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  1. Learning Loss During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Poor Urban Neighborhoods 

    Durizzo, Kathrin; Günther, Isabel; Asiedu, Edward; et al. (2021)
    Ten months after the nationwide school closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools in Ghana reopened in January 2021. A survey of poor urban neighborhoods in Accra shows that 94% of school-aged children are back in school. However, missing one academic year has limited learning for many young Ghanaians. Many students only spent an hour or less on learning during the lockdown, and one out of four did not have any contact with their ...
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  2. Demand for COVID-19 vaccines in poor urban settlements in Ghana 

    Awoonor-Williams, Koku; Asiedu, Edward; Durizzo, Kathrin; et al. (2021)
    Now that COVID-19 vaccines are slowly being supplied around the world, the demand for vaccinations becomes crucial. A survey in Accra, Ghana, reveals that 70% of the urban poor is willing to receive a vaccine, similar to most high-income countries but lower than for the average Ghanaian and many other African countries. For the 30% who are hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccine, the fear of side effects is the biggest concern. Residents who ...
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  3. Le changement climatique dans les Alpes suisses 

    Hauri, Andrin; Eriksen, Christine (2021)
    Politique de sécurité: analyses du CSS
    Le changement climatique aura de plus en plus de répercussions sur le quotidien en Suisse. Une augmentation marquée des températures, des précipitations extrêmes et les aléas naturels qui leurs sont associés nuisent d’ores et déjà aux écosystèmes, aux infrastructures, à la santé et aux moyens de subsistance. Il est nécessaire de collaborer et de mettre en œuvre des mesures d’adaptation rapides pour en atténuer et en gérer les conséquences.
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  4. Guardare l'architettura dall'automobile 

    Charitonidou, Marianna (2021)
    Con l'automobile è nato un nuovo modo di vedere lo spazio: una rivoluzione che non poteva mancare di influenzare gli architetti. Marianna Charitonidou, curatrice della mostra «The View from the Car: Autopia as a New Perceptual Regime», racconta come le macchine abbiano contribuito a trasformare il rapporto tra città e architettura.
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  5. Früh genug zu spät. Die analytische Eule 

    Wenzel, Uwe Justus (2021)
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    Newspaper Article
  6. Early Roots of the Carbon Cycle Concept 

    Galvez, Matthieu E. (2013)
    Deep Carbon Observatory
    The carbon cycle is important because it connects the atmosphere, ocean, biosphere and the solid Earth. Back in the late 18th century, the existence of a large scale connection between all components of the Earth was well grounded. One of the first ‘stage’ where a carbon rotation was described, by chemist A.L. Lavoisier, was a theater in the heart of Paris.
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  7. Climate Change in the Swiss Alps 

    Eriksen, Christine; Hauri, Andrin (2021)
    CSS Analyses in Security Policy
    Climate change will increasingly affect everyday life in Switzerland. A marked increase in heat, extreme precipitation, and associated natural hazards, is already damaging ecosystems, infrastructure, health, and livelihoods. Collaboration and swift adaptation measures are required to mitigate and cope with the consequences.
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  8. Beyond the Local in Peacebuilding: Thinking Scalar 

    Gamez, Samantha Marie (2021)
    International Peacekeeping
    Book Review
  9. Two Cavities Optomechanics 

    Nairz, Beat (2021)
    Student Paper
  10. Scientific Misconduct and Fraud 

    Herbst, Marcel (2021)
    The European Legacy
    Book Review
  11. Apprenticeship Pulse Results June 2021 

    Bolli, Thomas; Caves, Katherine M.; Pusterla, Filippo; et al. (2021)
    Apprenticeship Pulse – Factsheet
    As part of the research project Apprenticeship Pulse, this fact sheet provides an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on basic vocational education in Switzerland in June 2021 and compares these results with those of earlier surveys, in particular with those of the previous month (May 2021) and a year ago (June 2020).
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  12. Ceasefire Monitoring and Verification and the Use of Technology: Insights from Ukraine 

    Hug, Alexander (2021)
    CSS Mediation Resources
    The aim of this book is to review the use of technology in monitoring and verifying ceasefires, drawing on the Ukraine experience. It explores the question: how can we use technology to improve the monitoring of conflicts and the verification whether parties are adhering to their agreements?
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  13. Chaotic phase of driven ultracold atoms in an optical cavity 

    Stefaniak, Justyna (2021)
    Student Paper
  14. FPGA Based Fast Camera Readout and Laser Beam Profiling 

    Bisson, Giacomo (2021)
    Student Paper
  15. Process Mining for Networking 

    Selänne, Kévin (2021)
    Student Paper
  16. Mapping of Cyber Doctrines 

    Soesanto, Stefan (2021)
    Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Facts and Findings
    In light of the discussion on the alignment of cyber doctrines, in this brief for Konrad Adenauer Foundation, CSS’ Stefan Soesanto uses the defense postures of Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States, to exemplify their contrasting evolutionary pathways. By outlining their core guidelines, organizational background and operational conduct, the comparison of these three countries illustrates the spectrum from more defensive to more ...
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  17. Understanding Public Reactions to Cybersecurity Incidents 

    Gomez, Miguel Alberto (2021)
    Analyses of the Elcano Royal Institute (ARI)
    Against the widespread belief that public opinion is likely to panic in response to severe cybersecurity incidents, the relevant scholarship is putting this belief and the associated narratives into question. CSS’ Miguel Alberto Gomez offers a brief overview of how public opinion approaches and responds to cybersecurity incidents in this analysis for the Elcano Royal Institute.
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  18. Data-Driven Control of Buildings and Energy Hubs 

    Schwarz, Julian (2020)
    Building energy management has gained an increasing interest in research since there is a substantial potential for energy savings. With an energy consumption of around 40% globally efficient building control algorithms can create a big impact on our future society. Previous studies have successfully shown how model based predictive control can optimize the energy management. But the performance of these methods rely on accurate dynamical ...
    Student Paper
  19. Split battery energy storage: more than the just the sum of its parts 

    Hillers, André; Biela, Jürgen (2017)
    ESC News
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