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  1. Identifikation und Bewertung von wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungen im Bereich Digitalisierung aufgrund vorhandener Literatur 

    Balsmeier, Benjamin; Wörter, Martin (2017)
    KOF Studien
    Es ist theoretisch und empirisch gut belegt, dass Innovationen zu höherer Produktivität und Beschäftigung führen. Ob dies allerdings auch für solche Innovationen gilt, die der Digitalisierung zugeschrieben werden, ist Gegenstand einer intensiven Debatte. Theoretisch lassen sich auf Grund des disruptiven Charakters und der weiten Anwendungsfelder neuer digitaler Technologien positive und negative Effekte begründen. In Bezug auf die ...
  2. Underlying energy efficiency and technological change in the Swiss household sector 

    Blasch, Julia; Boogen, Nina; Filippini, Massimo; et al. (2017)
  3. Unobserved Heterogeneity and International Benchmarking in Public Transport 

    Filippini, Massimo; Farsi, Mehdi; Plagnet, Marie-Anne; et al. (2010)
    CEPE Working Paper Series
    Working Paper
  4. A Green Bargain? The Impact of an Energy Saving Program on Productivity Growth in China's Iron and Steel Industry 

    Filippini, Massimo; Geissmann, Thomas; Karplus, Valerie; et al. (2017)
    Working Paper
  5. Designing dynamic delivery parking spots in urban areas to reduce traffic disruptions 

    Roca-Riu, Mireia; Cao, Jin; Dakic, Igor; et al. (2017)
    SVT Working Paper
    Pick-up and delivery services are essential for businesses in urban areas. However, due to the limited space in city centers, it might be unfeasible to provide sufficient dedicated loading/unloading spots. As a result, this type of operations often interfere with traffic by occupying road space (e.g. illegal parking). In this study, a potential solution to avoid such disruptions is investigated: Dynamic Delivery Parking Spots (DDPS). With ...
    Working Paper
  6. Training for Growth: Skills shortage and companies' willingness to train in Colorado 

    Renold, Ursula; Bolli, Thomas; Caves, Katherine; et al. (2017)
    KOF Studies
  7. Dritter Bericht zur Evaluation des Rahmenlehrplans für den Bildungsgang dipl. Betriebswirtschafter/in HF 

    Renold, Ursula; Bolli, Thomas; Rageth, Ladina (2017)
    KOF Studien
  8. Time-varying mixed frequency forecasting: A real-time experiment 

    Neuwirth, Stefan (2017)
    KOF Working Papers
    Working Paper
  9. Integrality of volumes of representations 

    Bucher, Michelle; Burger, Marc; Iozzi, Alessandra (2014)
    Let M be an oriented complete hyperbolic n-manifold of finite volume. Using the definition of volume of a representation previously given by the authors in [BucherBurgerIozzi2013] we show that the volume of a representation into the connected component of the isometry group of hyperbolic n-space, properly normalized, takes integer values if n=2m is at least 4. Moreover we prove that the volume is continuous in all dimension and hence, if ...
    Working Paper
  10. Jamming-resistant Broadcast Communication without Shared Keys 

    Poepper, Christina; Strasser, Mario; Capkun, Srdjan (2008)
    ETH Zurich D-INFK Technical Report
    Jamming-resistant broadcast communication is crucial for many safety-critical applications such as emergency alert broadcasts or the dissemination of navigation signals in adversarial settings. Shared by these applications is the need for guaranteed authenticity and availability of messages which are broadcasted by base stations to a large and unknown number of (potentially untrusted) receivers. Common techniques to counter ...
  11. Solref 

    Möller, Stephan (2007)
    IEA SolarPACES Annual Reports ~ Solar PACES Annual Report 2007
    Methane reforming is an endothermic reaction between methane, steam and/or CO2. The products are a mixture of hydrogen and CO, called syngas. In solar reforming, the calorific value of the fuel is upgraded by 20-30%, accounted for the contribution of the solar energy. The products can be directly combusted in a gas turbine for electricity generation or, can be used as a source for hydrogen production. The process is ...

    Flamant, Gilles (2007)
    Solar power and chemical energy systems ~ SolarPACES Annual Report 2007
  13. ICT and energy 

    Aebischer, Bernard (2008)
    The European e-Business Report 2008
  14. CERN Annual Report 2007 

    NA61/SHINE Collaboration; Abgrall, N.; et al.; et al. (2008)
    CERN Annual Report
    The physics program of the NA61/SHINE (SHINE = SPS Heavy Ion and Neutrino Experiment) experiment at the CERN SPS consists of three subjects. In the first stage of data taking (2007-2008) the measurements of hadron production in hadron-nucleus interactions needed for neutrino (T2K) and cosmic-ray (Pierre Auger and KASCADE) experiments will be performed. In the second stage (2008-2010) hadron production in proton-proton and proton-nucleus ...
  15. Individuelle Entscheidungsstrategien beim Autokauf 

    Godet, F.; Haan, Peter de (2007)
  16. Swiss-style colored relief shading by digital means 

    Jenny, B.; Hurni, L. (2006)
    Annual report
  17. Moderne interaktive und multimediale Atlasinformationssysteme 

    Häberling, Christian; Hurni, Lorenz; Sieber, René; et al. (2008)
    D-BAUG Jahresbericht
    Interaktive undmultimedial aufbereitete Atlasinformationssysteme sind elektronische Informationssysteme, die zunächst auf einer Sammlung von digitalen Kartendaten beruhen. Diese Karten vermitteln unterschiedliche, räumlich verortete Sachverhalte und dienen zur nutzerorientierten Information und zur Entscheidungsfindung.
  18. CMS Physics Technical Design Report 

    CMS Collaboration; Adzic, P.; et al.; et al. (2006)
    Journal of physics. G, Nuclear and particle physics
  19. Geographical Indications 

    Réviron, Sophie; Thevenod-Mottet, Erik; El Benni, Nadja (2009)
    NCCR Trade Working Paper
    This report answers to basic questions about Geographical Indications, mainly economic issues. What are the conditions for a product to qualify? How do Geographical Indications create value? What may be the benefits of a collective organisation? What kind of protection tools are currently used by GI alliances? May a GI system be a tool for getting positive social and environmental side effects in developing countries?
    Working Paper

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