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  1. Mapping of shadows cast on a protoplanetary disk by a close binary system 

    D’Orazi V.; Gratton R.; Desidera S.; et al. (2019)
    Nature Astronomy
    Other Journal Item
  2. Beyond Testbeds: Real-World IoT Deployments 

    Michahelles, Florian; Kawsar, Fahim; Mayer, Simon; et al. (2018)
    Other Journal Item
  3. Challenges and opportunities in corrosion of steel in concrete (vol 51, 4, 2018) 

    Angst, Ueli M. (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  4. Catalytic Byproduct Valorization in Future Biorefineries 

    Mondelli C.; Bruijnincx P.; Sels B. (2019)
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
    Other Journal Item
  5. Foreword to the RARE Programme 

    Embrechts P. (2018)
    Annals of Actuarial Science
    Other Journal Item
  6. Seeking Digital Humanities, IT Tech Support 

    Bruderer, Herbert; Hill, Robin K. (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  7. How people's food disgust sensitivity shapes their eating and food behaviour (vol 127, pg 28, 2018) 

    Egolf, Aisha; Siegrist, Michael; Hartmann, Christina (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  8. Risk reduction in natural disaster insurance: Experimental evidence on moral hazard and financial incentives 

    Mol, Jantsje M.; Botzen, Wouter; Blasch, Julia E. (2018)
    Risk Management and Decision Processes Center
    Other Journal Item
  9. Reverse-engineering the locomotion of a stem amniote 

    Nyakatura J.; Melo K.; Horvat T.; et al. (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  10. A dynamic double layer as the origin of the mass-dependent ion acceleration in laser-induced plasmas 

    Ojeda-G-P, Alejandro; Yao, Xiang; Bulgakova, Nadezhda M.; et al. (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  11. Editorial. Material Science in Semiconductor Processing: Special Issue: Material processing of optical devices and their applications 

    Romano, Lucia; Vila-Comamala, Joan (2019)
    Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing
    Other Journal Item
  12. 5 Fragen 

    ursprung, philip (2018)
    ETH Globe
    Other Journal Item
  13. Editorial. Ten robotics technologies of the year 

    Yang, Guang-Zhong; Full, Robert J.; Jacobstein, Neil; et al. (2019)
    Science Robotics
    Other Journal Item
  14. On Monte Carlo Deliverable Pareto Surface Navigation for Photon IMRT and Mixed Beam Radiotherapy 

    Müller, S.; Müller, F.; Fix, M.K.; et al. (2018)
    Medical Physics
    Other Journal Item
  15. Quantitative histological analyses and transcriptional profiling reveal structural and molecular changes of the dermal extracellular matrix in cellulite 

    Yoshida, Yuzo; Kajiya, Kentaro; Kishimoto, Jiro; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Dermatological Science
    Other Journal Item
  16. Acoustic transducer design for active reflection cancellation in a finite volume wave propagation laboratory 

    Willard, Eli; Haberman, Michael R.; van Manen, Dirk-Jan; et al. (2018)
    The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
    Other Journal Item
  17. Immersive experimentation: A new paradigm for low-frequency acoustic and elastic wave propagation experimentation 

    van Manen, Dirk-Jan; Becker, Theodor S.; Börsing, Nele; et al. (2018)
    The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
    Other Journal Item
  18. Torre de usos mixtos en Pratteln (Suiza). Christ & Gantenbein 

    xxx, xxx (2018)
    Architectura Viva
    Other Journal Item
  19. Christ & Gantenbein. Centro de Atencion al Cliente List 

    N.N. (2018)
    Other Journal Item
  20. Christ & Gantenbein. List Customer Center 

    N.N. (2018)
    a+u: Architecture and Urbanism
    Other Journal Item

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