Science
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  4. Origin and evolution of continental mantle lithosphere and its resource endowment: Preface 

    González-Jiménez J.M.; Aulbach S.; Smit K.V.; et al. (2021)
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  5. Computational up-scaling of anisotropic swelling and mechanical behavior of hierarchical cellular materials (vol 72, pg 744, 2012) 

    Rafsanjani, Ahmad; Derome, Dominique; Wittel, Falk K.; et al. (2021)
    Composites Science and Technology
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  6. Challenges and More Challenges 

    Carreira E.M.; Chiu P. (2021)
    Organic Letters
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  7. Sensitivity analysis of bistatic scattering for soil moisture retrieval 

    Li T.; Hajnsek I.; Chen K.S. (2021)
    Remote Sensing
    © 2021 by the authors. Li-censee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. Soil moisture is one of the vital environmental variables in the land–atmosphere cycle. A study of the sensitivity analysis of bistatic scattering coefficients from bare soil at the Ku-band is presented, with the aim of deepening our understanding of the bistatic scattering features and exploring its potential in soil moisture retrieval. First, a well-established advanced integral ...
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  8. The Organoid Cell Atlas 

    Bock, Christoph; Boutros, Michael; Camp, J. Gray; et al. (2021)
    Nature Biotechnology
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  9. Die Gestaltung verbleibender Flächen 

    de Laage, Mathilde; Frochaux, Marc; Vogt, Günther (2020)
    Tec21 ~ Landschaft im Umbruch - Vom Umgang mit grünen Zwischenräumen
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  10. Les frontières du paysage. Entretien avec Günther Vogt 

    Frochaux, Marc; de Laage, Mathilde; Vogt, Günther (2020)
    Tracés ~ La frontière est un territoire
    Pour discuter paysage et frontière, TRACÉS est allé à la rencontre de l’architecte du paysage Günther Vogt. Son ouvrage Mutation and Morphosis, paru en 2019, présente un impressionnant mélange de projets et de recherches émanant de sa pratique et de son enseignement à l’EPFZ. Ensemble, ces références dessinent les contours d’une discipline critique qui transcende les échelles et les distinctions communes entre nature et culture. Pour ...
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  11. Ein neuer Stadtteil ist ein Gemeinschaftswerk der Bürger 

    Vogt, Günther; de Meuron, Pierre (2020)
    HafenCity News ~ Hafen City News Einleger - Grasbrook: Grüne Stadt am Wasser
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  12. The Farrell–Jones Conjecture for normally poly-free groups, 

    Brück, Benjamin; Kielak, Dawid; Xiaolei, Wu (2020)
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
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  13. Homotopy type of the complex of free factors of a free group 

    Gupta, Radhika; Brück, Benjamin (2020)
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
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  14. ISLPED 2020: An Experience of Virtual Conference during COVID-19 Time 

    Qiu, Qinru; Atienza, David (2020)
    Other Journal Item
  15. The Apprenticeship Pulse in Switzerland during COVID-19 

    Bolli, Thomas; Caves, Katherine M.; Pusterla, Filippo; et al. (2021)
    Diplomacy and Commerce
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  16. Replacing lectures with exercises to promote learning in Life Sciences 

    Schwarm, Angela (2020)
    ETH Learning Teaching Journal
    Other Journal Item
  17. Circulating tumor cells: Ready for translation? 

    Diamantopoulou, Zoi; Castro-Giner, Francesc; Aceto, Nicola (2020)
    Journal of Experimental Medicine
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  18. Corrigendum: Genome Mining of Oxidation Modules in 

    Ueoka, Reiko; Meoded, Roy A.; Gran-Scheuch, Alejandro; et al. (2020)
    Angewandte Chemie. International Edition
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  19. Correction to: The Capacity of Generic Musculoskeletal Simulations to Predict Knee Joint Loading Using the CAMS-Knee Datasets 

    Imani Nejad, Zohreh; Khalili, Khalil; Hosseini Nasab, Seyyed Hamed; et al. (2020)
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering
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