Recent Submissions 

  1. Watt-level 10-gigahertz solid-state laser enabled by self-defocusing nonlinearities in an aperiodically poled crystal (vol 8, 1673, 2017) 

    Mayer, A. S.; Phillips, C. R.; Keller, U. (2018)
    Other Journal Item
  2. Lubricating with loops Polymer brushes make surfaces lubricious, but carpets of cyclic polymers do the job better! 

    Tysoe, Wilfred T.; Spencer, Nicholas D. (2017)
    Other Journal Item
  3. Principles for Measurability in Protocol Design 

    Dogar, Fahad R. (2017)
    Other Journal Item
  4. Matrafured 2017 International Conference on Electrochemical Sensors. 

    Bakker, Eric; Buhlmann, Philippe; Gyurcsanyi, Robert E.; et al. (2018)
    Other Journal Item
  5. Comment on 'Base Flow Recession from Unsaturated-Saturated Porous Media considering Lateral Unsaturated Discharge and Aquifer Compressibility' 

    Roques, Clément; Rupp, David E.; Jachens, Elizabeth; et al. (2018)
    Water resources research
    Other Journal Item
  6. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts in 2018 

    McNeill, Kristopher; Keltie, Sam; Eley, Emma (2018)
    Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts
    Other Journal Item
  7. c-Jun in Schwann Cells: Stay Away from Extremes 

    Figlia, Gianluca (2018)
    The journal of neuroscience
    Other Journal Item
  8. Corrigendum: The dependence of oxygen and nitrogen abundances on stellar mass from the CALIFA survey [vol 595, A62, 2016] 

    Pérez-Montero, E.; García-Benito, Rubén; Vílchez, J.M.; et al. (2018)
    Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Other Journal Item
  9. Selected articles from the NGCAS 2017 conference 

    Valle, Maurizio; Ibrahim, Ali; Martina, Maurizio; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Low Power Electronics
    Other Journal Item
  10. Corrigendum: A system's wave function is uniquely determined by its underlying physical state (2017 New J. Phys. 19 013016) 

    Colbeck, Roger; Renner, Renato (2018)
    New Journal of Physics
    Other Journal Item
  11. Simple motion correction strategy reduces respiratory-induced motion artifacts for k-t accelerated and compressed-sensing cardiovascular magnetic resonance perfusion imaging 

    Zhou, Ruixi; Huang, Wei; Yang, Yang; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
    Other Journal Item
  12. Subduction-driven Earth machine 

    Dal Zilio, Luca (2018)
    Nature Geoscience
    Other Journal Item
  13. Correction to: Magmatic and tectonic history of Jurassic ophiolites and associated granitoids from the South Apuseni Mountains (Romania) 

    Gallhofer, Daniela; Von Quadt, Albrecht; Schmid, Stefan M.; et al. (2018)
    Swiss Journal of Geosciences
    Other Journal Item
  14. Nanobiointerfaces: A themed collection 

    Benetti, Edmondo M.; Textor, Marcus; Duan, Hongwei (2018)
    Biomaterials Science
    Other Journal Item
  15. Training myeloid precursors with fungi, bacteria and chips news-and-views 

    Kopf, Manfred; Nielsen, Peter J. (2018)
    Nature immunology
    Other Journal Item
  16. Multiple roles of lymphatic vessels in tumor progression 

    Ma, Qiaoli; Dieterich, Lothar C.; Detmar, Michael (2018)
    Current Opinion in Immunology
    Other Journal Item
  17. Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Issue on Time-Critical Systems Design 

    Mitra, Tulika; Teich, Jürgen; Thiele, Lothar (2018)
    IEEE Design and Test
    Other Journal Item
  18. HIV-1 gp41 transmembrane oligomerization monitored by FRET and FCS 

    Schroeder, Sabrina; Kaufman, Joshua D.; Grunwald, Matthias; et al. (2018)
    FEBS Letters
    Other Journal Item
  19. Social justice in the Belt and Road plan 

    Seele, Peter; Helbing, Dirk (2018)
    Other Journal Item

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