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  1. Low genetic variation is associated with low mutation rate in the giant duckweed (vol 10, 1243, 2019) 

    Xu, Shuqing; Stapley, Jessica; Gablenz, Saskia; et al. (2019)
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  2. Electric field correlation measurements on the electromagnetic vacuum state 

    Benea-Chelmus, Ileana-Cristina; Settembrini, Francesca F.; Scalari, Giacomo; et al. (2019)
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  3. Engineered humanized bone organs maintain human hematopoiesis in vivo (vol 61, pg 45, 2018) 

    Fritsch, Kristin; Pigeot, Sebastien; Feng, Xiaomin; et al. (2019)
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  4. Editorial 

    Espuña A.; Graells M.; Guillén-Gosálbez G.; et al. (2019)
    Computers and Chemical Engineering
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  5. The rate of environmental fluctuations shapes ecological dynamics in a two-species microbial system 

    Rodríguez-Verdugo A.; Vulin C.; Ackermann M. (2019)
    Ecology Letters
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  6. The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety’s Negotiations: Science-policy Interface in GMO Risk 

    Hilbeck, Angelika; El-Kawy, Ossama (2015)
    Journal of Health Education Research
    Since 2011, a scientific Guidance document on risk assessment of living modified organisms (LMO) has been developed in support of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, an international treaty governing the trans boundary movement, transit, handling and use of LMOs by an inclusive process adhering to highest scientific standards (hundreds of experts, numerous online forums, face-to-face meetings, peer-reviews, revisions and testing rounds), ...
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  7. Editorial Board Focus: Professor Franziska Schoenebeck (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) 

    Schoenebeck, Franziska (2019)
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  8. Assessing the environmental transformation of nanoplastic through C-13-labelled polymers 

    Sander, Michael; Kohler, Hans-Peter E.; McNeill, Kristopher (2019)
    Nature Nanotechnology
    Other Journal Item
  9. One step ahead: Innovation in core facilities 

    Lippens, Saskia; D'Enfert, Christophe; Farkas, Lilla; et al. (2019)
    EMBO Reports
    Other Journal Item
  10. Fate of wastewater contaminants in rivers: Using conservative-tracer based transfer functions to assess reactive transport (vol 656C, pg 1250, 2019) 

    Guillet, Gaelle; Knapp, Julia L. A.; Merel, Sylvain; et al. (2019)
    Science of the Total Environment
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  11. Future pesticide risk assessment: narrowing the gap between intention and reality 

    Schäfer, Ralf B.; Liess, Matthias; Altenburger, Rolf; et al. (2019)
    Environmental Sciences Europe
    Agrochemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers, have facilitated an unprecedented intensification of agriculture [1, 2]. However, the desired yield gains come at the cost of unwanted side effects on the environment. Pesticides have been demonstrated to contribute to the decline of non-target organisms, such as bees, birds and aquatic biodiversity [3, 4, 5], fueling the global biodiversity crisis. This runs contrary to global efforts ...
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  12. Best Papers from 2018 in the: Environmental Science family of journals: Great science with a global reach 

    Novak, Paige J.; McNeill, Kristopher; Vikesland, Peter (2019)
    Environmental Science. Water Research and Technology
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  13. Charting a course for chemistry 

    Aspuru Guzik, Alán; Baik, Mu-Hyun; Balasubramanian, Shankar; et al. (2019)
    Nature Chemistry
    Other Journal Item
  14. The Effect of Preload Change on QRS Amplitude in Advanced Heart Failure Patients 

    Pergantis, Panagiotis; Dual, Seraina A.; Schmid Daners, Marianne; et al. (2019)
    The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation
    Other Journal Item
  15. Polymer and Colloid Highlights 

    Rainò, Gabriele; Becker, Michael A.; Bodnarchuk, Maryna I.; et al. (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  16. Chemical Landmark 2018 - Birthplace of Ovomaltine 

    Escher, Felix (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  17. Coordinating supply and demand: plant carbon allocation strategy ensuring survival in the long run 

    Gessler, Arthur; Grossiord, Charlotte (2019)
    New Phytologist
    Other Journal Item
  18. Discussion on “Strain compatibility in the strength design of RC slabs” 

    Kaufmann, Walter (2019)
    Engineering Structures
    Other Journal Item
  19. Multispectral quantum-dot photodetectors 

    Norris, David J. (2019)
    Nature Photonics
    Other Journal Item
  20. Introduction to the Special Issue on Precision Agricultural Robotics and Autonomous Farming Technologies 

    Ahn, Ho Soek; Sa, Inkyu; Dayoub, Feras (2018)
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
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