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  1. Erratum: On gravitational waves in Born-Infeld inspired non-singular cosmologies 

    Beltrán Jiménez, Jose; Heisenberg, Lavinia; Olmo, Gonzalo J.; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
    In this erratum we correct a mistake in the published version of this paper that changes the conclusions on the elementary symmetric polynomials, although the main conclusions remain unaltered. We also point out some typos that should be fixed, with no further consequences.
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  2. Structure and function of the global topsoil microbiome 

    Bahram, Mohammad; Hildebrand, Falk; Forslund, Sofia K.; et al. (2018)
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  3. Unique features of mammalian mitochondrial translation initiation revealed by cryo-EM 

    Kummer, Eva; Leibundgut, Marc; Rackham, Oliver; et al. (2018)
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  4. Blockchain Security and Privacy 

    Karame, Ghassan; Capkun, Srdjan (2018)
    IEEE Security & Privacy
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  5. Architekt – Schriftsteller – Kritiker – Mensch 

    Unser, Margit (2011)
    Die Lupe - Das Briefmarkenmagazin
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  6. Der Aura von Max Frisch nachspüren. Im Gespräch: Margit Unser 

    Unser, Margit; Schläfli, Samuel (2009)
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  7. Author Reply to Technical Comment: Response to Matthias Egger and Angelika Kalt 

    Hagner, Michael (2018)
    Swiss Medical Weekly
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  8. Closure to “Oso, Washington, Landslide of March 22, 2014: Dynamic Analysis” by Jordan Aaron, Oldrich Hungr, Timothy D. Stark, and Ahmed K. Baghdady 

    Aaron, Jordan; Stark, Timothy D.; Baghdady, Ahmed K. (2018)
    Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
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  9. Factorized Computation: What the Neocortex Can Tell Us About the Future of Computing 

    Diehl, Peter U.; Martel, Julien; Buhmann, Jakob; et al. (2018)
    Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience
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  10. Simulation and optimization for railway operations management 

    D'Ariano, Andrea; Corman, Francesco; Fujiyama, Taku; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Advanced Transportation
    In the forthcoming decades, railway transport is expected to face a significant growth of traffic flows which will mostly have to be accommodated over the existing infrastructures. An increase of capacity utilization is needed to avoid reduction of reliability and punctuality of transport services. Furthermore, energy-efficient operations and multimodality opportunities are also topics of growing interest.
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  11. Emerging information and communication technologies for traffic estimation and control 

    Kouvelas, Anastasios; Chow, Andy; Gonzales, Eric; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Advanced Transportation
    Information and communication technologies (ICT) are fundamental components of any development in the field of traffic estimation and control. The design and deploy- ment of multimodal advanced transportation systems involve interdisciplinary expertise and effective utilization of new technologies.
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  12. Inter terminal transport in port areas around the globe 

    Hu, Qu; Corman, Francesco; Wiegmans, Bart (2018)
    ACET - Advancements in Civil Engineering
    Generally, inter-terminal transport (ITT) refers to the container transport between terminals and service centers (e.g., empty depots) using any type of transport modes Duinkerken et al., Heilig & Voss. Moving containers between terminals inside a port might seem unreasonable as it leads to extra service time and cost. However, ITT is somehow inevitable in most major ports, and the reason could be twofold.
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  13. Studying and Regulating Transcription Using Single-Cell Optogenetics 

    Benzinger, Dirk; Rullan, Marc; Milias-Argeitis, Andreas; et al. (2018)
    Cell Systems
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  14. Tackling Food System Challenges through Experiential Education Criteria for Optimal Course Design 

    Grant, Michelle; Shreck, Aimee; Buchmann, Nina (2018)
    Educating students to find sustainable solutions to food system challenges is a task that spans disciplines and contexts. Our two-week World Food System Summer School allows participants, specialists and stakeholders to learn from one another. We describe the conceptual framework for the course, elucidate the design criteria used and discuss challenges, aiming to support the development of education offerings in this space.
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  15. Gesellschaftliche Transformation - welche Rolle(n) für den Staat? 

    Bornemann, Basil; Ejderyan, Olivier; Stauffacher, Michael; et al. (2018)
    Bei der saguf-Jahrestagung 2017 wurde über die Rolle(n) des Staats für die gesellschaftliche Transformation diskutiert: Wie kann und soll der Staat auf gesellschaftliche Transformationen einwirken?
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  16. Correction to: Measuring persistent and transient energy efficiency in the US 

    Filippini, Massimo; Hunt, Lester C. (2018)
    Energy Efficiency
    The promotion of US energy efficiency policy is seen as a very important activity. Generally, the level of energy efficiency of a country or state is approximated by energy intensity, commonly calculated as the ratio of energy use to GDP. However, energy intensity is not an accurate proxy for energy efficiency given that changes in energy intensity are a function of changes in several factors including the structure of the economy, climate, ...
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  17. New horizons for future research - Critical issues to consider for maximizing research excellence and impact 

    Langhans, Wolfgang; Adan, Roger; Arnold, Myrtha; et al. (2018)
    Molecular Metabolism
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  18. Phenomenological Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes 

    Wang, Yongqi; Hutter, Kolumban (2018)
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  19. Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Issue on Time-Critical Systems Design Part II 

    Mitra, Tulika; Teich, Jürgen; Thiele, Lothar (2018)
    IEEE Design & Test
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  20. Editorial. Fluid Flow in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs 

    Xia, Tongqiang; Dontsov, Egor; Chen, Zhongwei; et al. (2018)
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